Oracle XML Gateway Training

Oracle XML Gateway Training

Introduction of Oracle XML Gateway Training:

Oracle XML Gateway Training for easy integration and to provide support for XML messaging along with Oracle E – Business Suite. In Oracle XML Gateway XML Stands for Extensible Markup Language. In XML Gateway Training will gives support for you to utilize events, which are enhanced by Oracle E – Business Suite and you can learn inbound event subscription process. This training is useful in message generating factors of Oracle and distributing and collecting the message from business partners by unifying with Oracle Transport Agent. For both Business – to – Business and Application – to – Application, this Oracle XML Gateway Training is providing support. This training is mainly for architects, developer and implementer who are working for XML Gateway and integration with E – Business Suite.

Oracle XML Gateway Training Prerequisites:

  • Minimum idea about XML system.
  • Basic knowledge in message or data transferring and collecting.
  • Familiarity in web services or web technologies.

Oracle XML Gateway Corporate Training Course Outline:

  • Course Name: Oracle XML Gateway Training
  • Duration of the Course:40 Hours (It can also be optimized as per required period).
  • Mode of Training: Classroom and Corporate Training
  • Timings: According to one’s Feasibility
  • Materials: Yes, We are providing Materials for Oracle XML API Gateway Corporate Training(We will get the soft copy material)
  • Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GOTOMETTING or SKYPE
  • Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset.
  • Trainer Experience:10+Years
  • Course Fee: Please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

 Overview of Oracle XML Gateway Training:

Oracle XML Gateway Training is for developer to maintain message content in an organization. For industries Oracle XML Gateway is equip application solution with XML Gateway standards. The code conversion values and equivalence of internal and external transactions are defined by the type of relation in Oracle XML Gateway setup. In XML Gateway execution engine you can define the process and transferring the data from one system to the other systems or other Oracle applications. In this Oracle XML Gateway Training we support in delivering XML messages and receive inbound XML messages using different protocols.

  •  In Oracle XML Gateway Training you can able to use WSDL ( Web Services Description Language ) to inform trading partners that how to communicate with the Oracle E – Business Suite.
  • For customers to access this Business suite can publish URL also. Partners can use any third party web service tool.
  • All inbound web service messages are received through the SOAP (Sample Object Accessed Protocol) servlet running under the web server provider. These messages are prepared as designed events before being en – queued to the SOAP agent for further processing. The messages are picked up by the SOAP clients, who are responsible for the actual delivery of the message to the trading partner.
  • Oracle Transport agents interfere to deliver and receive in-bounds messages. For outbound transactions, the integration of XML Gateway messaging and JMS (Java Messaging Service) will provide a mechanism to store the JMS, so the generated messages can be sent to the desired JMS queue.
  • This job support provides infrastructure integration of application which is adjustable to provide accommodation recommend integrated Oracle applications. At Global Online Trainings we also provide online Training for Oracle SOA Admin Training from our real-time experts.
  • To inject and recover data from Oracle Applications, XML Gateway has facilitated with bidirectional integration with Oracle applications.

Oracle XML Gateway Training is providing normal and standard way of approach of XML collaboration between Oracle main applications and third party applications.  This training is to get knowledge on the basic functionalities and protection capabilities from external factors. There is much functionality services centred on XML Gateway processing such as wizard – guide tool to build message and message designer to characterize structure of data sources and targets actions to transfer data and controlling process. 

What is Oracle XML Gateway?

  • Oracle XML Gateway is a set of services that allows easy integration with the Oracle E–Business Suite to support XML messaging. The Oracle E–Business Suite utilizes the Oracle Workflow Business Event System to support event–based XML message creation and consumption.
  • Oracle XML Gateway consumes events raised by the Oracle E–Business Suite and subscribes to inbound events for processing.  Oracle XML Gateway uses the message propagation feature of Oracle Advanced Queuing to integrate with the Oracle Transport Agent to deliver messages to and receive messages from business partners.
  • Oracle XML Gateway supports both Business–to–Business (B2B) and Application–to–Application (A2A) initiatives.  B2B initiatives include communicating business documents and participating in industry exchanges.  An example of an A2A initiative is data integration with legacy and disparate systems.
  • With Oracle XML Gateway services, you are assured consistent XML message implementation when integrating with the Oracle E–Business Suite, thereby lowering integration costs and expediting message implementation while supporting corporate e–business initiatives.

Why Oracle XML Gateway?

Oracle XML Gateway will provide Oracle application’s key elements in integration framework. Oracle XML Gateway is a simple technology that allows communication between systems to share information in a safe, steady and easy way. This training is to learn easy integration for business events with advanced Queuing in Oracle platform to transfer and retrieve messages and data from partners. Oracle XML Gateway is a service set that supports you to build and use XML message by using business events. To manage document flows Oracle XML Gateway will provide solution also. You can automate organization process and cost in more efficient way.

Oracle XML Gateway Training is useful in connections for business reports exchange and industry information exchange with other systems. XML Gateway is playing important role to access Oracle database and forms. In this course we support for application structure to get connected with third party applications. To build XML message you can also use an event system of Business workflows.

Features of Oracle XML Gateway Training:

 Like many other Oracle components, Oracle XML Gateway training has quite a few features as follows,

  • Oracle XML Gateway is real time event based system.
  • The aim of this Training is to support in data integration and maintaining communication for developer.
  • It allows inbound invoicing for developers to enter and correct digital data directly in account system.
  • It also provides Outbound invoicing to find and deliver solution to the correct customer.
  • For inbound it can import data into application. For outbound it can extract data from applications to create and transfer message to the trading partner.
  • It has robust execution for unification and to create business events.
  • Oracle XML Gateway contains wizard – guided tool to build message.
  • It can integrate with Oracle workflow for handling error notification.
  • To deliver and receive message it can integrate with Oracle Advanced Queuing.
  • It can reduce cost in the managing process of a company.
  • Oracle XML Gateway contains cost elasticity that it can switch from fixed cost to variable cost.
  • For companies Oracle XML Gateway is more efficient from financial point view that means it can develop payments and enhance cash flow.
  • Oracle XML Gateway is customized based on industry specifications.

Conclusion to Oracle XML Gateway Training:

Global Online Trainings makes you an expert in all the concepts of Oracle XML Gateway and also possible Oracle Concepts. Get a fully-fledged Oracle XML API Gateway Corporate Course training for a better view and understanding. At Global Online Trainings, it is a matter of pride for us to make job oriented hands on courses available to anyone, anytime and anywhere. Therefore we ensure that you can enroll in the course 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Learn at a time and place, and pace that is of your choice. If you have any doubts regarding the Oracle XML Gateway Online Training or job support, always feel free to contact us or you can also register with us so that one of our coordinators will contact you as soon as possible. Our team is available round the clock. We provide Oracle XML Gateway corporate training also Classroom Training at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and other possible places and cities.



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