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 Pega Training Introduction:

Pega Training is BPM tool and it is used for building enterprise application and pega is java based application. Pega is nothing but it is application based which is used for developing any type of application. Pega is using in all domains like insurance, banking etc. PEGA is leading tool for BPM and CRM and it is application development software. Global online Trainings provide best Pega training by expert trainers. 

Our trainers have 10+ years experience on this pega training. The classes are taken here in flexible-hour accomplices can take their classes at their additional time as per personal schedule. 

Mode of Training: We provide PEGA Online mode of training and also PEGA corporate, PEGA virtual web training.

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours (Can Be Customized As Per Requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for PEGA Online Training.

Course Fee: Please Register in Website, So that one of our Agent will assist You.

Trainer Experience: 15 + years.

PEGA Online Training Course Content


Overview of Pega training:

  • Pega training latest version is 7.10 , many service based companies using Pega to address, develop and build solution for their clients. Pega is not language , database and it is not even operating system also.
  • Pega training is software with its help we can build intelligence and business process aware application. For designing and building application we can use Pega PRPC Server. We also provide the class room training of PEGA at client permission in noida ,Bangalore ,Gurgaon, hyderabad ,Mumbai, Delhi and Pune
  • Like other conventional programming type in pega also we should design the UI( user interface), should write business logic and also create the physical, logical mode of data base.
  • In pega training if we want to develop or build anything UI, data access logic, validation rules and also process are available in pega. For this there is no need of modify nothing in our systems.
  • In pega training we should design business process only and the functionality of that design will take pega. Pega is user friendly to the business defining application. Pega is so simple than other tools of BPM. It will handle modeling processes with the technical syntax.
  • Pega training is so helpful for business users , pega enables us to create and manage the web based applications. In pega there is confriguration system, management system so using of the pega became very simple.
  • Where application developed using java and if we developed application using pega it became very easy when compare to java. Pega 7.2 helps us to build and modify enterprise app. We are best in providing online mode for pega training.
  • We can build enterprise app to gather the needs of multi business units , channels and customer segments. What we developed enterprise apps in pega 7 we can run that apps without modifying the system
  • BPM and case management enables us to create business application.

pega-training-overviewPega BPM training:

  • Pega is a BPM(business process management) tool , BPM is to manage the process and workflow in organization . The main work of BPM is it will increase the performance of business application and agility of business application and also redundancies.
  • In BPM tools code will be generated automatically there is no need to write the code for our application. We offer PEGA training at reasonable price in our Global Online Trainings.
  • So many BPM tools are available like jBPM, P BPM, tibco, oracle bpm and pega etc.. pega is one of the tool of BPM but among them it is most advanced tool. Pega has more demand now a days among the BPM tools.
  • PEGA has its own methodology called BPM and using the BPM it will manage the total workflows in the applications. Adapt quickly changes to the business conditions.
  • We can also reduce number of errors and exceptions and it cost also reduce and it will improve the productivity.
  • It will reduce business risks and provides more security.

PEGA it is one of the tool of the BPM.

Why Pega training is need:

  • Pega training is a java application and it is developed in java and it is a totally java based applications. It automatically generates the java code for any application. Within the Pega tool there is no need to write an coding.
  • In pega training there will be many libraries when we are developing application we need to use those resources.
  • The main theme of pega is to eliminate the coding and automate the manual work. Within this Pega tool has database configuration, web service configuration is also internally available. GOT provides PEGA training material and it is prepared by professional trainers.
  • No need to manually configure any web service like integration connectors, integration services, all the services, connectors are also in built in pega.
  • Some advantages are there using pega we can built faster solutions with the complete platform available and the complete platform is PRPC.
  • Pega training contains different types of roles will be there like administrator, system architecture.
  • Pega training contains product like six r of BPM , that R works are how the work will be receive , how it to be routed to the different teams in the organization, so they reported to the production team data base team, quality team will be reported to the things.
  • After reporting they will do some research respond to the client, once they respond to the client they will get approval from the client then stop the production and build the application.
  • All this process will be take place in the real time.

PEGA Architecture:

Pega architecture has some fields like

Development kit
 JAVA app server
PEGA framework.
  • Operating system are linux, windows, unix and compulsory one database is required pega support all the data base in the market.
  • Pega training  is a tool which is designed using java, jdk and java also automatically installed in the backend. When we install the pega software it also install the java in the backend.
  • Application server is required and also support different servers based on your requirement. We can choose the server like ibm websphere , oracle web logic, jbose etc. supports different application server.
  • Pega also contain different framework and framework is optional if you want you can choose or else you can work in different layer.


  • Pega is PRPC tool , prpc means pega rules process commander prpc is a software product which is developed by pega systems. It is core component of pega system. PRPC is a platform to develop the application. We provide PEGA training in online mode.
  • PEGA PRPC helps in building faster application with better performance and with less time.
  • PRPC automates the work and programming. PRPC divided into two entities first one pegs rules and second one is process commander.
  • Pega rules are called java based object oriented rule in turn and process commander are layers of pre configured rules that gives solid foundation to perform development and customization.
OPERATORS roles and portals in PRPC :
  • Before going to known about the PRPC we should know about the operators roles and portals in PRPC.
  • Operator is a user who logs into PRPC and each operator has a unique operator id which depends on the various roles like architecture, user, manager.
  • Second one is role it is nothing but assigning responsibility to a operator to do work.
  • Portal is third one is a doorway by which operator is able to access the work assigned to him.
  • There will be some project roles over the pega first one is work user, work users are the primary users of PRPC application we built they will create and resolve work and they access the case worker portal and second one is work manager they will manages the work users and typically do everything like task allocation, monitor activities, creating report, accessing report.
  • They have access to case manger portal and third one is business architecture , this business architect are responsible for capturing business objectives which defining business processes which creates and manages the business rules and they are called business analyst or system analyst.
  • Final one is system architect are responsible for implementing our system based on requirements which is defined by business architects they are called developer they can also access designer design studio portal.
  • There will be other roles like system administrator, project manager, executing. Different operators have different roles like architect users and managers.

PRPC is important to learn and it is main factor in PEGA training.

Production support framework for Pega PRPC application:
  • Lack of single portal for all production support including support engineer manager and business team collaborate and perform their daily task in traditional production support operations.
  • It is impossible to enforce service level agreement for support incident and tracking adherence and there limited control over failed transaction.
  • Another challenge in this production is fetching incidents law when transaction fails in production environment support engineers or admin would like to verify the log files to analyze the root cause retrieving log pertaining to a particular transaction over a certain period of time.
  • If the environment is clustered it will make the situation worse. Lack of tool to leverage the experience of co worker knowledge is gained by one individual resolving support issues cannot be leveraged by other team members.

PEGA system CRM:

  • Delivering customer service is very hard mainly with the outdated CRM system , where if customer service reps can’t figure out what to do next then they have to take the best guess.
  • CRM system using BPM software would be guiding the CSR to the next step of the process without dated CRM. We provide PEGA BPM corporate training by experience trainers.
  • CSRs delivered generic service because they can’t keep up with how to handle different customer segment product channel and geographies.
  • BPM system incorporate situation specific policies and procedures automatically without dated. CRM service request bounce from one departmental to another while customers wonder what’s happening.
  • Smart BPM works end to end everyone includes the customer understand progress without dated CRM manual tasks and handoff introduced delays and human errors.
  • With the smart BPM customer interaction are often one touch many steps are automated and necessary manual steps are simple and straightforward with the outdated CRM it’s very hard to manage the customer experience across multiple channels.
  • Smart BPM is multi channel so single process can be deployed on multiple channel instantly and request started in one channel can be completed in another change to outdated CRM.
  • CRM require changes to code with PEGA system assistance smart BPM the business itself can build for change using familiar tools to modify their application without outdated CRM.
  • Big improvement requires a big approach you should start the coding from replicate legacy data with smart BPM and big improvement are archived by steadily building what’s already there.
  • Wrapping even one legacy process with smart BPM renews it with the profitable results connect with the PEGA system.

Pega 7 platform:

  • PEGA 7 platform for building the enterprise app is simple , fast, visual and powerful. In pega everything will be happen in the class ad pages are different and it has different visible.
  • Directly capture the process and then save and run with no code everything from integration will be visible without the code. Common visual language and IT groups work together.
  • There will be some stages and steps for processing the business and then process will be run and then form configuration will be there where we can design their data application including the data from the existing system.
  • Use the powerful analysts and make the decisions in time
Conclusion of Pega training:

Global online Trainings provide best PEGA online training by expert trainers. PEGA training  explain about developing the application. Pega is most important tool in the BPM so everyone using this tool. Our trainers explain each and every concept of PEGA training. We are the best in providing the Pega training in online session. Taking PEGA training  have so many benefits.  Pega career is a highly profitable career. Average package for PEGA will be 10-11 lakh per annum.

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