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Pentaho BI Training

pentaho bi training

Pentaho BI Training Introduction:

Pentaho BI training by Global Online Trainings is done on a virtual interactive platform and on flex hour arrangement so that on-job professional can attain this course while doing their regular service/business. Pentaho BI training is provided by the best subject matter experts and the tutorials prepared by these expert industry allied tutors are made with latest industry updates.We have to know some basic concepts of BI. What is BI? BI stands for Business Intelligence. In other words, business intelligence is nothing but analyzing and refining the specific data. Business intelligence is used to make a better business decision.

The decisions can be at an operational level or a strategic level or a tactical level. Suppose you provide the right information in the right format and right time and that is matching to the data, so you will get the right decisions on that. With the help of business intelligence, you can collect the data, store the data and also manage the data. 

BI Components Concept in Pentaho BI Training:

There are mainly five components one is a data source. The data source is various forms of the data like SQL data, excel data, csv data and many other data forms. The second one is data integration. Data integration can be done by ETL tools. This is nothing but integrating the data and transforms the data using Extract Transform and Load tools and finally, load the data into the data warehouse. The data warehouse is the third component of the business intelligence. A data warehouse is a place where you can see all your stored data. The data is stored in the form of tables. The fourth component is data analysis. The fifth one is reporting the data in pictorial format.

In the today’s growing market, business market raises some questions such as what is the best way to share the data, what is the best way to interpret the raw data, how can I monitor the dynamics of changing trends and many more.Pentaho BI training

Business Intelligence is mostly planned for three things. They are precise the voluminous data, identifying the new opportunities and finally implementing the good strategy to become a strong competitor in the business environment. There are lots of business intelligence vendors provide throughout solutions in the business market. The business vendors mainly classified into two groups. They are Large BI vendors and the new breed. Large vendors are Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Microstrategy, IBM, and SAS. The new breed is Pentaho, alteryx, Jasper soft and actuate etc. Most of the companies do not have the excess money to afford large business intelligence tools. They just go for the open source platforms.

Basics of Pentaho in Pentaho BI Training:

Pentaho is the complete business intelligent suite which enables us to do meaningful and quick analytics on our raw data. We can also feed the data connections and raw data into the interface of the Pentaho. Pentaho Business Intelligence is the plug-in architecture. You can easily customize with the help of these plug-ins in Pentaho BI. It is an open-source platform. Pentaho BI can give them good and meaningful analytics at very less price. We can embed the Pentaho suite into our applications. This is one of the important features of the Pentaho BI.

Pre-requisites of Pentaho BI training:

Participants should have knowledge of

  • Basic Database concepts
  • Data warehouse concepts
  • knowledge of any one programming language
  • basic familiarity with IT terms.

Pentaho BI Training Course Content:

Pentaho bi training course content

Why Pentaho Business Integration?

Pentaho Business Integration is the leading BI tool in the today’s growing market due to its features.

  • There is a huge community support for Pentaho business integration.
  • In the Pentaho BI, we have various data sources and also have a virtually unlimited visualization.
  • Infrastructure cost is very low when compared with the other platforms.
  • In the Pentaho BI, the integration time is very low.
  • One strong and easy platform for business analytics.
  • Pentaho BI core engines are open and independent projects with their own community and development plan.
  • Pentaho is easily scalable.
  • Real-time reporting and data analysis.
  • In Pentaho data integration can be done through data extraction, transformation, and loading.
  • It supports clustering.
  • For the dedicated support, you can easily upgrade to the enterprise version.

Pentaho DI tool (Kettle) in Pentaho BI training :

It is a very important topic in the Pentaho BI training. Pentaho data integration tool is also known as a kettle. A kettle is a Pentaho component which is mainly used for extract, transform and load processes i.e. for ETL processes. A kettle is the open source BI suite. It is a powerful tool for the data integration. KETTLE means Kettle Extraction Transformation Transportation and Loading tool. Transformations are used to describe the data flow for the Extract, Transform and Load processes. You will learn all fundamental concepts of a kettle in the Pentaho BI training.

There are four components available in the Pentaho data integration tool. They are carte, spoon, pan, and kitchen. These components are standalone. Spoon is a graphical user interface. It is used for creating ETL jobs as well as transformation. Without any coding, we can create complex ETL jobs with the help of spoon interface. If you want to run, edit and author a job or transformation, you can use this spoon interface. Pan is an independent command line process. Pan is used for executing the jobs or transformations which you created in the spoon interface. You can also manipulate the data with help of Pan. For executing jobs, we use one standalone command line process that is a kitchen. All the jobs in Pentaho are scheduled to run in batch mode. Carte is nothing but a lightweight web container. It does not provide security integration, CMS (content management system), and scheduling but it provides the remote execution capabilities as data integration server. All these activities can do practically in the Pentaho BI training. We also provide Talend training

Learn data integration repository in Pentaho BI Training :

It is generally used to define one ETL process and it will generate lots of Metadata. Spoon interface gives the access to hold the data in the repository to retain the portability. With the help of repository, we can achieve four important things. They are concurrent access, remote execution, central Metadata, and provide an inventory.Reporting, analysis, ETL or data integration, data mining, dashboards, and business intelligence platform options that are available in the open source Pentaho. You will all the concepts of Pentaho data integration repository in the Pentaho BI training.

Pentaho aggregation designer or PAD:

Pentaho design tool helps in getting the pre-aggregate the data for optimal performance. With the help of Pentaho aggregation designer, we can easily create the aggregated tables. It can simplify the deployment of the aggregated tables. It has the intelligent advisor. The intelligent advisor can evaluate the cardinality and structure of the OLAP (OLAP is online Analytical processing) cube. For the better performance, Pentaho aggregation designer will recommend the initial set of aggregated tables. Pentaho aggregation design runs on the top of the Mondrian schema i.e. OLAP cube. 

Saiku plug-in:

It is an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) client. It is also known as Pentaho analysis tool. This was created by community developers. It provides web-based analytical solutions. Saiku helps the users to analyze the enterprise data. It supports different types of OLAP servers such as SAP BW, Oracle Hyperion, and Mondrian etc. 

Overview of Pentaho BI training:

Global Online Training is the leading online training firm. Global online training is providing the best Pentaho BI training on a virtual interactive platform. We are also providing Pentaho data integration training. We provide Pentaho BI training at affordable price.  Our trainers are very experienced real time professionals in the Pentaho BI training. Classes are available for the individual as well as for corporate batches on demand. Call the help desk for more information for online Pentaho BI training.