Peoplesoft Campus Solutions Training

Peoplesoft Campus Solutions training

Introduction of Peoplesoft Campus Solutions Training:

Peoplesoft Campus Solutions Training is basically referred to multi-tasking ERP system. If there are different types of domains in one organization than peoplesoft helps to integrate those types of domains into a single one to get the data. Due to this reporting becomes easy and we can take the decisions easily. For different accounting periods the reports and data can be synchronized.  Campus Solutions is related to Student Information System and this is simply known as SIS. This is a web based accessed online. Global Online Trainings is the best training and it also provides Peoplesoft Campus Solutions Training by our professional trainers at a reasonable price. Here you can get the detailed knowledge from the basic level to advanced level with practical knowledge. Register with us and Join today!

Prerequisites for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Training:

To get trained in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Training he/she you should have a minimum knowledge on

  • Windows and Browsers.
PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Training  Course Details:

Name of the course: PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Training.

Mode of Training: We provide both Online Training as well as Corporate Training.

Duration of the course: 30 Hrs.

Do you provide Materials: Yes, Once you get registered with Global Online Trainings we will provide materials.

Course Fee: After registration with Global Online Trainings our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer Experience: 15+ years.

Timings: According to one’s feasibility.

Batch Type: We provide all types of batches regular, weekends and fast track.


Overview of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Training:

What are the modules of Peoplesoft Campus Solutions?

Some of the important modules of Peoplesoft Campus Solutions are

  • Student Financials
  • Financial Aid
  • Grade Book
  • Curriculum Management
  • Student Records
  • Recruiting and Admissions
  • Campus Community
  • Contributor Relations
  • Academic Advisement

Campus community:

In Campus Community, we can store the data of each and every person who are related to the organization and also each and every data of a person is stored in Campus community. In Campus Community, there will be a service indicator. Due to a service indicator there will be either positive impact or a negative impact.


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Recruiting and Admissions:

The admission process is done by managing recruiters and taking prospects and applicants.  Some of the functionalities involved in this are

  • Collecting the information of a particular student.
  • We can maintain different applications for an individual student.
  • We can maintain academic program also.
  • Automatically we can update the status.

Student Records:

We can store, track and process the student academic information like Enroll Student,  Student Term information, Career and Program Information,  Transcripts, Student Background Information,  Advising Notes,  Extracurricular Activities.


Curriculum Management:

  • We can schedule the new classes.
  • We can view the class sections as well as we can also update the class sections.
  • Attendance Roster by Class.
  • Attendance Roster by Student.
  • Instructor information.

Student Financial:

In Peoplesoft ERP, Student Finance is one of the module of the Campus Domain that deals with the fees structure of the student. In student financial we can maintain and handle the student account fees based on course, term and year.

In Student Financial, there are sub modules like Account type, Item type, Criteria (UG), Term fee etc.

What are the elements of Academic Structure?

Some of the important elements of Academic structure are Academic institution, Academic group, Academic Career, Academic program, Academic Program, Academic Plan and Academic sub plan.

Academic Terms and Academic Sessions:
  • Institution is defined as a period of time.
  • Some of the schools defines Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer and these are commonly known as Semester.
  • For the use of reporting, we use academic term and this is related to academic year.
  • Academic term is defined as an Administrative period.

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What are the features of PeopleSoft Student Financials?

Some of the important features of PeopleSoft Student Financials are

  • This helps to calculate not only the tuition fees on an individual but also at the group level.
  • This is used to check the account balances and post transactions.
  • We can maintain and update the accounts of student and third party.
  • Unique bills are generated.
  • Credited balances are refunded to students.
What are the features of Peoplesoft Campus Solutions Training?

Some of the important features of Peoplesoft Campus Solutions Corporate Training are

  • Portal Like Navigation.
  • Expandable and Collapsible Menu.
  • All the items are located on left navigation pane of the screen.
  • As users goes through the menu, folders and sub folders will appear on the right side on screen.
  • In Peoplesoft Campus Solutions Training, DFAN pages will appear as user goes through the menu and are centered around completing specific business process.In this DFAN stands for Default Functional Area Navigation.
How can we say that PeopleSoft Campus Solutions is flexible and adaptable?

To measure the Flexible and Adaptable in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions we use the following.

  • PeopleSoft is defined as a browser based system that makes the users to access their information anytime, anywhere from the web browser.
  • Adaptable solution is a scale-able technology that can be expanded in future based on the requirement.
  • PeopleSoft Campus Solutions is flexible because it maintains the data effectively and it also records the history of data changes.
  • With the help of multiple fields we can search all the records hence we say that it is a adaptable system.
What are the System Security in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions?

The system security access are classified into three categories. They are

  • Network Security
  • Database Security
  • PeopleSoft application security
Different security types and their Functions:

Some of the important security types are Network,  Relational database management system (RDBMS), User, Object, Query, Row-level and Field-level.

  • Network: Network is related to Network software that controls the entry into the network and authorizes rights to use shared resources.
  • Relational database management system (RDBMS): RDBMS is related to operating system  that controls the access to the database.
  • User: User is related to People Tools that controls the access of the application pages, functions and business components.
  • Object: Object is related to People Tools that controls the access of object groups in application development.
  • Query: Query is related to People Tools that defines the set of table rows.
  • Row-level: Row-level is related to People Tools and PeopleSoft applications that controls the access to the subset of the data rows.
  • Field level: Field level is related to People code that controls the access to separate the fields within the pages.
Learn about Oracle PeopleSoft Training along with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Training:

Oracle PeopleSoft is defined as an ERP. In this we have a complete Enterprise Solution and is simply known as PSFT for PeopleSoft Tools. PeopleSoft  is related to e-business software owned by Oracle. This is related to human resource management systems (HRMS), Financial Management Solutions (FMS), supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software.

PeopleSoft Financial Management Solutions (FMS) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) are related to each other and these are generally known as Financials and Supply Chain Management (FSCM).

These are just the basics of Oracle PeopleSoft Training, you will get detailed on this course along with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Training.


Along with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Training learn Oracle Cloud ERP Training:

Oracle  Cloud ERP is one of the SAS product from Oracle and this is related to cloud platform. ERP applications in the cloud gives the faster time to value, increased the innovations and scalability with the business. In Oracle Cloud ERP, ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning.  This Enterprise Resource Planning helps to manage day-to-day business activities.The main role of  ERP system is to remove the data duplication and it provides the data integrity.

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Conclusion of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Training:

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Corporate Training will help the higher education requirements for a student system and this will help to transfer to the global campus. This PeopleSoft Campus Solutions will transfer comprehensive and flexible functionality with a modern, extensible architecture.

Global Online Trainings is a top online training platform and it is also providing PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Training form India for a reasonable cost. We have a core team of technical trainers and they are having years of experience in all kind of modules of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Training. With the help of our training many students gained good knowledge in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Corporate Training and achieved jobs and working joyfully. Our online trainers will understand your requirements and your queries and they will solve. For more information and for contact details visit our official website.