Phonegap training

Phonegap training

Introduction to Phonegap training:

Phonegap training is an exciting mobile platform that allows mobile developer to build a mobile application by using HTML and Java script. Phone gap is an open source API. Phone gap applications can run on Android, IOS windows phone 7, blackberry and several others. Phonegap is a framework for quickly building a cross-platform mobile application. It is developed by Adobe system. Phonegap is also a mobile application development framework based off of Apache Cordova.

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Overview of Phonegap training:

Phonegap training is a rapid development platform for creating cross-platform mobile applications based on HTML, CSS and JS. Unlike traditional web applications, it enables developers to take advantage of the core local features of smart phones such as iPhones and Android, such as GPS, sensors, and vibration.

With Phonegap, web developers can leverage their familiar java script, HTML and CSS technologies or the mobile web UI framework jQuery mobile, Sencha Touch to develop cross platform mobile clients, and it’s very easy to publish programs to different on the mobile platform.

In addition to being able to package HTML pages into apps that can be installed and run directly, the biggest advantage of Phonegap is that it can access the hardware information on the device through JS calling device, thus achieving some goals that can only be achieved by relying on the native SDK. Next, we use Cordova gives us the API to get device information. Phonegap training is completely free and open source for use.

About Phonegap training:Phonegap-training-infographic

Phonegap training is an open source project which allows HTML/ Java script mobile browser applications to be transformed to installable applications.

There is no need to use Phonegap to generate a browser based application that uses GPS and user input where a wireless network is present.

Phonegap training is also a mobile application development framework based off of Apache Cordova. To create a website in  Apache Phonegap training to use as mobile app, it is mandatory to have knowledge on HTML, CSS, and Java script.

No other programming language is required to use Phonegap. In this developers only need to know web development using HTML, CSS and Java script. In this remaining work can be done by Phonegap training.

Users can be allowed by Phonegap to upload the data contents on the website. This data contents can automatically converted into various files. If we can write a code in one place for Phonegap training and then run that code in all those platforms without having to know each one of those platforms specific API.

Phonegap build is an online packaging tool. Here Cordova to write a project to Phonegap build. Phonegap build will be packaged online as an App.

Cordova Phonegap:

Cordova is the open source project that Phonegap contributed to Apache. It is the core code extracted from Phonegap and the core engine that drives Phonegap. A bit is like a relationship between Web kit and Google Chrome.

 The source is as early as October 2011, Adobe acquired Nitobi Software and its Phonegap product, and then announced that the mobile Web development framework will continue to open source and submit it to Apache Incubator in order to fully accept ASF governance. 

Of course, since Adobe owns the Phonegap trademark, the OpenGL organization’s Phonegap v2.0 product has been renamed Apache Cordova. 

Uses of Phonegap training:

Phonegap training is used to run the applications where there is no wireless network.

Phonegap training is used to access sensors other than GPS, in particular compass, accelerometer, and camera.

Phonegap training is used to add other native functionality not available in a web browser.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Phonegap training:

·         Free and open source

·         Needs plugins to use specific functions of the phone

·         No need to learn platform specific languages.

·         Can only build for phones and tablets not for glass or watches

·         Android, IOS and windows phone apps from same code

·         Cannot create widgets


·         Need a UI framework like ionic or jQuery mobile

While developing the mobile applications, there are two kinds of applications. Those are Native app, and Hybrid app.

Native app:

These applications are dedicated applications for a specific operating system. In this applications, if any app is to develop, choose a specific app store. If an app developed for windows can only be accessed by windows users and is developed using java, C++, etc. If the application is IOS then developer using only XCode/ Objective C, etc. This native application is expensive and very time consuming.

Hybrid app:

The hybrid app is latest HTML5 apps. Consistent, cross platform UI are the biggest advantages of developing a hybrid app. This hybrid application is less expensive app development. This application is cannot be used for every type of app.

Apache Cordova training:

Cordova is also a platform for building hybrid mobile applications using HTML, CSS and Java script. Apache Cordova training is an open source mobile development framework. Apache Cordova is also used typical web technologies.

Those are HTML5, CSS3 and Java script. For avoiding beach mobile platform native development language these web technologies are used. In this the latest version is Apache Cordova3. In Apache Cordova 3 training, it is light weight process and it uses only needed APIs only.

Features of Cordova:

Command line interface:

Command line interface is used to start the projects and building in different platforms. For Command line interface need to install plugins and that make the development process easier.

Cordova core components:

Every mobile application needs set of Cordova core components. And these components will be used to develop the app base by spending more time to implement the own logic.

Cordova plugins:

To implement the native mobile functions Cordova offers API to the Java script app.

Apache Cordova training license:

Cordova is licensed under Apache License.

Adobe Phonegap:

 Adobe Phonegap is the implementation of Apache Cordova with some features. The Phonegap implementation of Cordova more tightly integrates the frame work with Adobe’s other products.

The difference between Cordova and Phonegap are the command line tools and the Phonegap build service. In the Phonegap build service, the Phonegap command line tools provide a command line interface.

Phonegap app:

We have an app with this Phonegap training platform. That is called Phonegap app. And there is a desktop app also is called as Phonegap desktop app. The Phonegap desktop app is the easiest method to obtain in progress with Phonegap.

In this Phonegap desktop app there is no need to install node.js or git, etc.  Not only mobile app or desktop app, there is also android app.We can just install Phonegap desktop app in the desktop and create a project and run it on the device.

This Phonegap desktop is currently accessible for Mac and Windows. With this Phonegap training, the Phonegap apps are used to reduce the complexity of writing an app code in multiple languages like objective C and Java.

Relation between Cordova and Phonegap:

It would be interesting to know the rise of a framework. At the IOS Developers Conference in 2008, several guys from Nitobi Software Inc. made a whimsy and proposed an idea to make up for a gap between web and IOS development and proposed Bridging the gap between the web and the iPhones SDK. 

The goal at the opening was not very large, but it did the current written once, run everywhere. Many of us should do this in fact. In the start, don’t construct the goal so big. It’s good to jump one step. The same is true for the formation of agile individuals. It’s just sharing at the beginning. With more sharing, it becomes a help and growth.

The conscious person goes to know the self-management self-growth system. If the target is too big, you will find reasons for yourself because it is difficult to achieve, so that you have nothing at all.

In 2009, they launched android ADK and blackberry SDK, which became the gospel of mobile developers, even IBM joined in. Phonegap continues to grow. In October 2011, the entire Nitobi team was acquired by Adobe.

Brian LeRoux, Project Director of Phonegap, pointed out that the decision to open source Phonegap was made before Adobe acquired Nitobi. Since Adobe now owns the Phonegap trademark, they have to change their names.

The first selected name is Callback, which is uninventive, so change it again. The product is now called Apache Cordova. Then adobe gave Phonegap to the apache software foundation, and then apache renamed Phonegap to Cordova, which is the name of the street where the Nitobi team was located, and used this name to commemorate the contribution of the Nitobi team.

So Apache Cordova is the core code extracted from Phonegap, the core engine that drives Phonegap, you look at the two official website styles.

Conclusion of Phonegap training:

Phonegap training is used to build a mobile application on mobile platform by developers by using HTML, CSS and Java script. No other language is used in the development. Global online trainings will give you the best corporate training on phonegap training.

We are the best online training providers; we just don’t teach you the technologies rather we make you understand with live examples, the sessions we conduct are interactive and informative. As it an Online Trainings, the timings will be according to the candidate feasibility. As our trainers are real time experts they will help you in giving training at very high level for real time projects. Our Team will be in switch on mode for 24/7 and will solve any issues regarding the training, timings, trainer or server.


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