Photoshop Training

Photoshop training

Introduction To Photoshop Training Course:

Adobe Photoshop is an popular image editing software that provides the work environment consistent with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe ImageReady, & the other products in the Adobe Creative Suite. In this Photoshop Training we will introduce you to the world of photoshop software, how to use Adobe Photoshop. Here you will learn how to get started, how to use the interface, &  how to modify images with basic Photoshop tools, how to add layers, and much more. Learn the latest versions of photoshop by enrolling with us. Global Online Trainings render the live sessions by the expert professionals, we deliver the training in an interactive and informative way. Our expert trainers will help you right from installation, configuration to higher concepts.  For more details about the photoshop online training please contact our help desk.


Photoshop Online Training Course Content

1: Introduction
  • Menu Bar
  • Toolbox
  • Options Bar
  • Palettes
  • Customizing Photoshop
  • Opening & Navigating Images
  • Adobe Bridge
2: Overview of the Selection Tools
  • Marquee Tools
  • Lasso Tools
  • Creating Selections
  • Using Colour Range to Create Selections
  • Creating Selections Using Extractions
  • Transforming a Selection
  • Copying Pasting & Moving a Selection
3: Understanding Layers
  • Working with Layers
  • Applying Layer Styles
  • Fill & Adjustment Layers
  • Exploring Layer Comps
  • Using Layer Masks
  • Merging & Flattening Layers
4: Understanding Colour Modes
  • Specifying Colour
  • Understanding Color Adjustment
  • Using the Adjustment & Painting Tools
  • Replacing Color
  • Introduction to the Drawing Tools
  • Creating & Modifying Paths
  • Introduction to the Painting Tools


5: Working with Type
  • Converting Type into a Shape or Path
  • Exploring Type Effects
  • Understanding & Previewing Filters
  • Working with Filters
  • Retouching Images
6: Preparing to Publish
  • Printing Basics
  • Optimizing Images for the Web
  • Using Save For Web and Devices
  • Creating Image Slices