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POWER BI Training


Introduction of Power BI Training:

Power BI Training for representing the data, the power BI is the visualization or reporting tool for representing data. The power BI is the combination of three tools they are power pivot, power query and power view. The power BI training is the self-service tool, the machine learning is the main important part in power BI. The machine learning in power BI training it helps to access end users. This power BI software is available for any mobile platforms, and Best Microsoft power BI online training is the affordable compare to the other tools. Global online trainings provide Best Microsoft power BI online training by highly skilled consultants and offers Power BI online course specialized training for professionals on virtual interactive modes. Perfect learning and extending qualification opportunity for on job professionals.

Mode of Training: We provide Online mode of training and also corporate, Job Support.

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours (Can Be Customized As Per Requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for POWER BI Online Training.

Course Fee: Please Register in Website, So that one of our Agent will assist You.

Trainer Experience: 15+ years.

Microsoft POWER BI Online Training Course Content

TOPIC 1: Overview of Advanced Excel

1.1 Lookup Functions:

  •  Vlookup Functions
  •  HLookup Functions
  • Match & Index Functions

1.2 Pivot Table:

  • Creating Pivot Table
  • Working with calculated field
  • Working with Slicers and timelines
TOPIC 3 : Power Pivot for Data Modelling Using Excel Add-ins

3.1 Understanding Power Pivot:

  • What is Power Pivot
  • Why use Power Pivot
  • Excel versus Power Pivot
  • Installing Power Pivot add-in
  • Pivot Table Examples with Excel Data
  • Power Pivot Examples with a Data Model

3.2 Working with Data:

  • Working with an Excel List
  • Working with an Excel Table
  • Cleaning up Tables

3.3 Importing Data into Power Pivot:

  • Understanding Acceptable Data Types
  • Adding Excel Tables to Power Pivot
  • Importing Access Tables
  • Saving the File
  • Adding and Maintaining Data in Power Pivot
TOPIC 5 : Power Query for Data Transformation

5.1 Introduction:

  • What is Power Query
  • Different versions of Power Query
  • Installing  Power Query
  • Interface

5.2 Data Source:

  • From Web
  • From Excel File
  • From Current Workbook
  • From CSV or Text File
  • From Folder
  • From Database (SQL)

5.3 Combining Multiple Source:

  • Multiple Excel Tables or Named Ranges
  • Worksheets not Correctly Formatted
  • Appending Queries
  • Merging Queries

5.4 Transforming and Cleaning Data:

  • Query Editor
  • Editing Queries
  • Calculations and measures
  • Working with DAX Functions
  • Data Types
  • Fixing Dates with the Locale Setting
  • Columns – Move, Remove, Rename & Duplicate
  • Splitting Columns
  • Merging Columns
  • Filtering Rows
  • Remove Duplicates & Errors
  • Sorting
  • Replace & Fill
  • Transforming Text & Numbers
  • Transforming Dates
  • Adding Custom & Index Columns
  • Adding Custom Calculated Columns
  • Adding Custom Date & Time Columns
  • Grouping
  • Unpivot
  • Transpose
  • Duplicating & Referencing Another Query
  • Parameter Table/Function
TOPIC 7 : Gateway
  • Install Gateway
  • Types of Gateways
  • Loading to the Data Model or Power Pivot
  • Load Settings & Automatic Refresh
  • Schedule Refresh
TOPIC 2: Introduction to Power BI Desktop, Accounts, BI Service
  • Overview to Power BI
  • Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Website
  • Difference between Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) and MS
  • Power BI
  • Introduction to Power BI Components  : Power Query, Power Pivot,Power View, Power Map
  • Installing Power BI, BI Service
  • Create Power BI account
  • Download and install Power Pivot Add-ins, Power Query Add-ins, Power View Add-ins, Power Map Add-ins
TOPIC 4 : Introducing Power BI
  • Power BI Desktop
  • The Power BI service
  • Power BI mobile apps
  • Lab : Creating a Power BI dashboard
TOPIC 6 : Interactive Data Visualizations
  •  This module describes Power BI visualizations.
  •        Creating Power BI reports
  •        Managing a Power BI solution
  •        Lab : Creating a Power BI report
TOPIC 8 : BI Roles
  • Creating Roles
  • Managing Roles
  • Row Level Securities
TOPIC 9 : Power BI Administration  
  • Creating Power BI Account with official ID
  • Deployment of files into Power BI website
  • Building dashboards in Power BI website
  • Mobile apps for Power BI on Apple, Android, and Windows Phone
  • Groups in Power BI
  • Creating Groups
  • A new workplace, Publish contents to group

Overview of Power BI Training:

What is Power BI Training?

  • Power BI training is visualization tool form Microsoft, reporting is nothing but representing the data in the form of visualization or proper structure to the user.
  • The visualization tool is used to represent the data from database.
  • Not only this power bi tool, there are many visualization tools are available like SSRS, QlikView, Tableau, Crystal reports and Jasper.
  • The power bi training is the visualization or reporting tool for representing data.
  • The power bi is the combination of three tools they are power pivot, power query and power view. The power BI is the self-service tool, the machine learning is the main important part in power BI.
  • The machine learning in power bi training it helps to access end users. What is machine learning..? it means. Machine learning means, the humans and computer the difference between humans and machines are the humans are learning from experience and the computers follow the instructions. Machine learning is learning experience from data.
  • Best Microsoft power BI online training by highly skilled corporate trainer in flexible timings.
The Role of BI in Power BI Training:

Business intelligence is the harnessing the data that your business generates in all of its different activities. Then we analyze and visualize this data in order to clearly understand it and gain valuable insights. Now, these insights are in turn allow you to make better informed smarter business decisions to help your business evolve and grow.

Generally, the BI has three stages what are the stages means? In first that is data, many of the companies have data with contained in spreadsheets and on-premise databases. The different type of companies like cloud-based companies they will be generate tons of data.

It is biggest challenge for BI to handle the tons of data, so it is sperate the data in to silos. The silos it means it is global 360 view, of your business is performi9ng without any activities. Without having to look at multiple reports in different places.

The next one analysis, the analysis means the end product of the analysis usually takes the form pf a reports or dashboard containing visual representations of aggregated data. The business intelligence dashboard contains your business KPI (Key Performance Indicator) like your revenues, stock levels and traffic of social media.

When track and benchmark your KPI you can measure your business performance, visualizing we can easily read and understand. Finally, we have insights after the analyze and visualize we can do insight stage. In these we need analyze results. Global online trainings provides  best power bi online training courses with your flexible timings at low cost.

History of power BI Training:

In 2009, the excel is it with power pivot as an add-in and after that in 2012 excel it was related with power view. And then in 2013 it was with power query it nothing but data explorer or internet explorer.

These all are designed with follows some limitations they are without sharing, without scheduled refresh and no dashboards, no alerts. These limitations are already explained in above, after that in 2015 the power BI service with SharePoint. And it is related to some independent app which is nothing but power BI desktop. The power BI Desktop is the Without need of any excel.

In SQL server 2012 we have introduced one concept it is nothing but a tableau SSAS. Which is nothing but power pivot version of SQL server. We have many visualization tools like Micro Strategy and tableau, why only this power BI training means it has low cost compare to Micro Strategy, and tableau also have low cost but the it does not dashboard functionality. The power BI training supports dashboard functionality similar to Micro Strategy.

Why power BI Training?

Why power BI training it means it is very good visualization tool, and it is easily integrating with highly applications like cortana integration. This power BI software is available for any mobile platforms, and Best Microsoft power BI online training is the affordable compare to the other tools. The power BI has Application Protocol Interface, so we can integrate with cloud service or any other services. We provide MS Power BI training by covering the all the related topics of power bi training.

Learn about Analyzing and visualizing data with power BI in power BI training:
  • By using the power BI training, we can connect and analyze data and model that data to help uncover insights.
  • And then track that data as it changes over time to help you make better business decisions.
  • Power BI training is the online service, like connectors to third party software as a service application.
  • There is desktop application that allows you to connect to data, model it, analyze it, enrich it and then visualize that data to help uncover those insights.
  • There are mobile applications that help, you to track that data and there are programmatic ways that you can interact with power BI.
  • By using the power BI desktop to connect the data and then shape it and structure in a way that we can further use it.
  • In this power bi training we can use programmatic access to both the data and visualizations in power BI, and also use API to extend and build creative customer visualizations that you can then use within the reports.
 Power BI training: Creation of Power BI report framework and Dashboard

The report developer it can prepare the data according to requirement of not ready, once the data is ready load in to reporting tool and then do a data modelling.

If the data is not coming from Sql server we need to do transformations, after the data modelling create visualizations and customization.

Then after implement security, deploy, it and create dashboard. And then share it with app or content pack and automate the data flow. The for creating any report and dashboard in power Bi training we must follow the above steps.

Building blocks of power BI Training:

Visualizations it is the graphical representation, the data can be represented in graphical. Without the data the visualization is impossible, so we integrate with different sources to make data integration.

The reports are nothing but collection of various visualizations at place, the each and every report have different pages. The reports are publishing in the form of dashboard, and then tiles means the individual visualizations on report and then publish.

Components of power BI:

Components of power BI training are divided in to three, we are explaining each and every component with an example.

Power Pivot:

The power pivot is used for data modelling, how it is means by using this tool we can connect the data sources and load the tables in to power bi. The power pivotal is used for creating data modelling is nothing but creating relationships and fitting images and creating columns.

Power Query:

The power query it can do all SQL operations with user interface. It will be tuning the data according to the required format, so the power query will help to transform the data according to modelling requirements.

This tool is needed when the power bi have access on a database and the data in power bi without database. And the power query it can also perform the Sql transformations.

Power View:

With the help of power view tool, we can create reports and visualizations. These three tools are very important in power BI.

Learn about Levels of Power BI in Power BI Training:levels of power bi

The below are the different levels of the power BI,

  • Power BI Desktop.
  • Power BI Mobile.
  • Power BI Report Server.
  • Power BI Embeded.
  • Power BI gateways.
  • Power BI Service.
Power BI Desktop:

Power BI desktop it consists of power query, power pivot and power view tools. The power desktop is free and unlimited source it can downloaded from power BI site.

The power bi desktop has some limitations they are scheduled refresh is not there and the dashboards are not created in this desktop. No subscriptions or alerts or printing etc. and after the creating the data, the data is not shared in power bi desktop. We covering the all the related topics of power BI training like excel power bi training, power desktop and power BI service.

Power BI service:

It is simply SASS software as a service or power bi pro. It is web-based server, maintained by Microsoft and it is for deployment purpose. It means it can deploy reports and create dashboards. Then it can allow to provide sharing, it can share to a multiple person. In this power bi service, the sharing, security, subscriptions or alerts or export all are available.

Power BI vs Tableau:

Before we compare let me explain what is tableau? It means it is the data visualization tool, created by tableau software. The data visualization it means the process of visually showing information.

Tableau Training is the software tool, it is basically connected easily to several data sources. And it can create dashboards and it is transforming data in to dashboards.

Basically, the tableau software has five components they are tableau server, tableau online, tableau reader, tableau desktop and tableau public. The tableau public and tableau reader are actually free to use, the tableau it is low cost.

  • In case of visualization the power BI training is the opened up its SDK for visualization and it gives more custom visuals. The good feature of the power BI is to it can easily import data.
  • For visualization, the tableau is better compare to power BI. But the compare to cost, the tableau is more cost than power BI. So that why we are prefer power BI instead of tableau.
  • The power BI training is good integration functionalities, the power BI is the Microsoft tool. So, the power BI is integrating with various tools like Excel, SharePoint and other tools. The Best Microsoft power BI online training is best for integration compare to tableau.
  • In the power BI we have power query, because of this component the power bi is good data shaping compare to tableau.
  • Not only this power query component, the other components like power pivot also gives best data modelling when compare to the tableau. So, the due for all features like data modelling and data analytics the power BI training is best data management compare to tableau.
  • For custom visualizations and dashboards, we going to choose power BI, for ad-hoc analysis and data visualization the tableau is best. We also provides all the business intelligence courses by corporate trainers they are Oracle BI training, Pentaho BI Training and SAP BI Security training. if you want to learn these courses just register.
Differences between SSRS and Power BI:
  • In SSRS, the reports that you develop and deploy then after once the user access that is a printable format of a report, that is read only copy of that report.
  • In this SSRS, web don’t have a concept of dashboard and these can be accessed in internet.
  • In this SSRS it can support limited sources.
  • Compare to SSRS in Power BI training the reports are interactive and mainly the power bi training is coming for business users.
  • The data in Power BI interact with the report and it can be accessed anywhere.
  • So, as it is cloud deployed reports you can access you don’t need to be part of in the network, you can access that reports from anywhere.
  • Power BI dashboard: what is dashboard means..? in the power bi the pivot can load data form different sources and then it can create report.
  • Each and every report have different pages and then it will send to power bi service.
  • The power bi service it is the dashboard, a dashboard contains high level sets of pages of report.
Conclusion of Power BI Training:

Power BI is the business analytical tool, Power BI Training helps to designing analytical graphs. With Global Online Trainings the Power BI Training is coordinated by best industry experts and the Power BI tutorial is prepared with best industry updates for offering participants best professional insight over modules.

Microsoft power BI online training helps to user to understand data and share insights. Power BI is the leading course in our market last several years. Further days, the power bi training released with new versions of power bi report server. The upcoming latest version of power BI contains the new features. These features are helps to support production workloads and etc. The training is available for individual and corporate batches. To know more about this online training course contact reach at help desk of Global Online Trainings today.


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