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powershell training

powershell training

powershell training course content:

Getting Started with Windows Power Shell
  • What is  an Windows Power Shell?
  • Architecture  of Windows Power Shell  
  • The .NET Framework &  its Relationship to Windows Power Shell
Use of WMI & COM in Windows Power Shell Overview of Windows Power Shell
  • Overview on Objects
  • Working with the Cmdlets
  • Tab Expansion, Aliases, &  Hostory
  • Using Variable & Types
Building an Pipelines for the Assembly-Line Style Processing
  • Using of Pipelines
  • Using of Arrays
  • Filtering &  Iterating Through the Pipeline
  • Recording an Objects in an Pipeline
Managing Windows Processes with  the Windows Power Shell
  • Viewing the Process Details
  • Filtering the Processes by Property
  • Stopping of Processes
  • Launching the Processes
  • Viewing, Starting, &  Stopping Services
  • Formatting the Cmdlet Output
  • Default Formmmatter &  Output Cmdlets
  • Alternatives to  Out-Default Cmdlets
  • Default Formmatter in the Windows PowerShell
  • Using the Format-Wide, Format-Table, Format-List, & Format-Custom Cmdlets
  • Selecting the Properties Using Select-Object
Introduction to the Scripting With Windows Power Shell
  • Writing the Windows PowerShell Scripts
  • The Script Parameters
  • Security in the Windows PowerShell
  • Customizing the  Windows PowerShell with Profiles
Implementing the Flow Control and Functions
  • Controlling Flow of Execution within Scripts
  • Iteration the Flow Control
  • Developing & Using Functions
Working with Files, the Registery, and Certificate Stores
  • Using the Data Stores
  • Using_ Providers
  •  Filtering &  Selecting with Regular Expressions
  • Implementing the Event Log Management Persisting Object in Files
Managing Windows Operating System Using the Windows PowerShell & WMI
  • Introduction to the WMI & WMI objects
  • Managing Disks &  Disk Vloumes Using Windows PowerShell with WMI
  • Managing Shared Folders with the Windows Powershell and WMI
  • Administering The Microsoft Active Directory with the Windows PowerShell
  • Administering Domains & Forests using .NET Objects
  • Managing User Accounts & Groups Using ADS Managing Relationship between Users &
  • Administering Group Policy in the Windows PowerShell Using the  COM
  • Managing GPOs Using  GPMC COM Interface
  •  Managing the Group Policy Objects
  • Reporting the Group Policy