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Presentation Training

Presentation Training

Introduction To Presentation Training Course:

Whether you are persuading colleagues, selling a client or the energizing a team, the power of your presentation skills makes the difference between  the success &  failure. Global Online Trainings is providing  presentation training course which  is as close as you can get to having an personal, public speaking training coach.  And you get expert one-on-one coaching at the end of each presentation. The presentation Training are kept small & are in a supportive environment to allow for maximum engagement & learning. After taking this presentation online Training course, you will be able to notice gains in effectively communicating your ideas, enhance personal &corporate image,& ultimately increase sales for your business. Our services is to deliver both online as well as corporate training. Register with us for more details about the course.


1. Creating the Program
  •       Performing a needs analysis
  •       Researching, writing & editing
2. Choosing Delivery Methods
  •       Basic &  Advanced methods
  •       Basic criteria
3. Verbal Communication Skills
  •       Listening and Hearing
  •       Communicating with power
4. Non-Verbal Communication Skills
  •  Body language
5. Overcoming Nervousness
  •       Preparing mentally
  •       Physical relaxation techniques
  •       Appearing confident in front of the crowd
6. Creating Fantastic Flip Charts
  •        Required tools
  •       Advantages of pre-writing
  •       Using colours appropriately
  •       Creating a ‘Plan B’
7. Creating Compelling PowerPoint Presentations
  •       Required tools
  •       Tips & tricks
8. WOW Audience with Whiteboard
  •       Traditional &electronic whiteboards
  •       Required tools
9. Vibrant Videos & Amazing Audio
  •       Required tools
  •       Tips & tricks
10. Pumping it up a Notch
  •        Make them laugh a little
  •       Ask them a question
  •       Encouraging discussion
  •       Dealing with questions