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Pro E Training

Pro e Training

Pro e Training Course Introduction:

PROE (CREO) is CAD/CAM software developed by PTC, Parametric Technology Corporation which is complete suite of concept design, 2D, 3D, simulation & analysis engineering software, It is parametric, Bi-directional, Associate, interactive, Future based software. Unique about Creo is that it has taken into account how product design and development is done in modern days, using diverse tools, with the participation of people of a variety of skills, from different geographical locations.

Over view of Pro e Training course :

 This software serves as an integral and a salable designing platform. It is widely used software among the Mechanical & Automobile engineers for designing complete 3D models of the product. The knowledge of using the available range of tools enables the user to produce collaborative development.

PRO e training (CREO) training equips the aspirants with the skills related to the rule-based capabilities and integrated-designing functions of this design software. The participants explore sketch, solid modeling, assembly modeling, sheet metal designing, drafting, and surface modeling.

Prerequisite for pro E training:

MECHANICAL & AUTOMOBILE STUDENTS who are in 3rd or 4th year and who completed or in any one of the streams can attend to this course.

Duration of the course:


Pro E Training Course Content

DAY 1: Introduction about engg drawing- Dimensions, scales, important symbols Drawing study
DAY2: Introduction of Pro/E and Mouse operations
DAY 3 and DAY 4: Sketch
DAY 5: Part introduction,Extrude,Revolve
DAY 6: Sweep,Helical sweep,Hole
DAY 7: Formate,View representation
DAY 8: Blend and Rotational blend
DAY 9: Pattern,Shell,Draft
DAY 10: Datums,Rounds and chamfers
DAY 11: Boundary blend,wrap and Rib
DAY 12: Swept blend,Toriodal blend,spinal blend,cosmotic sketches
DAY 13: Importance of drafting and drafting
DAY 14 and DAY 15: Assembly
DAY 16 and DAY 17 : Drafting
DAY 18 and DAY 19 : Overall discussion
DAY 20 and 21: Sheet metal
DAY 22 and DAY 23: Surfacing
DAY 24: Drafting
DAY 25 and 26: GD AND T
DAY 27: Overall discussion
DAY 28: Doubts clarification
DAY 29: Doubts clarification
DAY 30: Overall exam

 Features of Pro e training Course:

  • Pro-e will cover the sketching modeling assembly drafting sheet metal and the surface environments of pro -e wildfire.
  • The wild fare commands provides the detailed explanation in the form of assignments
  • Trainees will experience the self evolution test and review questions will also be provided along with the assignment to practice.