Python Scripting Training

Python scripting training

Introduction to Python scripting training:

Our Python scripting training helps you to write python scripts in an easy and effective manner. Most of us knew that Python is one of the famous scripting languages in the global market. Python is used for scripting language as well as web application development. You can use it anywhere in real time and it is used in different fields such as big data, machine learning, cloud computing, and IOT. That’s what the popularity of the Python. We are providing the best python scripting training with real time projects. Our trainers are experts in providing the best Python scripting course. What are you waiting for? Call today and join in our Python scripting online training.

Mode of Training: We provide online mode of training and also corporate, virtual web training

Duration of Program: 30 Hours (Can be optimized as per required).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for the best Python scripting online training.

Course Fee: Please register on our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.


Who can learn this Python scripting online course?

Our python scripting online training is specially designed for

  • Data Scientists, Data Analysts
  • Technical Leads, Architects, Programmers, Developers
  • Business Analysts

Prerequisites of python scripting online training:

There are some prerequisites for learning Python scripting course. Below are the prerequisites for this machine learning course.

  • You must have knowledge of programming languages and also
  • Basic concepts related to data analysis.

Overview of Python scripting training:

What is a scripting language?

Python scripting training infographic

Now, let’s see what exactly the scripting language is. The scripting language is actually used for automating certain tasks. There is no need for a compilation step. They are interpreted. It is very less code when we compare with the traditional programming languages. There are more scripting languages available in the market. They are JavaScript, PHP, and Python, etc.


How automation can be achieved?

Scripting languages are able to communicate with other programming languages. Automation in the sense, we should communicate with any one of the programming languages, so we can achieve automation using scripting language. Whatever the code you are using for automation is nothing but a script. There are so many scripting languages in the market. The scripting languages are Python script, Perl script, JavaScript, VB script, Apple script, and shell script, etc. These are some basic information about automation. We will be covering more about this topic in our Python scripting tutorial.


Learn the difference between a programming language and scripting language in our python scripting training:

Let’s see what exactly the difference between a programming language and scripting language. In general, we can say every language is a programming language. We compile them and then we interpret and then finally execute the binary file. For example, in C/C++ or Java, we need to compile first and then execute it. While in the case of scripting language, we have to execute it directly. In simple words, we can say that the scripting languages are not compiled and programming languages are compiled. It’s really as simple as that. Want to more about this topic? If yes, then join in our best python scripting online training.


Learn about python in our python scripting tutorial:

Python is one of the popular programming/scripting languages in the world because it is having great features. Python is actually an interpreted language with dynamic semantics. Let’s see some of the features of the Python language. Python is fit for many platforms. That’s why python is known as a portable language. It is also an extensible language. That means it can be integrated with Java, dot net components. With the help of python language, we can do great things such as web scraping, testing, web development, and data analysis. These are some of the features of the Python. We will be covering more about these topics in our python scripting online training.  


What can we do with Python?

We can use python in different fields with the help of third-party tools. The first and foremost thing you can do with the python language is we can create web applications. To develop these web applications, we have already modules available in python language. Python is widely used in artificial intelligence. We can also use the Python language for testing purpose. Python is also used for web scraping. Web scrapping is nothing but a process to extract important data from a website. There is a huge usage of python programming language for data analysis. These are some of the usage of python languages in different areas. We will be covering more about this topic in our python training course.


Learn about modules in a python scripting language in our Python scripting certification course:

There are various modules that are available in python scripting. Let’s have a look at some of the modules of the python scripting. The modules of python scripting are OS module, sys module, JSON module, math, random module, subprocess module, and date & time module. Before going to this module, let’s see what exactly module means. Module in python is basically a file which contains python definitions and statements. The first module is the sys module. This sys module provides information about the constant functions and a python interpreter.  The next module is an OS module which stands for operating system module. This module is used to interact with the operating system. This module is basically used to create folders, remove folders, and move your folders, etc. Next module is a subprocess module. This module lets you interact with the operating system to create new processes. These are some of the modules of python scripting. We will be covering every topic from basic to advance in our python scripting online course.


The conclusion to Python scripting training:

Global Online Trainings provides the best python scripting training by the corporate trainer.  Our Python scripting training helps you to learn basics and advanced concepts Python scripts in an effective and practical manner. Python has created a huge number of job opportunities across the world. In the salary-wise, Python professionals are getting paid handsome salaries. Python is used in different areas. It is the most widely used programming language across the world. Global Online Trainings is the best place to explore the knowledge and skills. The global online training team will always be available to clarify your doubts regarding the Python scripting online training. If you have any doubts regarding this Python scripting certification training, please feel free to contact the help desk. We also provide classroom training at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune.


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