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QC Training

QC Training

Introduction to QC Training:

Quality Control Training consists of developing,designing,producing,marketing and servicing products and services with optimum cost-effeciveness and usefulness which customers will purchase with satisfaction.Quality control is far more than visually inspecting parts at the end of the assembly  line. Total Quality control or TQC which saw quality control spread to all facets of the organisation including front office tasks.Global Online Trainings is best in providing Quality Control Online Training by senior consultants.

Mode of Training: QC Online Training/QC Corporate Training/QC Virtual Web Training .

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours(Can be optimized as per requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for QC Training.

Course Fee: Please register in website, so that one of our agent will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Overview of QC Training:

  • QC Training at Global Online Trainings-They are also used for arranging data, sharing information with others and making judgements. Now in our next module, we will not only explore several different types of graphs, but we will also explain how to choose the correct graph to use.
  • The third QC training tool is the Pareto Chart. Now Pareto Chart classifies problems and defects by type in the order of quantities and shows the cumulative total. In other words, Pareto Charts often help us identify where the problem is as we learned about in the Gemba Academy practical problem solving course is as we learned about in the Gemba Academy practical problem solving course.
  • Well the fourth tool invented by the a fore mentioned Dr.Ishikawa. With this information, we are able to classify causes and their potential influence on the problem at hand.
  • In other words, in QC training,Scatter diagrams help us examine the relationships between two variables and whether or not they are associated, or correlated with one another.
  • Now we will get into different variations  in QC training of the Scatter diagram including regression later in the course, but I do want to mention an extremely important aspect of studying correlation. Next, we come to the Histogram which is a graphical display of  numerical data in the form of upright bars.
  • With histograms, we are able to learn many things including how much variation, or spread, a data set contains. Now when we add in customer specification limits, we are able to calculate something called Cp and Cpk which basically tell us how well our process meets customer requirements. Now Control charts also help us to understand whether we are dealing with common cause or special  cause variation which is an extremely important information to know as we work to control quality across all levels of the organisation in QC training. And special cause variation could be likened to when there is an accident and traffic comes to a complete stand still.

Features of QC Training:

  • So SDLC is nothing but a framework that describes the activities performed at each stage of software development process. So it’s nothing but what happens is when a customer comes to a company he gives his requirement then once the requirements are confirmed then they are going to design as per the customer after the design is complete they are going to code it. They are going to write the code or they are going to develop that application or that software what customer wanted. Once the software is completed somebody has to test it to make sure whatever customer requested is exactly the same.
  • After everything is  done testing is finished then you go live or you go into production or basically customer can use it. It’s for the customer right?So it is a step by step process that’s what SDLC stands for system development life cycle.
  • The Job of QA training is to make sure the application is working as per the clients need. So once the product is  ready we do our testing. Similarly in the software for example if you go on a facebook right there is  username and password and as a tester once the user name/password functionality or the page whatever you are on is ready we go and verify that any user cannot login with incorrect password tight?  So basically we are verifying  that incorrect password should not allow user to get into the application or into the software or into the Facebook whatever you can say its named differently.
  • Quality Assurance is not like a rocket science or that we cannot do it. If you know how to browse google, how to get on a facebook you can become a QA the only thing will be required is your determination and your goal  in your life. What is SDLC? Why do we even care about SDLC that would be the question? Before knowing anything first you need to understand how software industry works. Does it follow step by step process? How they built it? Are there any requirements from the customer and what and what not?.
Benefits of QC Training :                                                                  Benefits of QC Training                                        
  • Now then, the tools most often used for problem solving by organisations well versed in quality control are called the seven QC tools. Let’s see how these concepts developed and as it turns out, the Japanese began applying quality control during the 1930 and 1940’s.
  • For QC Training,The head of the Japanese Union of scientists and engineers decided to expand the use of these tools in the 1960’s with the introduction of what we now call the Seven Quality control tools. These 7 tools as a way to make the use of quality control a way to make use of quality control accessible to anyone no matter their experience with statistics.We provide classroom training for QC Training at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon ,Hyderabad ,Mumbai ,Delhi  and Pune.
Conclusion of Quality Control Online Training:

Global Online Trainings is rich in providing QC Trainng and corporate training by real time experts at an affordable cost.There is a huge demand for QC Training now a days.In IT industry we use application word more frequently so my point here is quality analyst is nothing but we verify we make sure we are the gatekeepers we are responsible for quality assurance, quality analyst. We make sure quality is maintained for the customer throughout the process, So do not underestimate the power of QA if as a QA we say this product is crap, this product is not working as expected it will not go to production, customer cannot use it until and unless we gives a heads up so we have a lot of power over what we are doing it’s not just QA you can make it technical, you can make it automation, you can make it manual.

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