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Introduction to RapidMiner Training:

RapidMiner Training is used in data mining which is written in Java language. It provides advanced analytics through template-based frameworks. RapidMiner studio is a visual workflow designer that helps data scientists use machine learning to generate understandings on any data at any measure.This tool is used in the fields of business industries and manufacturing sector where in the data generated is a very huge amount and it is generated every single day so that might be subjected to training and then many insights could be drawn which would be beneficial to the company. RapidMiner Studio Online Training at Global Online Trainings is rich in providing online and corporate training by industry experts in flexible timings.

Mode of Training: RapidMiner Online Training/RapidMiner Corporate Training/RapidMiner Virtual Web Training .

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours(Can be optimized as per requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for RapidMiner Training.

Course Fee: Please register in website, so that one of our agent will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 8+ years.

Overview of RapidMiner Training:

  • Let’s take a quick look at our user interface. We will talk about the operators, repository, process panel, the views and the global search. We will see the functionality of ports, parameters.
  • Once we open RapidMiner Studio Online Training we end up in the Design view. Next to it there is a results view. Both views can be described as work areas which are equipped and optimized to carry out specific tasks as you undertake data prep, modelling, validation and operationalization of your analytics processes.
  • Next to the default views you can find the option to start RapidMiner Training Auto Model. Auto Model is great to accelerate everything you want to do when building real data science solutions. No matter if you are just starting or if you are already an experienced data scientist.
  • In the center of the design view you can see the important process panel which is used to design any process for example data loading, outlier detection or forecasting. Processes are comprised of a set of connected operators which can be understood as the building blocks.
  • By default, the operators panel is open and placed in the bottom left. You can see the different areas in the operators panel called data access, blending, cleansing, modelling and so on each of them has a rich set of operators.
  • To get started with a very simple process we need to place an operator into the process panel. To do that lets extend one of our operator folders in our case Data Access. Now we can select the retrieve operator and drag and drop into the ‘process panel’.
  • In case you don’t know in which folder to find the operator you want, or which operator to use, you can just type the name or a keyword in the search field. We select our ‘retrieve’ operator by clicking to apply further settings.
  • You can see that the parameters panel on the top right has changed and we can now use the folder icon to select the file which we want to load. We will select the Titanic dataset which is preloaded in RapidMiner Studio Online Training.
  • In order to run our very simple process we only need to connect the ports, indicated here by a small half-circle with the word out, to our results port on the right. When we select the run button, RapidMiner Training executes the process and automatically displays the results view.
  • Here our dataset is displayed by default as a table. There are also further options displayed to analyse our dataset quickly, such as ‘statistics’where you can for example see the number of missing values or charts or  advanced charts or annotations.

RapidMiner Training Features :

  • RapidMiner Training always access, import and prepare data what it mainly means by this is it always want to access the data desired data and also import it onto the RapidMiner Training platform where you can perform various analysis, you can subject it to training etc and prepare the data in a very easy manner.This tool is mainly used for predictive analysis.
  • It always want to apply machine learning and advanced analytical techniques to the data or to rapidly prototype the predictive models.
  • RapidMiner Training always want to measure the data which means it actually allows one to examine the results in various ways such as it provide features such as  to view the result in pie charts , scatter plots and histograms and bar charts etc and also what it means for optimizing the model performances.
Benefits of RapidMiner Training:
  • It also provides the feature of machine learning where in one translate and validates for the training are testing set. So if  one drains data for 80%  and validates for the rest 20 % so there is a result.So in this way one can optimize the result so you can  optimal the model performance.
  • It can efficiently evaluate the accuracy of the result and also provides best predictive models wherein one can actually directly embed the predictive models and  the data models to the business process applications. Our consultants are highly skilled at RapidMiner Training.Data science Training is not about making complicated models. It’s not about making awesome visualizations and not about writing code. Data science is about using data to create as much impact as possible for your company. Now impact can be in the form of  multiple things.
  • It could be in the form of insights in the form of data products or in the form of product recommendations for a company. Now to do those things, then you need tools like making complicated models or data visualizations or writing code. But essentially as a Data Scientist your job is to solve real company problems using data and what kind of tools you use we don’t bother.
Conclusion of RapidMiner Training:

RapidMiner Training is basically a data analytics also called as RapidMiner analytics and a logistics tool which is used for performing operations such as Machine learning , text mining, data mining, predictive analytics training, business analysis etc.So the data can also use for rapid prototyping and generating data models which will be beneficial in some other way for the growth of the company or the industry for RapidMiner analytics . So this RapidMiner Training tool is an open source platform which can be downloaded from the official page of the site of the RapidMiner company. Global online Trainings is good in providing RapidMiner Corporate Training by experts in flexible timings.

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