Rational Soda for Word Training

Rational Soda for Word Training Introduction:

Rational Soda for Word Online Training Introduction

Introduction to the rational soda for word
Document Processes Rational SODA for word
  • SoDA Terminology
  • SoDA Domains
  • Terminology of the Domain 
SoDA for the Word
  • Menus
  • Documentation of the window
  • Wizards
  • Document generation
  • Template window
Functionality of the SoDA
  • Open Command
  • Display Command
  • Repeat Command
  • Limit Command
  • Operations
Using SoDA
  • Creating the Documents
  • Maintaining the Documents
  • Creating Temlates
  • Creating Reports
  • Creating Tables
SoDA Help
  • Writing Tool
  • Online
  • Forums
  • Phone Support
Hints / Tips
Course Summary