React Native Training

React Native Training

Introduction of React Native Training:

React Native Training by Global Online Trainings to build real and rich mobile applications for Android and iOS. With our React Native online Training you can able to solve NodeJs related problems and you can also create and engage mobile applications by using Java Script. In this training you will learn how to build native mobile applications for iOS and Android using react and java script. React Native mobile applications will indistinguishable using Java or Objective – C. Mobile applications using Java Script to design rich mobile UI (User Interface) from declarative components. React Native can combines with Objective – C to optimize enterprise applications by using native code directly.

Course Name: React Native Training

Mode of training: Online Training, Corporate Training and Job Support

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 10 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.


React Native online Training Course Content

React Native Content


What is React Native?

The React Native is a library kind of tool with this you can build UI (User Interface) applications in a declarative manner.

  • React Native online Training you can build native applications by using cross platform framework. And the React Native will enable world class application experience for user.
  • The react native applications are visual components and those are maintaining community packages.
  • With the help of Reactjs Training you can build Java script based user interface for front & back end support.
  • The native has navigation library and it will extensible, you can work with existing apps.
  • You can also work with custom libraries and these are easily updates without re-submission.
Flex box in React Native online Training:

In React Native course for android, the main use of Flex box is designing layout for mobile application and its programming. To figure out the control layout, the Flex box will relies on the different ratios React Native programming levels.

  • In React Native online Training, you will know how to use flex box as a layout system. With flex box you can create a consistent view across different mobile screen sizes.
  • The consistent view sizes are super useful because there are number of screens out in to the market and there is not much need of writing custom code for each flex box.
  • With React interface, you can also split the mobile screen and the flex will define the ratio in between adjacent components, you can also change the screen ratios.
  • The space divider between adjacent components using the Flex ration and also can use flex box to dynamically distribute small components.
  • After fixing the components in a row or column you can distribute the components along that axis using justified content.

In Global online Trainings our experts will clearly explain how Flex box is useful to design mobile applications.


Building File Structure with React Native online Training:

In React Native, the file structure will mainly deals with the file system and how React will actually organizes its files and the file structure will make you to work easier for your work on the application for the structure.

  • The file structure is mainly divided into two types of folders one is iOS and another one is Android file.
  • To build real time light weight application by using asynchronous code Nodejs Training will be useful.
  • The android file mainly contains the mobile applications for android platform similarly the iOS file also for mac mobile applications.
  • Java Script has additional modules and those are installed inside the AngularJs, NodeJs, Json folders. Once the mobile application is compiled, and then you can basically manage application operations with React Native.

Our experienced trainers in React Native online course will teach in detail about how to build file structure for both operating systems.

Components in React Native Training:React Native Components

There are mainly two types of components in React Native those are Presentational Component and Container Component. Both are used to design pattern for building React Native applications.

  • Presentational components are concerned with how the things are look like.
  • Container components are concerned with how the things will work.
  • In React Native online Training, the components pattern is the fundamental thing to the design of react since its inception.
  • With our import react, you can distribute the complexity of your mobile application across a number of different components.

The following are the basic details of components in React Native online Training.   


Presentational Components
  • The Presentational Components is mainly used for presentation view of program elements to users.
  • These components are stateless and will accept all types of functions and data.
Container Components
  • The Container Components in React Native Training is mainly about handling Presentational Components and its functionality related view.
  • The Container Components are stateful and here you can delete or render element inside the Presentational components.

After joining in Global online Trainings you will learn complete concept of components in React Native.


Features of React Native online Training:

There are quite a few features for you in React Native course, some of those are as follows.

  • With the help of React Native online Training you get support between Java Script and node platform for asynchronous execution.
  • For traditional web application development and for MVC implementations Angularjs will be useful.
  • The screen interactions by system implementation will deal with complex view in React Native.
  • Scrolling and sliding etc. are the different actions for mobile applications and the React Native will uses JSX for inline styling and this will not disturb the structure code.
  • The layout model known as Flex box is mainly useful to simplify the process which is related to UI (User Interface) layout and its possibilities to deciding and styling the components.

There are some mode advantages and special features in React Native mobile application building framework.  


Stack Navigator in React Native online Training:

The Stack Navigator in React Native online course is about navigation between screens in a react native application.

  • The main use of this element is navigating from one screen to another screen by using navigation library. This library contains screens as stack.
  • Most of the applications are having more than one screen so those screens has to be a way to be able to navigate between these screens.
  • The stack navigator in react native is a cross platform module and it is useful for both iOS and android to make a navigation interface.
  • The documentation of React Native is also become simple and better with Stack Navigator.
  • This stack navigator is recommended to place this at the root of screens which should navigate in between.

In React Native online Training, you will learn in depth about screen sharing with Stack Navigator.


Overview of React Native Training:

  • React Native is to build native mobile applications using Javascript and react. You can also use your existing web developing skills and can produce native iOS and Android applications.
  • You can also use HTML and CSS along with Javascript to design native android and iOS applications.
  • Here you can design complete and pure native apps that in iOS using Switched or in Android using Java or Kotlin.  
  • Json Training is about transferring the data for React Native between servers and web based applications.
  • The components, props and states etc. are used in the react native as well. The react and React Native are almost having same workflow.
  • With React Native you do not ever compile your app you can just reload in your website.
  • You do not have to maintain two separate code base for your application.

We will provide the complete overview while the training is moving on in GOT.


 Conclusion of React Native Training:

Global Online Trainings is a top online training platform and it is providing React Native Training form India through online. We have years of experienced trainers and they will explain all elements which are involved with mobile applications. Students who want to become mobile application builder or developer after their studies and beginners who are having no prior knowledge but working in are also able to take our React Native online Training.

Get register in Global Online Trainings for the best React Native online Training. Our online trainers will understand your requirements and your queries and they will provide solution with hundred present accuracy. We also provide classroom and Corporate Training on client demand in Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai etc. for best price. For more information and for contact details visit our official website, thank you.


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