Robot Framework Training

 robot framework training

Introduction to Robot Framework Training:

In Robot Framework Training, Robot framework is an open source which is licensed by Apache. It is a generic test automation framework. Mainly the framework is used for the acceptance testing or quality assurance testing. It is easy to use because it will have a tabular syntax. Robot Framework is an operating system and application independent. So it can be used in Linux or Windows. Global Online Trainings provide the Robot Framework Corporate Training with subject matter experts who have a good experience in their primary skills. We offer both online training and corporate training for the individuals at their flexible hours. Our trainers provide the best Robot Framework Online Training with real-time examples. To know more details about this module please contact our help desk. We extensively provide job support as well at an affordable cost. Enroll Today!

Prerequisites to learn Robot Framework Training:

To learn Robot Framework corporate Training at Global Online Trainings:

  • Must have a software testing background
  • Must have knowledge on Python, Java
  • Basic knowledge of test automation
  • Basic understanding of Jenkins and CSS selectors.
  • Knowledge on how to create a manual test case as a basis for your automated tests.

Robot Framework Corporate Training Course Details:

  • Program Name: Robot Framework Training
  • Duration of Course: 30 Hours (It can also be optimized as per required period).
  • Mode of training: Online, Classroom, and corporate training.
  • Timings: According to one’s feasibility.
  • Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.
  • Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for Robot Framework Corporate Training. (We will get the soft copy material)
  • Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GoToMeeting OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset.
  • Trainer Experience: 10+ years.
  • Course Fee: please register on our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.
  • Backup Sessions: Yes we also provide backup sessions.

Robot Framework with Appium Training Course Content

robot framework course content

Overview of Robot Framework Training:

Here I’m going to give you a brief introduction to Robot Framework corporate Training. You may get a basic overview of Robot Framework.

Robot framework is open source, so anyone who wants to try out can easily do so.

  • It is very easy to install and helps in creating and executing test cases. Any new comer can easily understand and does not need any high level knowledge of testing to get started with robot framework.

  • It supports keyword-driven, behaviour-driven and data-driven style of writing test cases.

  • It is a good support for external libraries. Most used is Selenium Library, which is easy to install and use in robot framework.

What is the Robot Framework?

Robot Framework Training – Robot Framework is an open source generic test automation framework. It is a simple framework where you can write plain text language using which you can automate any number of tasks. Robot Framework also supports Java, Microsoft, and C #. Robot Framework Online Course allows using Keyword driven, data-driven and behavior driven approaches shortly called as BDD approach. As Robot Framework is a generic test automation framework, it is mainly used for the acceptance of test-driven development.

For Example:  if you are working with app development, and you have developed certain apps and you want to automate some test cases to be executed. So whenever you develop an app and publish it in a Google play store or some other play store based on the operating system for which you developed the application. So before publishing the app into the play store you need to test it in such a way that as if the end user installs it in his mobile device. He should be able to handle the app without any risk. This must be automatically tested without manual testing. This can be achieved by the test automation framework.  For this Robot test automation is a popular framework.


Learn about Robot Test Automation in our Robot Framework Training:

Today, there is a number of Test automation frameworks available in the market which are licensed. Robot test automation is a popular framework; the advantage of Robot Framework is it is completely open source. That means you need not pay any license cost for using this. And it is purely developed using Python. It will be easy for a person to learn Robot Framework online Training if he is good at Python. Global Online Trainings also provides Python Training.

Robot test framework uses Selenium web driver along with Python programming. We provide robot framework automation along with Selenium Training and Python Training. So Selenium robot framework and Robot framework python help you to better understand the Robot Framework corporate Training. Our training will provide all the necessary skills to successfully create a Selenium test suite.

It also helps individuals working on Java, Python, Appium, and Selenium to move into advanced modules like Robot Framework Training with Selenium, Robot Framework Training with Appium, etc. We will help you to get into advanced technologies.

Robot Framework job role is important where we want to know the main concepts of this training. We not only give training, but we also provide job support for you. Come, Join and get detailed knowledge on Robot Framework 2.5.7 or higher.


Learn about Acceptance Test Driven Development in our Robot Framework Training:

Nowadays companies are adopting a new project management technique called agile. In agile we have a scrum team which will work on different sprints of specific duration. In the sprint, we have developers, testers who work together. So when they work together developers will write the code for a particular feature or product. And the testers have to write test cases and automate them.

So that, when the developer produces the software, immediately the tester should execute the software using the automation framework that they have chosen. So, the result will be known on the same day without manual testing. Where test cases are also written in parallel to the code along with the developers. This is called as acceptance test-driven development (ATDD). Robot Framework will be very useful in these scenarios. So, take Robot Framework Online Training at Global Online Trainings and become expert in Robot Framework!


Learn about System Under Test in our Robot Framework Training:

  • The application which you want to call is called as System under Test. Robot Framework doesn’t know these applications. It is independent. You can automate any applications using the robot framework. For this, you need to know any one of the languages like Python, Java or C# depending on your environment.
  • Why because some people working with web applications and some other company people are working with mobile apps, some others working with databases and some other company people are working with GUI using Java-based applications/Swing. Thus different companies are working with different applications. This is called a System under Test.
  • Robot Framework offers a set of pre-defined libraries. So, if you know these pre-defined libraries then it is not necessary to learn the programming languages. But your options are limited in this case.

This is the brief information about the System under Test in Robot Framework. You will get in-depth knowledge at the end of Robot Framework corporate Training.


Robot Framework Vs Selenium Web driver:

Do you want to know the difference between Robot Framework and Selenium Web driver? And have a question like a Robot framework or Selenium Web driver? There is no sense. Why because the question is irrelevant.  There is no meaning in comparing the two. But let’s see some points which we don’t need to consider.

The robot framework is a set of programs and libraries that create test cases. With that, you can create test suites built on the resettable keywords written in other keywords or written in other programming languages. The frame provides a test runner and produces test reports.

When coming into Selenium Web driver, Selenium is a library interface that manages the browser. With only selenium web driver, you cannot write tests cases for programming languages such as python, ruby, etc. or test frames like a robot, cucumber, etc. There is no way to implement Selenium tests and generate reports.


Learn about Robot framework architecture in our Robot Framework Corporate Training: Robot-Framework-Architecture

The robot framework contains a modular architecture, which can be expanded with bulk and self-made test libraries. When testing begins, the test data is analyzed by the framework. It is then used by interacting with the system being tested by test libraries. Libraries can communicate directly to the system or other test tools as drivers. Testing started from the command line. As a result, you can report and get the XML output log in HTML format as well. They provide an extensive look on your system. Whenever you install Robot framework then, test data and test libraries are available. And the test tools, system under test depends upon the application with which you are working. Robot framework installation process will be explained by the trainer during the course. Suppose if you are working with web applications then Selenium is the testing tool. And when you are working with the mobile app, Appium is the testing tool. So Robot framework will interact with both testing tools to automate those two applications. The Robot framework architecture will be explained in brief in the Robot framework corporate Training. For more info please do reach our helpdesk.


Robot framework Training with Appium:

Appium is the leading technology in the market. It will be beneficial for an individual to get into Robot Framework Training if he is good at Appium. It is the technology used in mobiles both android and IOS. Appium Technology made it easy to access mobile devices easily with its latest technologies. We also provide Appium Training at Global Online Trainings by industry experts. Robot Framework Training with Appium Training is provided during the Training in a detailed manner by well-experienced Trainers. Appium is the leading technology for testing hybrid and also native applications in mobile. Our Expert team will provide you the latest updates about Appium through Appium Training. We also provide Job Support to help in giving the best project support for resolving technical issues while you are working on real-time. We have a team of experts in each and every technology.


Why should we use Robot Framework?

Robot Framework is a Python-based framework, in that Robots show more security. Robots have become popular in society, and do exceptionally complex tasks. However, robot safety is underestimated. Robotics security is a complex view that requires a cross-disciplinary approach that is often backed by scientific security. At Testing World, Robot Framework has High-Level Architecture and simple to use tabular syntax almost every company use this Robot Framework. There are some advantages to Robot Framework. Team with no programming knowledge can build automation suites. It can be easily integrated with Jenkins.  Support various libraries for managing automated deployments on the server using web application, Windows applications, API testing, DB tests, XML parsing, file system operations, endpoints, remote approach calls, FTP and more.

Global Online Trainings is the best place to learn the Robot Framework. In our Robot Framework Online training, you will learn the latest versions like Robot Framework 2.8, Robot Framework 2.9, and Robot Framework 3.0. We also provide Robot framework 3.0.2 and Robot framework 3.0.4 versions. We not only provide online and corporate training we also provide classroom training for Robot Frameworks at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. Accelerate your career by enrolling Robot Framework Corporate Training Today!


Conclusion of Robot Framework Training:

Today, Robot Framework is perhaps one of the most valuable test automation frameworks available on the market. In terms of money, it is at the top of the list. Robot frame includes tools, techniques, and abstract rules. Its task makes the automation process easier.

Robot Framework at Global Online Trainings is one of the greatest paths to career development. Our Robot Framework Corpoarte Training really the best route to success.  Our Robot Framework online training is generally self-paced and customizable to suit an individual’s specific learning needs. We have a team of certified experts who are having 15+ yrs of experience. Through our robot framework training, our trainers always in touch with you to solve your doubts regarding Robot Framework. At Global Online Trainings our trainers are passionate about teaching. By taking our Robot Framework Online Training, you will get in-depth knowledge at the end of this course. We provide Robot framework tutorial, Videos and Robot framework interview questions which will help you to become master in Robot Frameworks.  We also provide classroom Training in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Nodia, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore etc., We provide 100% online training from the world’s best-certified industry experts at affordable price. Learn Robot Framework from industry experts and grow your career.


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