Robotium Testing Training

Robotium testing training

Introduction to Robotium testing training:

Robotium testing training is a foreign automated testing framework. It is a free Android UI testing tool. It is mainly used for black box automation testing for Android platform applications. It provides simulation of various gesture operations (click, long press, and slide). The APIs for the discovery, assertion, and assertion mechanisms can operate on various controls. With the help of Robotium testing training test case developers can write function, system and acceptence test scenarios, spanning multiple android activities.

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Robotium Android testing training course content

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Overview of Robotium testing training: 

Robotium testing training is an android test automation framework for testing native and hybrid mobile applications against mobile devices or emulators.

 The Robotium testing training script is written in Java. The framework is easy to use, has good support, and is more advanced than Monkey runner. You don’t have to script for each device. But there is no perfect framework. The shortcoming of Robotium is that it is not suitable for interaction with system software.

Robotium  makes it easy to write powerful and robust automatic tests for android applications. With the help of Robotium testers can write function system and user receiving test scenarios spanning numerous Android activities. Earlier Robotium testing training was obtainable as open source Android test automation framework. However with the adding up of Robotium recorder, it is now licensed tool.

Framework for Robotium testing training:

Framework is specifically for testing some automated tests. It is defined as the position of assumptions, topics and practices.

For mobile automation testing, need a good automation testing framework. Test cases built with this framework. There are two types of mobile testing frameworks. Those are android testing framework and IOS testing framework.

In the Android testing framework there are many testing frameworks. Those are Robotium, UIAutomator, Appium, and calabash, Selendroid.

Here, Robotium is an android testing framework. It is an open source test framework. It is very similar to selenium.

In IOS testing framework also there are so many frameworks. Those are Appium, Calabash, Zucchini, and frank BDD for IOS.

Robotium testing training can be used for both for testing applications. Test case developers can write functions with the help of Robotium. The prerequisites to use Robotium are Java SDK.

In Robotium testing training, it uses web technologies like HTML, java script, etc. Java is an object-oriented programming language. It not only absorbs the various advantages of the C++ language, but also eliminates the concepts of multiple inheritance and pointers that are difficult to understand in C++. Therefore, the Java language is powerful and easy to use. As a representative of static object-oriented programming language, Java language implements object-oriented theory very well, allowing programmers to perform complex programming in an elegant way of thinking.

Android automation with Robotium:

The user actions such as touching, clicking, and typing simple are simulated by writing tests in Robotium. The source code for the app or APK files used to run on the real devices. To use Robotium there is a need of source code or APK files. Android Robotium training is a popular framework for running automated android tests because of its ease of use, fast execution, and readability of tests.

Purpose of mobile automation:

Mobile automation testing is getting important as the applications developed for mobile are getting complex and in near future there won’t be separate applications for desktop/ web and mobile app. Microsoft call it as universal app. Hence testing is equally important for android applications as like web and desktop applications.

Robotium recorder:

Robotium recorder is obtainable as a plugin for Android studio and Eclipse. It helps in recording and generating professional Android UI test cases. Robotium recorder has full hold up for subject and fusion android applications and records all user interactions being performed.

To automate the manual process Automated testing is used. Present organizations are using this Manual testing process. This Automation process is used to reduce the need of manual or human involvement. Automation process is use strategies, tools and artifacts. Business functional specifications and design documentation are developed the detailed test cases, and expected results.

The following types of testing can be automated
  • Functional: The expected performed operations are tested.
  • Regression: By this regression test the behavior of system won’t changed.
  • Exception or Negative: The error conditions are forced by this exception testing type.
  • Stress: The absolute capabilities of operational infrastructure are determined by this stress type.

Robotium testing training benefits:

Every automation tool has its own benefits by using Robotium testing training.
  • The most important benefit of Robotium is the accessibility of its plugin for android studio and eclipse.
  • It records user actions on emulators and actual devices.
  • Android UI test cases Robotium recorder has full hold up for native and hybrid android applications.
  • It supports APKs and apps with source code.
  • More rapidly test case execution.
Robotium testing training limitations:
  • Automation Robotium does not support flash and web applications.
  • Robotium tests can only be run on one device at a time.
  • Robotium is also unable to handling different applications in one test.

 Key features of Robotium testing training:

  • Mobile device is checked generally by device testing. The mobile application testing is running on the chosen device, when involves Robotium testing training of an application.
  • Automation is very useful in mobile device testing and mobile application testing.
  • The mobile hardware testing is a part of the device testing. Hardware testing is depends on the testing in mobile applications. If there any hardware is needed to test then the hardware integration is involved in the mobile application.

Conclusion of Robotium training:

Robotium testing training is used in the testing applications. Robotium training is used for android testing framework.  The Robotium training is used for both android testing framework and IOS testing framework. In this we have learnt about two automation testing frameworks, that are mobile testing and android testing.

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