RSA Archer Training

RSA Archer Training

RSA Archer Training Introduction:

RSA Archer Training helps you in the concepts of the best management for enterprise governance, risk management as well as compliance (GRC). This is the foundation for all RSA Archer GRC solutions, the platform allows you to adapt each product to your requirements, build your own applications, and integrate with other systems without touching code. RSA Archer egrc solutions which will allow you to build an efficient, collaborative of an enterprise governance, risk & compliance program across IT, finance, operations. Rsa Archer Training is provided by Global Online Training and this training is based on latest research, live projects, & best possible industry update. Not only students will find this module advantageous to avail, but also on job professional will find it super flexible for attaining besides their regular jobs. Call the help desk for more information for online Rsa Archer  Corporate training and its details. 

Prerequisites of RSA Archer Training:

  • Fundamentals of GRC and business process knowledge will be beneficial.
  • Navigating Archer
  • Getting Started with RSA Archer

RSA Archer online Training Course outline:

  • Course Name: RSA Archer Training
  • Mode of training:Online Training and Corporate Training (Classroom training at client location)
  • Duration of course:30 hrs
  • Do you provide materials:Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.
  • Course fee: After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.
  • Trainer experience: 10 years+
  • Timings:According to one’s feasibility
  • Batch Type:Regular, weekends and fast track

Rsa Archer Administration Online Training Course Content

RSA Archer Training Course Content

Overview of RSA Archer:

Listed below are few important points related to RSA Archer, in-depth knowledge will be shared as a part of RSA Archer Training.

  • RSA Archer Administration Online course It Manages policies, controls, risks, assessments & deficiencies through one central platform  
  • It also Automates business processes, streamlines workflow, delivers the  real-time reports across the enterprise  
  • It Put control in the hands of your business people, by enabling them to tailor RSA Archer GRC solutions & build new business processes without requiring  the development of resources
  • It Integrates with the external systems to support data analysis, process management & reporting  
  • RSA Archer Administration Online course It Selects an on-premises or hosted (SaaS) deployment, according to your organization needs. Global online trainings provides best RSA archer training by corporate trainers, not only online training we also provide job support for RSA ARCHER. Virtual job support team provide best RSA ARCHER job support by experienced consultants, at low cost.

What is RSA Archer?

The RSA Archer GRC is the platform which supports the business-level administration of big business administration, hazard the executives, and consistence (GRC). As the establishment for all RSA Archer GRC arrangements, the stage permits you to adjust every item to your necessities, construct your own applications, and incorporate with different frameworks without contacting code.

Who Can Benefit with RSA Archer Corporate Training:

Archer administrators who are responsible for building and managing the RSA Archer enterprise governance, risk management, and compliance (eGRC) product.

Who should attend?      

This are the job roles which are benefited by taking this RSA Archer course:

  • IT Risk Managers
  • GRC Professionals
  • IT Auditors
  • IT Security Professionals
What are the Objectives of RSA Archer Corporate Training?

Upon completion of the training, you will be able to:

  • Navigate within the RSA Archer system
  • Create an application and Manage user access
  • Create simple workflows using data-driven events and calculated fields
  • Set up email notifications
  • Manage user access and search on report data
  • Set up a dashboard and import data from flat files
  • Set up a simple data feed

Learn Visualization Feature of RSA Archer in Our RSA Archer training:

  • There is a powerful feature which is available in the RSA Archer GRC platform is visualization.
  • It provides the better solutions to complex risks as well as compliance data interrelationships. As an analyst, you usually spend most of the time in analyzing the compliance reports and also in identifying the controls and risks. You need to do all these activities more quickly.
  • Greater visualization will help you to understand the data objects and their relationships.
  • There is a relationship visualization which helps us to understand the relationships between compliance and risk data records.
  • This RSA Archer GRC platform generally reveals the patterns as well as correlations. In this RSA Archer platform, you can see the intelligent scoping process which is used to ensure the risks are addressed.

Key Benefits  Of RSA Archer Administration Online course:

Listed below are few important benefits, more of its benefits will be covered in RSA Archer Training

  • It has the Solid understanding of what you own, its value & its interdependencies so you can protect what is most important to your business organization
  • RSA Archer Administration Online course provides Ability to assign the accountability at all levels of your enterprise hierarchy & infrastructure, allowing simple distribution of risk & compliance assessments & tasks
  • The code-free integration with multiple configuration management databases & systems of record
  • It has automated roll-up of risk & compliance information, enabling efficient & concise reporting. We provide best RSA ARCHER online job support, we do the best for solving all the technical queries in RSA ARCHER job.

Learn RSA Archer Audit Management in our RSA Archer Training:RSA Archer Training

  • With the help of aggregate view of the process, RSA Archer Audit Management will give you the full control of the audit lifecycle.
  • RSA Archer Audit Management is also called as a core component of the enterprise compliance and governance program.
  • The audit management solutions provide lots of benefits that include centralizing audit documentation, streamline audit approach, and also consistent audit processes.
  • All these audits, we can do with the help of RSA Archer Audit Management. This is the greatness of RSA Archer Audit Management. This is just a brief introduction of the RSA Archer Audit Management and you can learn more about RSA Archer Audit Management in our RSA Archer training.We also provide CyberArk Training from our real-time experts.

The important functionality of RSA Archer:

 Listed below are few important functionalities, more you will explore in RSA Archer Training

Document Your Business Hierarchy and Infrastructure:

It Models your business organizational hierarchy to enable the governance, risk & compliance reporting at every level of your business. RSA Archer Administration Online course It captures information on the organizational responsibilities & management, current year financials & related business processes & technologies.

Catalog Information Assets & Build a Business Impact Analysis Framework:

It manages the repository of information assets & performs online assessments to determine the classification ratings & required retention periods. It also Performs Business Impact Analysis to identify assets & business processes most critical to the business.

Quickly Generate Real-Time Reports:

It uses powerful reporting capabilities to monitor the GRC initiatives at company, division & business-unit levels &  to track supporting technologies & information assets by type, owner &  other attributes. RSA Archer Administration Online course Also delivers information through graphical dashboards, providing users with a complete understanding of the technologies, information & processes that support your business offerings.

Support GRC Activities: 

It Implements RSA Archer Enterprise Management as the hub of your GRC program. It gains the business context by linking your enterprise hierarchy &  infrastructure directly to the policies, standards, procedures, assessments, audit plans, threats, incidents, deficiencies, business, disaster recovery plans & many  more

RSA Archer Administration Online course with eGRC Platform is:


The Platform offers a point-and-click interface for building and managing business applications. Non-technical users can automate processes, streamline workflow, control user access, tailor the user interface and report in real-time.


RSA Archer Administration Online course provides a common platform to manage policies, controls, risks, assessments, and deficiencies across lines of business. This unified approach eases system complexity, strengthens user adoption and reduces training time.


The Platform enables cross-functional collaboration and alignment. Business users across IT, finance, operations and legal.

Conclusion to RSA Archer Training:

RSA Archer Training is the Platform is a product that supports business-level. RSA Archer is a GRC automation tool which helps organization automate their Risk and Compliance program, The RSA Archer GRC Platform supports the business level management of enterprise governance, the risk management and compliance. RSA Archer GRC Solutions, the platform allows you to teach product to suit your needs, create your own applications and integrate with other systems without touching code.Get RSA Archer corporate training also online & classroom training at hyderabad, mumbai, bangalore, noida, delhi, chennai with certification.

We provide Best RSA Archer Training by high Professionals from various states. Global Online Trainings offers RSA Archer Online Training with RSA Archer tutorials by real-time experts at a reasonable price and at flexible timings. Don’t miss out this opportunity. Come and Join Today for RSA Archer Training! We also provide CA Siteminder Training. By the end of this course, you’ll have an incredible establishment in RSA Archer that will empower you to create phenomenal applications and administrations with the toolbox.


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