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Sailpoint Training

Sailpoint Training

Sailpoint Training Introduction:

Sailpoint Training at Global Online Trainings- Sailpoint is an automated version of Identity management. It helps to reduce the cost and difficulties faced by the users and gives access to the users. It is a light weight portable application. As Sailpoint is maintaining their status to be a leader in these days. Global Online Trainings offers best Sailpoint Identity IQ 7.X online Course classes with flexi hour advantage and with most reasonable fee. Sailpoint Training tutorial is made with best industry updates. 

It has advanced features when compared with identity management. So it is said to be as identity management solution. Sailpoint provides the IdentityIQ. It is called as IdentityIQ war-file. This war-file consists of all the application modules. We provide best Sailpoint Online Training and also corporate Training.

Mode of Training:  Sailpoint Online training/Sailpoint corporate training/Sailpoint Virtual Web training.

Duration Of Program: Can be optimized as per required(30 Hours).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best Sailpoint online training.

Course Fee: Please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 12+ years.

Prerequisites of Sailpoint Training:

  • Having knowledge on Java.
  • Basic knowledge on Identity Management, Oracle Idm,Sun Idm,Oracle Access Management.
  • People who are very keen to learn Sailpoint Training.

Sailpoint IdentityIQ Online Training Course Content

Sailpoint Training course content 1 Sailpoint Training course content part 2 Sailpoint Training course content part 3

Overview On SailPoint Identity IQ Training:

Below is the basic overview to SailPoint Training, the more detail knowledge will be explored in SailPoint Identity IQ 7.X Online Training.

  • Identity IQ is the product which is suit to the every single component. It belongs to the all cases. For enterprise users, for software companies, business members they need to know how their identity look like and they want to secure basically user accesses. So they want to check whether the right person have right access.
  • So it starts with a complex whether we can enforce user to follow the certain business process and this should not violate any policies. So whatever the business standard they have set. Whether those guidelines are followed by their employees or not that can be checked at any point of time and they can post.
  • They set some policies like governance policy, where the user will be enforced to strictly follow those processes and if it is not followed, then appropriate explanation will be made. So that the information will be sent to the respective person. So this is where the governance is used.
  • Getting a job is not a goal, but it is important that what you do once you get the job and it will be the true assess of the success. If you will not perform well in the company then your job might be gone. Virtual Job Support is best for Sailpoint job support.  Our Virtual job support has the team of experts having more than 5 years of experience in the professional Sailpoint job support. 
Importance of SailPoint in Sailpoint Online Course:

The SailPoint Training is best equipped to help any organization run a successful identity management program with the following industry innovations:Importance of Sailpoint

  • Risk-based approach: The Best Sailpoint identityIQ 7.X online course offers 360° visibility into identity and access information and applies a risk model that makes it simple to speedily recognize particular business risks before they represent a threat to security.
  • The Unified architecture: The Sailpoint IdentityIQ documentation is the main identity provider that has arrangement starting from the earliest stage to convey all capacities that the organizations require to address the present day hazard, compliance & lifecycle management needs, more you will learn as a part of Sailpoint Training.
  • Flexible last-mile provisioning approach: IdentityIQ incorporates effectively with whatever identity advances, tools and process are favored. With The Sailpoint, the client chooses how changes are satisfied to resources all over the organization.
  • High performance and scalability: You will learn how the Sailpoint meets both the performance & scalability requirements of some of the world’s largest customers by joining Sailpoint Training. IdentityIQ is intended to scale horizontally, vertically and practically, making it feasible for the Sailpoint to oversee a huge number of the clients, a great number of applications and a huge number of entitlements.
  • Centralized governance across data center and cloud environments: The Sailpoint Training engineering is intended to deal with and access all information, applications and different resources throughout the organization, from the data center to cloud.
Key Capabilities of the SailPoint Training:keypoints of sailpoint training

Following are the few capabilities listed below, more you will explore as a part of Sailpoint Training.

About Compliance Manager in Sailpoint Online Training:
  • In compliance, most of the times the companies need to certify whether the particular step in that region or for that group or team or whatever granular level you want to go, they want to certify that the person have a right access to the right system.
  • In order to audit the data in an organization compliance manager is very helpful.Virtual Job Support has best trainers for Sailpoint Job Support and they will train you on your project/subject also.
Learn about Access Certification in Sailpoint IdentityIQ Online course:

 It means acknowledgement of current users’ access. It presents the data in a business friendly language. It archives the certification history. It has a capability to track reviewer progress & actions.

Certifications in SailPoint Training:
Certification Types:
  • Few certification types are listed out like, Manager certificationThis will certify that his subordinates direct reports who are having a correct access.
  • And Application Owner certification: This will Certify that identities accessing the application have the proper access to the application.
  • There is Entitlement of Owner certification: It certifies that identities accessing entitlements are correct and there will be Advanced certification: Certify that identities included in a population or group has the correct access.
  • The Role membership certification: Request that the owner of a role certify the members of each role  and the Role Composition certification: Request that the owner of a role certify the composition of the role.
  • Regarding the Account Group permissions there will be a certification like: Request that the owner of an account group certify the membership of the Account Group and also Account group Membership certification: Request that the owner of an account group certify the actual entitlements/permissions granted to the Account Group.
Policy Management:
  • Rapidly defines and deploys policies across applications.
  • Automatically scans, detects and remediates violations
  • Leverages risk prioritizing policy enforcement.
  • By joining Sailpoint Training you will learn how Sailpoint tracks and reports on violations. It proactivately identifies violations.
Audit Reporting:
  • Demonstrates compliance with pre-defined audit reports.
  • Creates transparency to IAM data across enterprise and cloud apps.
Workflow Engine:

In the identity management, workflow plays a vital role. Workflow includes a set of actions. Whenever the workflow is triggered, in the backend it will do a step of actions like calculations, it will check the parameters. If you want to update a particular parameter you need to create a plan.

To know more information,enroll for best Sailpoint identityIQ 7.X online course at Global online Trainings.

Lifecycle Manager in SailPoint Training:
  • In every organization one of the identities will be joining, terminating and rejoining the organization. These are called the lifecycle events in the SailPoint.
  • So if you want a particular user into an organization, we require lifecycle management. In case if the user was terminating from the organization, then we can remove his accesses.
  • Self service access request: It empires the user to request & manage the access.
  • Lifecycle event management: It prevents policy violations. Virtual Job Support offers Sailpoint job/project support at reasonable price.
  • Lifecycle process automation.

Password management: It is present in the system configuration. If you want to reset your password in the Sailpoint. We need to add the password management policy in the Sailpoint.

  • The information will be forwarded into the Policy management. Whenever password management is invoked then automatically password policy will take care of it.
  •  It allows business users to change or reset the password, it enforces policy. All the methods you will learn while you register for Sailpoint Training.
User Provisioning in SailPoint Training:
  • Provisioning Broker : It exemplifies response particular provisioning policies.
  • Provisioning integration modules: It use the outsider provisionining arrangements, to actualize the progressions
  • Service desk integration modules: It consequently creates the help desk tickets; you will be instructed in detail as a part of Sailpoint Training.
  • Manual provisioning support: It offers help in creation and following of changes by making use of internal work queues.
How Sailpoint Online Training is useful?

We provide the best SailPoint identity IQ 7.X online course along with SailPoint Training materials.After completion of course, we also provide the SailPoint Training certification to the students. Sailpoint Training is mainly used to reduce the risks faced by the users. It means it provides security. We also provide CyberArk Training; which is related in providing security to the users. 

Use of CyberArk in Sailpoint Training:
  • CyberArk is a Software security company offering account security called as Privileged Account Security (PAS), which are utilized in financial, healthcare, retail and energy markets.
  • Now-a-days security and compliance environment is changing very fast, with the access to privileged accounts attackers from external or insider can go anyplace in your enterprise and we won’t even know that they are here and they can stole data base from our accounts by using any successful attack chain. Security is one thing that everybody needs from successful attack. To give security we can use Cyberark software.
  • CyberArk leads in privileged security for accounts. It can also provide a critical layer security inside the network to control and accountability for users. Cyberark Training helps to  perform monitoring activities, recording and eliminating hard coding applications, credentials enforcement of least privileged access control, giving alert on analyzing malicious account activities means to get multi layered protection for your enterprise which contains most valuable information.
  • Everybody now a day is having privilege accounts. So threat analytics is a solution which detects, alert and responds to threats by mapping and defining the baseline of normal behavior.
  • Cyberark is able to detect suspicious or unusual activity when it happens; it seems that account has been hacked.
  • This Training is useful in helping and preventing from the movement of attacker. By the study and analyze attacks stealing credentials around the world. The result of that study new custom Algorithms embed into Cyberark that helps customers from cyber attack.

Learn Cyberark Training at Global Online Trainings in order to protect your accounts from attacks. We also offer RSA Archer Training that is a related course for Sailpoint Training. We provide RSA Archer Training at Global Online Trainings in order to provide beneficial knowledge for the persons having knowledge on Sailpoint Training,Cyberark Training and IBM AM etc.,

  • RSA archer is an IT-security and business-driven security helps organizations manage risk and protect. RSA archer is designed to detect and respond effectively from advanced attacks, and it reduce cybercrime and business risk. In worldwide RSA protects millions of people from cyber attack.

RSA Archer Training at Global Online Trainings – RSA archer allows us to build most efficient, collaborative governance, risk and compliance called as eGRC in all IT, finance and legal domains. This platform allows us to make solutions as per our needs and make our own applications without any code. RSA archer is user friendly for any kind of business applications like project management, event analysis etc in less time. RSA provides rapid application development is one of the most demanding organizations.

RSA Archer GRC platform offers many deliver values.

  • It offers point and click interface for applications to build and manage.
  • For non-technical users also can create and modify the applications.
  • User can also control user access and deliver real-time report.
  • It also provides common platforms for managing policies, assessments and deficiencies. This approach makes easy for the system complexity maintenance and reduces training time for employee.

RSA makes easy to share data in IT, Legal domains and Finance operations. That reduces duplicate information. It provides web based interface for adding new layouts to the fields to configure action based workflow for automate processes.

There is another course that is related to Sailpoint Training; that means IBM QRadar SIEM Training helps to reduce the threats and controls the risks that occurs in accessing the data and helps users to provide security and manages the risks in the data. The detailed information about IBM QRadar SIEM Training is provided during the course with real time examples.

When IBM Qradar starts getting actions on or after new log that sent by the event parse that are send to traffic analysis. The Traffic analysis runs those accessible DSM parser and statistics which are the log source that in fact sends those events. That log source is automatically created. There is no need to create the log source manually.

  • Oracle Identity Management (IDM) offers innovation services that delivers all core identity and access management in cloud platform. In identity management system oracle IDM is most powerful and flexible that automatically manages user accessing in IT Privileges.
  • Its flexible architecture makes easy to handle rigid and rigorous requirements in IT and Business platforms.We also provide Oracle Identity Management Training.
Identity Intelligence in Sailpoint Training:

Customizable dashboards: In SailPoint Training you will learn how it highlights the scheduled compliance, & its status.

 Reporting and analytics: It improves the over time, it keeps ready the demonstrate compliance.

  • For a fresher in IT, the actual requirement of programming and development standards could be partially or completely different in the job environment. Sailpoint Training is an advanced version for Identity management.
Conclusion of Sailpoint Training:

This Training provides you all the basics about Sailpoint and about related courses of Sailpoint. Related courses also plays a major role. All the details regarding course will provided by our trainer during the Sailpoint Course at Global Online Trainings.

We also provide many other courses.Enroll for Best SailPoint Job support Training with us and learn how to identity governance & provisioning capabilities in an single solution by our expert consultant guidance.


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