Salesforce AppExchange training

Salesforce AppExchange training

Introduction to Salesforce AppExchange training:

Salesforce AppExchange training at Global online trainings – Finding and deploying business software has traditionally been a long and complicated process. IT and business managers have gone through lengthy pilots and issued countless RFP’s only to start back at square one. With the App Exchange we think there is a better way. We have leveraged many of the best tools from the consumer world. So that finding complex software doesn’t have to be well so complex. Global online trainings is best in providing AppExchange online training by industry experts at flexible timings.

Overview of Salesforce AppExchange training:

  • In just few clicks you can access hundreds of applications and services that will accelerate your success in the cloud. You can easily search by the keyword or click on a category and refine your search further. You can also read reviews to learn how other customers are using the App or service and even compare solutions side by side. Are you interested in learning advance topics on the course? Global online trainings provide best Salesforce AppExchange certification training by industry experts with 100% practical.
  • Once you have narrowed search down to the winner like this contract management app from App extremes you can simply click on get it now in Salesforce AppExchange training . Now instead of having to configure individual machines, you can instantly install the app into your instance of Salesforce CRM training.
  • Gone are the days of complicated deployments, the app can now be accessed by every Salesforce user in your company or just those who need to use it simply by changing the drop down in Salesforce.
  • Congo composer is just one of over a thousand apps and services on the App exchange you can use to extend your use of Salesforce. We have apps for just about everything from simple dashboards and reports to manage your users to more sophisticated tools for specific needs like managing sales incentives and compensation recruiting and onboarding employees or managing your back office.

We even have a whole category dedicated to chatter extensions called the chatter exchange and we also have listings for over 250 service partners to help you with everything from system integration to custom app development. Salesforce AppExchange training is the trusted market place for cloud computing solutions.


Features of Salesforce AppExchange training:                                                                                                                            Salesforce AppExchange training
  • Appexchange is a way to build and connect with the Salesforce platform, you develop an application. If you have your application solution but you don’t know what to do with it we have our marketing team that can also work with you to market and sell on the AppExchange.
  • We have the analytics tool ready so whoever is on the Appexchange if they are hovering over your tile , what keyword did they search to get to your tile in Salesforce AppExchange training . All these information we provide to you to help you market and sell your application better. It is not just for app’s it is also for solutions for components and you can sell it on the AppExchange. Are you passionate in doing certifications? We provide Salesforce AppExchange Certification training by real time experts from India.
  • In, Salesforce AppExchange training ,We have a great reputation for preserving and protecting data of our customers and when our customers purchase CRM and put their critical customer data in there they are assured that it’s safe. So it’s really a big issue around trust. This was a huge barrier, many years ago when salesforce first started that custom companies wouldn’t put information in the cloud and they thought it was not good and secured. We also provide Salesforce AppExchange corporate training by experts with 100% practical. Today we have really focused on being the trusted cloud platform.
  • Do I have your attention? We are also the single system of engagement and we are a single CRM system where customers can track their sales. Service cloud allows them do their service, they can even build custom applications. So it’s just not a single application.
  • Our environment, our platform and our CRM has grown over time and become an area where companies can put a lot of different types of information and next is Consistent innovation which means that we upgrade and modify our platform three times a year to give our customers new features and part of the consistent innovation story is around our partners.
  • Salesforce can’t build every single feature as much as we would probably like to try to. We can’t build every feature that our customer needs so it’s important that we a strong ISV ecosystem that helps build these add-ons to CRM and make our CRM much more richer and much more value for our customers and so that’s why it is important why we have the AppExchange.
  • You might be wondering, AppExchange is our online market place we are not going to spend a lot of time on it but that is our online market place where our customers can get applications. Why do you want to be a partner of Salesforce besides building some add-on in Salesforce AppExchange training. There is a lot of benefits to it , first you get access to our 150 plus thousand customers. When you goup on the AppExchange, our customers are trained and know to go to the AppExchange when they are looking for add-on’s. Global online trainings is best in providing Salesforce AppExchange Corporate training by real time experts.
  • They want to do something unique with opportunities; they want to do something unique with sales, unique with service cloud, they are looking for mapping technology, they know to go the AppExchange which is the first place they want to go to look and if your apps on the AppExchange you are going to get exposure to those customers.
  • It is one trusted platform, so you get access to the technology, so you are going to be able to build your add-on on top of the platform in Salesforce AppExchange training. You may have some external technology, you want to map to the flap and we certainly can do that and that’s really cool in Salesforce developer training. You get access to the ecosystem, right now there is over 3,000 apps out there. There is a whole lot of about our ecosystem.

So it’s not just about the technology but there is actually marketing programs. There is being able to be a presenter here at our user conference called Dreamforce. As an ISV you get opportunities to do things like exhibited at events like that. So the key point here is being an AppExchange partner opens up a lot of benefits beyond just having an AppExchange. There are two world’s within the AppExchange ISVForce and OEM. ISVForce is what we call applications that are add-ons to our CRM. They are a mapping application that may allow me to map all my accounts and how far they are away from corporate location.


Conclusion of Salesforce AppExchange training:

What’s the bottom line? AppExchange has experienced tremendous growth,  in 2006 when AppExchange is launched and what we do the metric, we track on the app exchange is the number of installs and we have steadily grown over the last 12 years. The key metric here is the fact that 83% of our customers use AppExchange apps again as I said earlier it’s a place and we educate them and tell them to go to find their solutions they need to run their business on the app or run their business on Salesforce. There are lots of opportunities in the market for Salesforce AppExchange training with the sky scraping packages. Join in Global online trainings for best Best AppExchange online training with live projects. Hurry Up!


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