Salesforce Commerce Cloud Training

Salesforce commerce cloud training

Introduction to Salesforce commerce cloud Training:

Salesforce commerce cloud Training at Global online trainings – Most of the people have heard about the salesforce and what the salesforce is? Salesforce is a leading world, a technology which seek in the field of customer relationship management and now it has a part salesforce commerce called digital which is barely known as Demandware and now it’s a part of Salesforce. Salesforce commerce cloud provides many of the things that are provided by the Salesforce. Global online training is best in providing Demandware online training by industry experts at flexible timings.

Who can learn Salesforce commerce cloud Corporate training?

  • Knowledge on Java full stack training.
  • Basic Understanding of E-Commerce.
  • Good knowledge on JQuery training.

Knowledge on above courses in good enough to learn Salesforce commerce cloud training.

Learn Architecture of Salesforce commerce cloud Training:                     

  • In commerce cloud digital there is a two layer based like each server of our demand where commerce cloud is based on PIG’s and SIG’s. PIG is primary instance group which contains three main parts like first one is the development, second one is the staging, and third one is the production.
  • In development developers used to code, integrate new features and do all the testing on it like it is the server space where the instance group and all the development things are done. If you are passionate about learning this course, Global online trainings provide Salesforce commerce cloud training with live projects. Please don’t miss this excellent opportunity. Hurry Up!!.
  • In Staging, we integrate and test like its production, it’s a replica of production where all the things are checked probably prior to the final production deployment in Salesforce commerce cloud training.
  • In production, It is the presentation on the internet like the customer scan which really can access the production. So these are the three primary instances group of the SFCC.
  • The second is the secondary instances group, It is the group of sandboxes which developers can use and integrate the new features all the updated UI customizations and create a new web services and all the development related work is done on the secondary instances growth in Salesforce commerce cloud training.
  • So what is the difference between the development instance of a Salesforce Commerce cloud and these secondary instances grow? So on development we just deploy all the things which is finalized and dusted by developers. If you want to learn more about this course, we provide Salesforce commerce cloud training with real time scenarios.
  • Merchandisers like who create the discount coupons and other things like integrating new features and setting new API’s is done on the development server. So this is the difference between teh secondary instance group and development.So related to the commerce cloud server, it is highly availability architecture and it is based on clouds. So all the services are secured by the cloud services in Salesforce commerce cloud Corporate training.
What is Salesforce B2B Commerce?
  • Salesforce B2B Commerce lets you quickly deliver e-commerce websites, When a business buyer logs in, they enter an authenticated site with a custom look and feel, personalized to what they care about.
  • And because it’s connected to your Salesforce CRM, they can see a custom product set with negotiated pricing for their account. And they can manage their own account data. Customers can repeat an order with two clicks, whether it’s a small purchase or a complex order with thousands of items. 
  • Change quantities if needed and use shipping groups to send to multiple locations or on different days. When they check out they have a wide range of payment options like credit card, purchase order or ACH. Since it is connected to your Salesforce CRM data, your account managers or customer service agents can see commerce and CRM data together all in one place.

Learn Business Manager of Salesforce commerce cloud in our Demandware Corporate Training:

  • As you know it’s a paid service, it is not an open source. First you have to purchase a sandbox of the salesforce commerce cloud then after you are able to buy, purchase the sandbox then you are able to access it. So it is the typical business manager of the Salesforce service cloud training. Are you interested to learn more about this course? We are best in providing Salesforce commerce cloud training by professionals.
  • SiteGenesis is the default provided demo store of the Salesforce commerce cloud and it is the site specific and the other one is SiteGenesis global which is a global website like we can customize sitegenesis for specific regions but site genesis global can use for all regions.
  • So these are the default provided demo ecommerce stores by salesforce commerce cloud. It provides a new feature like catalogue module and many more features. We have three options in the menu. First one is the merchants tool, second one is the administrator and third one is the storefront.
  • In merchant tools we get all the tools of demandware as Salesforce commerce cloud which is related to the merchandising like we can manage contents like static content and dynamic content in content option.
  • You might be wondering, we can also customize create customers and we can create all import and export all the customers in customer section. In custom objects, it is like a database as you know this is a cloud based ecommerce platform so we cannot access databases directly in Salesforce commerce cloud training.
  • So if you want to create something and store in the database you can just use the custom objects. You can create custom object and then enter data by customers and you can save .
  • In site URL’s you can do all the customizations related to the URL’s in this sections like you can create URL rules, you can redirect, you can do mapping of the specific keywords to the URL and also you can customize the CDN which is a server based GSS, Global JQuery training, global static media storage. You can also store CDN settings here, you can also manage sitemaps here.
  • Here is a testing tool which is URL request analyzer which you can use to analyze like how many redirects and how many requests are made among when you request a specific URL of the store.
Overview of Salesforce commerce cloud training:
  • It contains the product and catalogues you can do all the configurations of products and catalogues in this section. The second thing is here ordering you can do all the order related customizations in this section like creating payment methods, creating shipping methods and all the things in this section also you can import and export all the settings in Salesforce commerce cloud training.
  • The third column is such which is related to the search facility of e-commerce stores. You can set keywords, you can add stop keyword. Stop keywords are those keywords which are not taken by the server. You can also add suggestions and you can also add online marketing in this section.
  • Do I have your attention? You can configure campaigns, promotion and coupon codes, all the marketing things. The next option is analytics where you can just add the SEO keywords, you can just generate that traffic reports, you can create all the purchase related reports, and catalogue related reports in this section.
  • Salesforce commerce cloud training at Global online trainings-In site preferences section you can just configure the baskets which is a card object like how you can just configure and add the entities and attributes to card. You can also configure the currency related settings and such preferences related settings. Are you passionate in doing certifications? Global online trainings provide Salesforce commerce cloud training with certifications.
  • In the administration section we have specific options which are directly related to the administrating the site like we can do in the code replications means copying and backup a code of the site and also you can create rules, permissions ,users and also create FD connections which is deaf connections and you can create different roles from here.
  • In this specific sites option you can just create a new store and update existing store settings and also add serial settings in this section. The third column is site development; here you can create different system objects there were. The different system of just like cart checkout, customer address these are the system related objects.
  • In Salesforce commerce cloud training,You can configure and add different options in it and also you can create custom error pages, custom maintenance pages and all the things in this section. You can also import and export a specific store from one sand box to another sandbox by using the import and export option.
Learn Features of Salesforce commerce cloud training:                                                                                                                features of SALESFORCE COMMERCE CLOUD TRAINING                
  • In the Google preferences section you can just do all the preferences related settings like locales, security and you can add local store data and you can also do setting some of the sequence numbers of the customers of the order like you want to customize the order number .
  • What’s the bottom line? Operations is the section where a developer can schedule create tasks and drone schedules to import and export files like you are using a third party in which you are using the feed like you want to send some catalogue feed for the promotion of your products in third party website. If you want to learn advance topics on this course, we provide Salesforce commerce cloud certification training with real time use cases.
  • So you can create different type of schedule here and different types of drones here. You can do a different type of import and export facilities and also you can add some encryption keys to use and utilize those services and all the things and also you can do all the geo location IP based settings here. Storefront is a frontend of the store which we are configuring like it’s a side genesis store so if we click the storefront it will open the frontend of the e-commerce store.

Conclusion of Salesforce commerce cloud training:

In Salesforce commerce cloud training, the predictive intelligence option is also added which is provided by the Salesforce commerce cloud to predict the recommendations like it now supports the real-time recommendations like a person is trying to buy a product it will show some real time recommendations. So these are all the options of the business manager and at last you can see one option called storefront. Join today in Global online trainings for best Demandware corporate Training. For more information please do contact our help desk.Get Salesforce commerce cloud corporate training also classroom training at hyderabad, mumbai, bangalore, noida, delhi, chennai with certification.

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