Salesforce Developer Training

Salesforce Developer Training

Introduction to Salesforce Developer Training:

Salesforce developer training is provided by Global Online Training. We offer Salesforce developer training with live examples. Before going to the Salesforce developer training details, let’s have a look at the need of Salesforce. In the business infrastructure, you will face lots of security risks and you need more money to establish this infrastructure. Fortunately, Salesforce provides the common infrastructure to every business. Global online training is one of the best online training institutions. Classes are available for the individual as well as for corporate batches on demand.

Perquisites of Salesforce Developer Course:

  • Should have the basic knowledge on Salesforce Administrator or the knowledge on the Developer.
  • Should have the basic language on the core java

Salesforce Developer online Training Course Outline:

  • Course Name: Salesforce Developer Training
  • Mode of training:Online Training and Corporate Training (Classroom training at client location)
  • Duration of course:30 hrs
  • Do you provide materials:Yes, If you register for Salesforce Developer online Training with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.
  • Course fee: After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.
  • Trainer experience: 10 years+
  • Timings:According to one’s feasibility
  • Batch Type:Regular, weekends and fast track                                                                             
  • Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GoToMeeting OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset

Salesforce Developer online Training Course Content

Salesforce Developer Training Course Content

Overview of Salesforce Developer Training:

Salesforce uses to setup area which is used to configure and customize the developer interface. It can also be used to add and support other users and to build various other functionality. There are many ways to reach the same setup button. In this we will look at commonly used setup paths and configurations. A Salesforce developer can approach development either using the declarative or programmatic options. It is used to provide you with details on each user interface, business logic, and declarative and programmatic procedures available in the Data Model Layer. To create your user-interface, you can use a declarative approach that uses page layouts and records types, or a programmatic approach, such as Visualforce pages and components. Generally, you should only use the programmatic approach when you cannot achieve the required user interface using the declarative method. You can use Salesforce declarative options of the workflow, validation rules and approval processes to develop the business logic layer of your application, or use a programmatic approach such as triggers, controllers, and classes.

Features Salesforce Developer Training

Learn about Salesforce basics in our Salesforce developer training:

In this Salesforce infrastructure, there is no need to have huge hardware setups, and software. Salesforce team already has the build infrastructure in the cloud. If you need any business infrastructure, you have to pay for the Salesforce team. Now, Salesforce is nothing but a cloud-based technology. Salesforce has so many cloud products like service, sales, marketing, and commerce. Each product has many different built-in features which actually suits the business needs. This is just a brief introduction of Salesforce platform. We will discuss all the basic concepts of Salesforce developer in our Salesforce developer training.


Learn about Salesforce Developer role in Our Salesforce Apex Developer online course :
  • In our Salesforce developer training, we will cover Salesforce development like what can a Salesforce developer do and the job description of the Salesforce developer.
  • As a Salesforce developer, you have to create visualforce pages. We are doing that using Apex. The developer role comes into the picture when the business requirement can’t return with the built-in feature.
  • We will teach you how to code in Salesforce using Apex, visualforce, and lightning. Now, let’s have a look at the Apex programming. Apex is nothing but a strongly typed object-oriented programming language.
  • This Apex training is useful for developing the applications on the Salesforce platform. With the help of the Apex programming language, we can write the custom business logic on Salesforce Business Analyst Training .
  • This business logic can be executed in different situations. The most important thing to consider with Apex is that Apex is compiled as well as executed on the servers of platform and
  • That means you don’t need to install development software on the client side. All you need is internet and a browser to write the Apex programming language. Apex is a back-end programming language.
  • We will be covering all the basic and advanced topics of Apex programming in our Salesforce developer training course.
Learn more about Apex in our Salesforce developer training:

salesforce Developer Training


  • If any complex business scenario comes, we have to do the customization using coding. Salesforce developer is the only person who is going to write that code.
  • To implement the business solutions, the developer has to do the customization code in Apex as a front-end and visualforce as a back-end application.
  • Apex is used when the automation that cannot be implemented using process builders or workflows and the second case is you have to write the code of Apex whenever you need to implement the complex validations.
  • There are two flows of actions available in the Apex. The first action is the developer action and the second one is the end-user action.
  • The developer action is for the developer and end-user action is for the business user or end-user. Let’s have a look at the developer actions. The Salesforce developer writes the Apex code in the computer and the code will be saved.
  • After that, the Apex code goes to the We have two important components available there. They are Apex compiler and Apex run-time. Here compiler is to compile the apex code and store that code in the data storage.
  • Now, let’s talk about the second type of action i.e. end-user action in Apex. We have already discussed that this is for the end-user or business users.
  • This is used to execute the Apex coding and it returns the result back to the end-user. This type of action takes place at the run-time.
  • There are so many things to discuss on this topic. As it is a part of our syllabus, we will be covering each concept with live examples in our Salesforce developer training program.
Learn about process builder in our Salesforce developer training:
  • As a Salesforce developer, you must have knowledge of the process builder tool. We will be covering concepts like actions that can be performed with the process builder and when to use this process builder tool instead of triggers or workflows.
  • Now, let’s see what exactly process builder is. Process builder is nothing but a tool provided by Salesforce.
  • The process builder is used to automate our business process. The main advantage of process builder tools is you don’t require any code to automate the business process.
  • The process builder usually invokes when a record is edited or created and also when other process calls.
  • That actually means, when a record is created or edited we can perform one action or combination of actions.
  • The page builder contains some limitations. Let’s have a look at the limitations of page builder. We cannot delete the records using this page builder.
  • We cannot send the outbound messages and also we can’t do updating unrelated records using the page builder. This is just a brief about the limitations of page builder.
  • We will be discussing all these concepts of page builder with examples in our Salesforce developer training. 
Learn about Visualforce in our Salesforce developer training:
  • Visualforce is nothing but a markup language. Visualforce is used to create the pages. It is one of the parts of the platform.
  • This platform is kind of MVC platform. MVC stands for Model View Controller. Visualforce is actually comprised of a tag library. This tag library contains the built-in components.
  • There is a standard controller which is actually provided by the platform. Visualforce is also called as the component-based user interface framework.
  • Component-based is nothing but visualforce contains different inbuilt components. We can also say tags.
  • Visualforce is just similar to the HTML. In the HTML we have tags like <body>, <p>, etc. Similarly, we have tags in visualforce.
  • Visualforce training helps you to develop powerful applications as well as customizing the user interface of Salesforce.
  • We can create our own custom flow control with the help of visualforce. We have already mentioned that it follows MVC development style.
  • There is a visualforce editor available for every visualforce page. That means, there is always an editor panel available in the visualforce page.
  • The main advantage of visualforce is it can be integrated with JQuery, Ajax, HTML, and CSS. It is very customizable with the web technologies.
  • If you want to create a form, you don’t need to write any code here because it consists of so many components or tags. There is tag available to create the form.
  • It is very important to know about the visualforce to create your own custom pages. We will be covering all these topics with live examples in our Salesforce developer training. And we also provide the training for Salesforce Lightning Training
Learn Apex datatypes and variables in our Salesforce developer online course:

Salesforce Developer Training

  • Variables are nothing but named value holders that means it stores a value inside it. You can access this value whenever you need.
  • Every variable in Apex needs to be declared with that particular datatype. There are different primitive data types available in the Apex language.
  • They are integer datatype, Float datatype, decimal datatype, and Boolean datatype etc. First one is integer datatype.
  • It is used to store numbers. It is of two types and they are an integer and long. Let’s talk about the decimal data type which is mainly used to store the currency field values.
  • A boolean data type is used to store the true or false type values. This is just a brief introduction of variables and databases. As it is a part of the Salesforce developer course syllabus, we will be covering all these concepts in our Salesforce developer training.
Learn about features of Apex triggers in our Salesforce apex developer training:
  • Now, what exactly the trigger means in the apex programming. The apex triggers empower us to do the custom actions after or before changes to database records.
  • Apex trigger is the concept of automating your process. If you come across any complex scenarios in process builder or in workflows, then that scenarios can be tackled with the Apex triggers.
  • Apex triggers work with the DML operations. Let’s jump into the topic of trigger types. There are two types of apex triggers.
  • They are before trigger and after a trigger. Hereafter trigger will fire after inserting the data into the database and similarly before the trigger will fire before inserting the data into the database.
  • We have so many different trigger events available in the Apex. We have events like isAfter, isBefore, isDelete, isInsert, and so on.
  • We will be covering all the trigger advanced topics in our Salesforce Apex developer training. We are also providing the best Salesforce CRM training with the senoir trainers. 
Learn about Apex test classes and apex classes in our Salesforce developer certification course:
  • Apex test class is one of the important topics in the Apex programming language. Let’s see what exactly the test class means.
  • Apex test classes are nothing but verification for the existing code. You need to verify the code with the positive as well as negative cases.
  • Before we deploy the code into the production we should follow some rules. Let’s see the rules.
  • The apex test classes almost cover more than half of the code coverage i.e. 75% code should cover.
  • We should test at least two hundred records. We can also use the private variables with @testvisible. With the help of start and stop test, we can make the governance limits.
  • Let’s have a look at what exactly the apex classes are. Apex classes are nothing but a collection of methods as well as data members.
  • This is just a brief introduction of apex test classes and we will cover all these topics in our Salesforce developer training.
Conclusion of Salesforce developer training:

Global Online Trainings provides the best Salesforce Developer online training. Salesforce developer online training helps you to learn the customized code choosing apex as front end and visualforce as a backend programming language. We already knew that more than 70% of the companies are using Salesforce. The biggest thing about Salesforce is that it holds 20% market share of  CRM industry. Salesforce developers are earning an average salary more than 5lakh per annum in an entry-level. There is a huge demand for the certified Salesforce developers. You can have good career growth as a Salesforce developer.  Salesforce developer is a hot job right now and will  stay that way for at least the next 5 years. Global online training is the place where you can learn various Salesforce courses. We have a strong academic background in Salesforce training. We also provide classroom training at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. For more details of this online course, feel free to contact the Global online training team.


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