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SAP ABAP training

Introduction to SAP ABAP Training:

Global Online Trainings offers online SAP ABAP Training for the professionals who wanted to pursue their career in SAP ABAP Training . Participants will be able to learn and develop object oriented programs and to customize SAP products as per requirement of customer. Global Online Trainings conducted SAP Advanced ABAP training is rendered by best subject matter experts and it is done on virtual platform for providing all the participants best insight over the subject matter and course. 

Global Online Trainings provides SAP ABAP online training, and classroom training at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. If you have any queries please contact Global Online Trainings helpline. For more information check our website Global online trainings.


Prerequisites of SAP ABAP Training:

  • Functional consultants can learn SAP ABAP Training
  • Freshers who have basic knowledge on SQL, Java can learn SAP ABAP Training.


SAP ABAP onlline training course content

SAP ABAP online training course content 1SAP ABAP online training course content 2

Online training is now a days very much convenient to the audience who are new to e-learning. Global online trainings offers best SAP ABAP Training with most experienced professionals. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website.


We know what you are thinking!!!

Does one actually need training on SAP ABAP course?

If I’m not wrong there will be a best opportunity to learn SAP ABAP training at Global online trainings.

I am going to show you in this page is about what is and why for SAP ABAP online training.


Global Online Trainings offers online SAP ABAP Training for the professionals who wanted to pursue their career in SAP ABAP Training .In this course we provide advanced theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on capabilities concerning object oriented ABAP concepts. Participants will be able to learn and develop object oriented programs and to customize SAP products as per requirement of customer. Here the classes are done in flexible hours for offering professionals in career advancement.


SAP ABAP Training Overview:                       

  • In SAP ABAP Training different types of programs exist like reports which include function pool, module pool etc. So, based on the requirement we will create programs which are directly executable and sometimes triggered by calling through a different program.
  • Again customer transaction codes can be created for the executive or screen program starting with Z transaction codes are used to navigate to the relevant objects in graphical user interface and SAP by feeding in transaction codes in the info section, system will directly route to the particular object. For example, to create a sales order, the standard transaction code is 0, 1 is used.
  • Similarly we can create a custom transaction codes for our own objects. In addition to these, there are specific tools like screen painter, menu painter function builder which can be used to enhance the screen interaction making them user friendly.
  • In the screen painter we can drag and drop the events like buttons, input box, text box etc and menu painter we can create interactive screen menu using code in the background. Our consultants are highly skilled at SAP ABAP online Training.

What is SAP ABAP Training?

The question could be breaking it down to two sub questions,

What is SAP?

 And what is ABAP?

Let’s talk about SAP, SAP is an enterprise resource planning software known as ERP. ERP software provides end-to-end solution to manage information within an enterprise.

SAP ABAP Training at Global Online Trainings, a typical ERP software consists of modules, Modules are used by departments of the company to manage their day-to-day operations. Modules are integrated meaning information is shared among them that is data can flow from one module to the other.


Now, let’s check about what is ABAP?

ABAP is a programming language, created and maintained by SAP AG, the creator of SAP ERP software. It is the main programming language used in SAP ERP environment. The term ABAP stands for advanced business application programming. Originally it was used to stand for a German phrase meaning general report creation processor. It is considered to be a high-level programming language like C and JAVA.

  • The SAP application server is a part of Netweaver platform for building business applications in SAP ABAP Training. The programming syntax is similar to that of COBOL; it was rich in the report language for SAP R/2.
  • SAP R/2 is a platform that allows big companies to build mainframe SAP advanced business application programming training. The applications are mainly used for materials management and financial management.
  • In SAP ABAP Training, ABAP was one of the first languages to include the concept of logical databases known as LDB logical databases provide high level abstraction for databases.
  • Company production planning and scheduling is improved by SAP APO ABAPx training. And the product is shipping by getting real-time updates from retailers about customer demand.
  • Runtime system provides interface to the database and buffering of frequently used data. A transaction in SAP terminology is the execution of a program. For instance, VA01 is the transaction code for create sales order.
  • They also try entering the transaction code directly into a command field. The command field is present in every SAP screen they can also be started by entering the transaction code directly in to a command field in SAP ABAP Training. We provide best real-time best SAP Advanced ABAP online Training with individual batches for corporate training.

OK, I know what you’re thinking.


Yes I have to agree that you just could feel that this content is not enough to know.

So if you have to know more, register with global online trainings.


We also have transport organizer for effective version management. When working over custom objects in SAP ABAP Training we reuse the components defined in the development classes. Any system cannot by itself be complete. In many occasions, these systems are required to communicate with either internal or external third-party systems, data transfer between these systems frequently keep each other updated. This is achieved using interfaces and SAP ABAP Training interfaces are nothing but an interaction between systems for data transfer.

In SAP ABAP Training there are different types of data transfers, direct transfer from graphical user interface using data sets using X site, using RFC , pappy’s, I books etc. In all these types there are data filters which will make the companies so secured by achieving data privacy, security authorizations help in taking care of the data over the systems. Global online trainings is rich in offering SAP ABAP Training for individuals and  corporates by best trainers at flexible timings.


 Let’s have a look here about SAP ABAP training in brief!!!
  • Transport management system is the version control which is used to create versions for your code changes. Transport request is used to transport your changes from development to quality and finally to production systems and it is not allow any changes to the program once the transport request is released from development system until you create a new request for the particular program. This is how version control is implemented in SAP.
  • In SAP ABAP Training, SAP is built over the three-tier architecture; it can be seen as emptier also in most of the cases. However, it is generally three-tier architecture we have database server in first level, application server in the second level and presentation server in the third level. Global online trainings is the best place for SAP Advanced ABAP Training.                                      
  • If in case we have more number of presentation or application or database servers at any level that leads to n-tier architecture. Generally the ABAP programs in SAP ABAP Training system access through graphical user interface are compiled and executed over application server which in turn passes over the data processing tasks to database server.
  • All the database related commands are executed over database servers based on the load over these systems; they are scaled on the concept of load balancing. As discussed earlier, ABAP has different types of reports to analyze the data pertaining to enterprise.
  • To integrate the high volume of corporate data in the enterprise data warehouse SAP BI ABAP training is used which is a software system.
  • In SAP Advanced ABAP Training, ABAP dictionary for the data modeling tasks like creation of custom database tables, domains etc objects like functions. Modules are useful to build robust code at the same time screen and menu painter to design custom screens. Apart from these SAP offers code debugging and trace tools over SAP ABAP Training workbench.

ABAP Programs in SAP ABAP Training:

There are two types of ABAP programs in SAP ABAP Training, Executables could be run by users, Non-executables components are used in other Redbook programs.

  • In simple terms ABAP is a recipe where it deals with most of the SQL commands. In SAP ABAP Training ABAP language is nothing but basic intellectual commands to the system to perform application actions like what should be done when you click on a button, database commands like selecting the data etc.
  • SAP Advanced ABAP Training is basically an object-oriented programming. In the SAP ABAP Training oops is designed to be very interactive and most effective for the programmers who are designing the business solutions.
  • The screens which were developed in the workbench gives aspirant programmers a clear understanding in SAP ABAP Training. Basic understanding of the business scenario is required for programming. However, In SAP ABAP Training to write an efficient program you have to follow some basic guidelines.
  • When we talk about SAP Advanced ABAP Training there are lot of modules, integration tools, data ware housing and data maintenance tools which are all again designed using ABAP. This SAP ABAP Training will help you learn to program using ABAP by understanding the business scenarios and business complexities. Here in SAP ABAP Training, We will not just explain you the commands but how to use them in the real time scenarios.

Some modules are collaberated with SAP ABAP.

Here, You can listen which modules are collabarated with SAP ABAP.



In SAP ABAP Training, Basic Business modules which will be used to run a business from end to end.


Let us take an example for SAP ABAP training:SAP ABAP training infographic

In a manufacturing company which has their business all over world and catering to the basic needs of most number of people around the globe like in retail industry.

To create powerful business solutions with a broad range of features, SAP HANA ABAP training is used in the SAP applications.

 In SAP ABAP Training, just imagine the volume of data ERP systems must handle a number of people and processes are involved so that each and every meet of the stake holders as well as the customers are fulfilled.

People involved with procurement of raw material and manufacturing of goods, material management, quality management, warehouse management, sales and distribution finance and control etc need to work in coordination to have the enterprise functioning smoothly.

This is possible only when an effective ERP system is in place making the work life of people involved simpler. All the processes involved are generally mapped but for customizing the ERP to suit to the needs of any enterprise role of a technical consultant comes in here as the SAP product is generic to any business scenario when purchased and that needs to be customized to fit into the scope of business scenario of the clients. This sometimes also needs developing  customized objects like reports, data migration tools , custom screens, workflows etc and this one needs to be familiar with all the objects of SAP ABAP Training.


Conclusion of SAP ABAP Training:

Join the best SAP ABAP Online Training with Global Online Trainings that offer your professional career at grand boost. With this industry compatible training you can continue your present job also. GOT provides the Best SAP Advanced ABAP Training from India with all required aspects and along with live project. We best corporate training for SAP ABAP Training and our trainers can support you for very much for your career and we will provide valuable presentation and some extra benefits for training.

FAQs of SAP ABAP training:

1. Do you provide Instructor led Live Training?

Yes, we will provide Live Instructed led training with real time experienced trainers.


2. What is the mode of Training?

Online Training through GoToMeeting.


3. How much Duration of the Course?

Duration will be 50 Hours.


4. Do you provide any material?

Yes, we will provide trainer self-prepared materials.


5. Do you provide Authorised SAP ABAP Certification?

No, we don’t provide Certification but trainer will guide you how to get the certification from SAP.


6. How can learn SAP ABAP Training?

BSc/MSc (Computer Science), BE/ M-tech /MS ( In Computer/Information Science),BCA/MCA Fresher’s.


7. Is the SAP ABAP module helpful for B.Tech Fresher’s?
Yes, it is helpful for fresher to work on SAP ABAP.


8. What is the scope/future of an SAP ABAP consultant if he joins as a fresher?
Definitely there would be best career but you need to upgrade yourself with technologies like


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