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SAP Advanced ABAP Training

SAP Advanced ABAP Training

SAP Advanced ABAP Introduction:

SAP Advanced ABAP Training provides a clear knowledge of ABAP programming language is designed to write more programs. This course introduces many features and functionality in the SAP ABAP. Participants can evaluate ABAP programming methods based on performance factors and build high-performance programs. SAP Advanced ABAP Training Student receives the knowledge needed to develop dynamic ABAP programs. Global Online Training offers online SAP Advanced ABAP Training for the professionals and fresher’s who wanted to pursue their career in SAP Advanced ABAP Training. Participants will be able to learn and develop object-oriented programs and to customize SAP products as per requirement of the customer. Global Online Training conducted SAP Advanced ABAP training is rendered by best subject matter experts and it is done on a virtual platform for providing all the participants best insight over the subject matter and course. 


  • Candidates with sound information of basic artificial language, electronic database, and object-object oriented ideas will underneath go this SAP Advanced ABAP coaching.
  • Basic SAP ABAP knowledge

SAP Advanced  ABAP Training Course Outline:

Course Name: Sap Advanced ABAP Training

Mode of training: Online classes and Corporate Training

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

Trainer experience: 15 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track

SAP Advanced ABAP Training Course Content

sap advanced abap training course content

SAP Advanced ABAP Online Training Overview:

SAP Advanced Business Application Programming Training improves the use of high-level programming language, It is used to build business applications. Many ABAP applications and systems of ABAP are written in ABAP and help ABAP learners gain career growth for participants. Expert Advisor will enable you to generate signals for expertisABAP Work Bench e in ABAP and reporting on the programming or reporting server regardless of the module. SAP Advanced ABAP programs run in the application layer, and ABAP program statements will work solely with domestically obtainable information within the program.

External data, like user inputs on screens, data from a sequential file, or data from a database table, should be transported to and saved within the program’s native memory in order to be processed with ABAP statements. In other words, before any data is processed with the ABAP program, it is mandatory Originally read from the source, the program will be locally stored in memory, and then Accessed via ABAP statements; You can not work directly with external data Using ABAP statements. This temporary data on the ABAP program the program is called ephemeral data when implemented, and it will be removed from memory the program ends with execution. If you want to access this data later, it must Be Stored in Database Such storage data is called continuous data.


What is SAP Advanced ABAP?

 SAP Advanced ABAP is actually a reporting language for SAP R / 2, which is opened for large companies to build building materials and major mainframe business applications for architect and management accounting. ABAP is a sophisticated business application programming language. This is an interpreted programming language running within the SAP Advanced ABAP run-time environment. ABAP is the important language used to build solid-state business applications solutions in the SAP Run-Time Environment. It has developed over the years to include Object Oriented Language Extensions.


What you will learn in SAP Advances ABAP?

  •  Create the SAP advanced ABAP program with the Robust Database Access
  • Complete with “all or none” formula when updating the database
  • Understand the logical unit of the database working on SAP advanced ABAP
  • Improve the SAP standard program in the right way when updating the database
  • Understand the SAP standard program flow when updating the database
  • Access to data by using the lock object
  • Avoid detailed access to the data

Who this course is for:

SAP ABAP beginner who would like to update their expertise to the next level of SAP ABAP. Is the right person to take this SAP Advanced ABAP Course.


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Advanced concepts of coding language have been introduced to ABAP:

In the first phase, the essential theoretical concepts of Advanced ABAP have been established, followed by practical programming exercises on the SAP system. Programming exercises are performed in an SAP system for training purposes. In this system, a large amount of elite data is already incorporated and can be used for exercises. In this way, own programs can be tested easily and unnecessarily and without time-consuming effort. From the guided exercises, the basic procedure is in practice, the second form of case studies that students independently apply to the feelings of the course.

In the course, trainees face three main components:

  1. Object Oriented Object Concepts and their implementation; A strong practical application of new knowledge by developing new knowledge and testing them in the SAP training system.
  2. Customizing SAP Standard Products in accordance with Customer Requirements: Modification of Source Code from User’s User Interface by Using Different Accessible Accessible Licenses.
  3. Develop modern browser-based applications using Web Dynpro.

In addition, this course includes the following elements: ALV grid control, event handling, Unicode and dynamic programming.


SAP Advanced ABAP Course Objectives:

  • After finishing this course, you’ll be ready to:
  • perceive, however, the controller’s interface is generated from its meta-knowledge.
  • Explain, which components of a controller interface area invisible to alternative controllers in the same element or another element.
  • Access the practicality provided statically by the netDynpro framework. produce every kind of pop-ups.
  • Use netDynpro element interfaces, clone used elements and use components dynamically.
  • Explain and use configuration, customizing and personalization of WebDynpro applications.
  •  Enhance existing Web Dynpro components

ABAP with Netweaver:

ABAP is the 4th generation programming language designed by SAP. It’s an abbreviation for sophisticated business application programming. This is what it means, It is currently used as an SAP application saver programming language. SAP Application Server is part of its NetWeaver platform that is used to build business applications.

          In fact, this language was used to develop the SAP R / 3 platform. ABAP is easy to learn and users can build custom reports and interfaces. The need to create ABAP programs for awareness of the relevant database design and better commodity based concepts.


Techniques in DATA Base update:

Database access is important in each programming language, but we need to be careful when updating the database. Because the wrong path is chosen, the inequality of data can lead to. We must follow the “All or Nothing” formula when updating the database. In this course, we will learn how SAP ABAP can adhere to all or Nothing’s formula in the database when updating the database. There are 3 techniques of database update  : 

  1. Direct Update.
  2. Delayed subroutine 
  3. Update Module

In this course, we will learn all of them.

And then after all or nothing principle to make a database upgrade, the subject is Again we have to worry, at the same time accessing the same database table record. We can do this by using the lock object. In this course we will learn how to create a locked object in SAP ABAP, Using a locked object, and then using different parameters, when setting up the lock. After completing this course you will be able to create an SAP ABAP program or SAP improvement With strong database access.



SAP Basis refers to SAP System Management, which includes the installation and configuration, load balancing, and performance of SAP applications running Java Stock and SAP ABAP. It has SAP System Management, which maintains various services related to databases, operating systems, application and web servers, and can disable the system and start. SAP BASIS Netweaver skills are the foundation for successful SAP operations. BASIS Consultant works as System Administrator for various SAP servers. The customer data center is managed by BASIS consultant for installing, backups, archiving data, space management, and system availability in various SAP products.


 SAP Advanced ABAP Features:

Apart from the coding and development of an SAP module with the help of programming language, ABAP developers carry out many other tasks, some of which are listed below:

  • Provide details to every minute to provide the best solution by understanding their needs and needs by coordinating with their representatives.
  • Workers in specialized SAP modules such as SAP FI / CO, MM, HR, and BW to provide clients with a consistent experience on the client’s side.
  • Write a code based on the blueprint provided by the cloud using the ABAP programming language and conduct general tests on the use of the code.
  • According to the client’s guidelines, all programs are completed in the schedule and allocate sufficient resources to achieve this.
  • Providing technical support to end-users in the form of troubleshooting guidelines and changes to the system after delivery. The SAP ABAP software will train end-users and client representatives at this stage of the software life cycle.
  • The latest technology developments and SAP developments in the world and self-training and research work to stay updated in accoSAP Advanced ABAP Trainingrdance with these changes.

Goals of SAP Advanced ABAP Training:

This course will prepare you to:

  • Understand SAP NetWeaver AS Fundamentals
  • Work with ABAP workbench devices
  • Write regular ABAP programs
  • Understand the ABAP dictionary
  • Learn deep knowledge in ABAP programming language
  • Write more robust ABAP programs
  • Evaluate ABAP programming technologies in performance and develop high-performance programs
  • Get depth knowledge in ABAP Open SQL

 Benefits Of SAP Advanced ABAP Training :

  • View-based SAP Advanced ABAP training
  • Materials and Certification Guidance for SAP Advanced ABAP
  • Access for experimental
  • SAP Advanced Course Agenda for Advanced ABAP Training
  • Live-support during SAP Advanced ABAP Online Training session


Through SAP advanced ABAP training programming, thousands of new ABAP programmers will learn the latest ways to develop custom applications using SAP’s R / 3 system and the Internet. Real world examples, source code, and professional advice from experienced authors improve and support each item. Advanced ABAP programming for SAP also includes step-by-step instructions for developing applications that you need to know to develop Internet applications with ABAP modular programming and SAP’s Internet Transaction Server.

Global Online Trainings is a leading online training firm and it is also providing SAP Advanced ABAP Training. We are providing online training with the most experienced industry experts and they have complete knowledge of all aspects of SAP Advanced ABAP Training. In this training, you will understand the complete knowledge in SAP Advanced ABAP Training with many new features. For more details and contact information go through our official website thank you.   

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