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SAP API Management

SAP API Management Training

SAP API Management Training Introduction:

SAP API Management Platform enables companies to unlock the business value of their unique data and services, while also supporting mobile first, open API, hybrid integration, Internet of Things and service governance initiatives. Use the platform to support internal and external developers, reach new customers and partners, find new sources of revenue and leverage your development community.

With Global Online Trainings the SAP API Management Training is coordinated by best industry experts and the SAP API Management tutorial is prepared with best industry updates for offering participants best professional insight over modules. The training is available for individual and corporate batches. To know more about this online SAP training course contact reach at helpdesk of Global Online Trainings today.

SAP API Management 1.0 Online Training Course Content

TOPIC 1: Overview of SAP API Management
TOPIC 2: Configuration
TOPIC 3: Provisioning and Publishing
TOPIC 4: Governance, Monitoring and Analytics
TOPIC 5: Security and Access Control
TOPIC 6: Developer Portal

Why SAP for API management?

Because the software offers a simple, scalable, and secure way to create and manage APIs. Easily share digital information with developers, run real-time analytics and reporting on usage metrics – and improve customer, partner, and employee engagement.

  • Empower developers to connect from new user interfaces, digital channels, and devices
  • Scale and govern access to enterprise data with improved policies, security, and traffic management
  • Give developers and business partners simplified access to back-end services and complex landscapes
  • Gain clearer insight into how and when your digital assets are being consumed – and by whom
  • Seamlessly integrate with SAP applications – and provide secure user access with single sign-on
  • Use insights from advanced analytics to accelerate innovation and open new revenue streams

Components of SAP API Management:

The SAP API Management Training infrastructure consists of three components: API Platform, API Analytics, and Developer Services.

API Platform – Provides tools to manage APIs and it facilitates the inclusion of new APIs, configuration of existing APIs, and helps you manage developers and apps. It also helps you to create and consume APIs, whether you want to build API proxies as a service provider or use APIs, SDKs, and other convenient services as an app developer.

API Analytics – Provides powerful analytical tools to track your API usage. Use the API analytics to collect information on the IP, URL, user ID for API call information, latency data, and so on.

Developer Services – Provides tools to manage app developers. Provides ability to onboard developers and create a developer portal for publicly available products.

In the context of a typical system landscape, you can use SAP API Management Training with one of SAP’s numerous in-house API providers such as SAP Gateway, SAP HANA Platform, and Success Factors. SAP API Management leverages your investment in SAP solutions and can also be integrated with non-SAP solutions. It helps unlock the value of digital assets and enables you to create and deliver content. SAP API Management Training enables applications to run seamlessly by accessing backend data securely. It provides one-experience for managing and monitoring APIs across various data platforms with real-time analytics

Key Benefits

  • End-to-end tool chain
    Design, develop, deploy, set policies, virtualize, publish, and monitor APIs and services. Provide secure access, mediation and connection to back-end systems all with one platform.
  • Support internal and external developers
    Provide the tools to on-board developers and collaborate, and to discover, read about, test and rate APIs.
  • Leverage current investments
    Reduce time, cost and training. Leverage current SOA investments for new API initiatives.
  • Consolidate with a single asset catalogue
    Catalog all your APIs, services, schemas, documents and other related assets in one place. Capture rich descriptions of your assets with owner, location, design and usage details. Easy search capabilities allow you to quickly find services for re-use. Quickly specify those to publish to webMethods API-Portal for external developers.

SAP API Management – Summary:

  • SAP API Management 1.0 Online Course helps make APIs scalable and manageable.
  • Modern enterprises are steadily moving from being software enabled to being API enabled. They form an interesting ecosystem of APIs that create opportunities for new business ventures.
  • SAP API Management Training provides instant access to the full power of SAP HANA including best-in-business historical and predictive analysis.
  • SAP API management 1.0 allows enterprises to selectively externalize their assets not just via the traditional browser centric model but also over mobile devices and other channels.
  • SAP API Management Training can be used to expose SAP Success factors employee data (ODATA APIs) securely for open integration, app development and Ux extensions