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sap apo gatp training

Introduction to SAP APO GATP Training:

In SAP APO GATP training GATP stands for global available to promise for a GATP check to be executed in the SCM system there must be an vigorous incorporation model for the material/plant combination all other data like plants and materials are needed for the check are integrated. Global availability check on numerous definite documents through defined scope. GATP arrange clients besides rearrange assurances of restriction products when necessary. Product allocation let’s handling the source of rare produces to clients it stops single consumers from purchasing the whole amount besides further requirements not being satisfied. It is frequently used in the combination through product accessibility check. Global online trainings will provide the best SAP APO GATP online training and also provides materials for SAP APO GATP training.

Mode of Training: We provide the online mode of training and also corporate, virtual web training

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours (Can Be Customized As Per Requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for SAP APO GATP Training.

Course Fee: Please Register in Website, So that one of our Agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 15+ years.


Prerequisites SAP APO GATP Training :

  • Students should have a basic understanding of sales & distribution function to join SAP APO GATP Training.
  • Knowledge of SCM Core Interface APO and Advanced Planning for SCM will be helpful to join SAP APO GATP Training.

SAP APO GATP Online Course Content:

SAP APO GATP ONLINE course content Part1SAP APO GATP ONLINE course content Part2


Overview about SAP APO GATP Training:

  • Global ATP is like a hopeful to client difficulties founded on certain of predefined accessibility checks on your current stocks.
  • It uses available to promise guidelines to choose whether the consumer difficulties can be definite alongside the existing stocks.
  • GATP stands for Global available to promise and it is a part of SAP SCM-APO tool.
  • GATP which is a SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) module that permits the companies to collect ultimatum from unlike sources into one fundamental position in SAP ERP.
  • In short, when the orders have been placed, it checks the product when it will be delivered, depending on whether the product will have to come out of the production or from stock.
  • Sap GATP Training contains an functions for the ATP check in a SAP APO. Scheduling, which is performed in a SAP APO, is also an part of this. The ATP check – also known as a availability check – represents an online search that should ensure that your company can provide the requested product at the requested time in a quantity requested by a customer. The ATP check can determine, using an so-called check methods, if a requirement can be confirmed.

Attendees for SAP APO GATP Training:

  • Also for those who have work experience of minimum 3 years as a Marketing Executive in any Business Sector or any Industry related to Marketing and finance.
  • People working in Manufacturing or Supply Chain.
  • Graduation and Masters in Marketing or Financial Accounting.
  • People worked in Procurement
  • Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) can also learn
  • Those who have worked in Logistics
  • Worked as end user in SAP SD, MM department.


  • In the SAP APO GATP training course, candidates will get a detailed overview about functions of the global availability check in the SAP SCM solution with regards to the sales and distribution.
  • The candidates will be given an introduction into the scheduling methods in SAP SCM (APO).
  • The online modules will discuss about how to create a sales order in the SAP ERP System with availability check in the SAP SCM (APO) System as well as interpreting the decision of the check method.
  • Demonstration & formation of the simple approaches of accessibility check in SAP SCM (APO) containing product accessibility check, product distribution check besides check against the estimate will be protected.
  • Purposes of the replication functions in SAP SCM (APO), reallocation besides event-driven quantity assignment are extra phases of the training.
Advantages of SAP APO GATP Training:
  • GATP in APO supports the online searches to determine if requested products are available at specific times in quantities that can satisfy the customer demand.
  • GATP processes can run via SAP live Cache, which processes large volumes of data and it enables data sharing across several applications.
  • GATP meets the challenge by providing availability information across a global enterprise.
  • The concept of available to promise (ATP) used in Sales and Distribution (SD) module in SAP R/3 which provides the check capabilities that can deliver best results for basic business scenarios.
  • Most complex scenarios require more robust capabilities to make the delivery commitments that are in line with the real-world demands. 

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SAP SD Training:

SAP APO GATP Training at Global Online Trainings-SAP SD stands for Sales and Distribution that means starting from the sales process like from creating a sales order ,delivering the product,shipping the goods to the customer and finally we will be billing the customer.In general term,sales and distribution module is a part of SAP Logistic module that manages customer relationships starting from raising a quotation to sales order and billing of the product and service.SD helps to manage the shipping,billing,selling and transportation of products and services of a company.It is one of the important module in SAP ERP Software.Global Online Trainings is rich at  providing SAP APO GATP Online Course to the corporate batches & individuals.
The SAP SD Training Module consists of all master data,system configuration and transaction to complete the sales and logistics processes.SD is also known as OTC which means Order to cash.IN the order to cash cycle basically in general terms what happens is first of all you have the customer in the business.Customer will be placing an the company will receive a sales order and from the sales order we need to deliver some goods or maybe some services also just sale goods to the customer and the requirements will be sent to the material management department or the MM module and if we need to purchase the product from outside we are trading the goods then will send the requirement to the vendor or if we are doing the in-house manufacturing then the requirements will be sent to the PP production plannng for the PP module finally when we have the goods ready we will deliver the goods to the customer and finally finance department will be invoicing the customer,so that’s the cycle from the over all business perspective.


SAP SRM Training:

SAP APO GATP Training at Global Online Trainings-SAP can be integrated with SAP and non SAP systems .It is integrated with the SAP Enterprise portal for user interface purpose.From SAP point of view SAP SRM Training can be integrated with SAP MM,SAP FICO ,planning systems and it is also integrated with the SAP supplier self services. In addition to that if we want to have a catalogue relatedSRM communications one it can integrated to the SRM catalogs,Third party catalogs and it can be integrated with the punch out catalogs also .It can be integrated with SAP Sourcing 7 which is a new product and can be integrated with the BW system also for reports purpose because SRM is not much flexible for reporting related programs.Communications in SRM are RFC communication,ALE communications and PI communications.These three types of communications are used to integrate from SRM to SAP and SRM to non-SAP systems.

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 Conclusion for SAP APO GATP Training:

SAP APO GATP check to be executed in the SCM system there must be an active integration model for the material combination and all other data that are needed for the check are integrated as well. The average salary of sap consultant with sap advanced planner and optimizer can be up to 9, 20,381 RS per annul and average additional compensation like bonus is up to 1, 04,828 RS and profit sharing can be up to 27,500 RS. Global online trainings provide best online training and corporate training by top industry trainers we also provide project for the course with reasonable price at flexible timings.


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