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sap apo snp training

Introduction to SAP APO SNP Training:

In SAP APO SNP training  SAP APO is the main module in that there are five different types of sub modules one of them is SNP. Here the first thing we do in SNP is we lay our supply network here laying out means in any kind of business would have multiple distribution, plants  centres and this distribution centres means it gets the order from the customer and dispatch the final stock to the customer here the distribution centres gets the stock from plants.

Global online training will provide SAP Supply Network Planning online training by our experts and also provide documents for SAP APO SNP training which are prepared by our top professionals. For more information about SAP APO SNP training  please contact to our helpdesk. We provide online trainings as well as corporate training  with flexible hours and also provide classes on week ends or week daysas per students demand.

Mode of Training: We provide the online mode of training and also provide corporate, virtual web training.

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours (Can Be Customized As Per Requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for SAP APO SNP TRAINING

Course Fee: Please Register in Website, So that one of our Agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 15+ years.


Prerequisites for SAP APO SNP Training:

  •  SAP R/3 or SAP ERP knowledge 
  • SAP NetWeaver knowledge including integration knowledge 

SAP APO Supply Network Planning Training Course Content

SAP APO SNP Training

Overview of SAP APO SNP Training :

SNP PLANNING functionality :

  • In SNP planning functionalities are of three types first one is supply network planning strategies in that there are three planning engines available one is Heuristics second one is Optimizer and the third is capable to match here the main difference between these three engines are
  • Heuristics is an infinite planning means whenever you are planning it considers material availability only it does not considers the capacity availability. Heuristics is an infinite planning. It is a multi level planning and we can generate capacity alerts whenever there is a problem in capacity and also automatic capacity levelling can be done.
  • SAP APO SNP TRAININGSecond one is Optimizer it is a cost perspective so based on the cost which vendor is suitable to supply chain so that will be proposed by system in optimizer and it minimizes total supply chain costs while maximizing the service levels you cannot disturb the service level but only thing is system will propose or cheapest solution so that you can minimize the supply chain cost. Here the costs include in production cost, transportation cost, storage cost and inventory costs. Optimizer is mixed integer linear programming.
  • Third is a capable to match it is nothing but a priority based matching of supply and demand that means if you have a multiple customers for example if you have two customers and if both customers has given the order so which is your prioritized customer so that you can satisfy the demand first after that what will be the surplus amount and quantity you have should be given to the other customer. Material and capacity constraints, rule based planning  can be done in capable to match.
  • Second one is Deployment that means whenever you want to deploy goods to the customer you will use certain rules like Faire share rule, Push rules and deploy to order rules.
  • Third one is Transport Load builder it levels the transportation loading how you are going to ship the goods to the end customer or distribution centres.
  • SAP APO SNP training plan decide the small to medium term plan. SNP helps to plan the important mechanism that use to bottleneck resources. You can only plan the effects of a bottlenecks on the whole supply chain using a SNP. The smallest unit used for a development in SNP is 1 day. Simulation functionality assists to create and also  compare alternative plans. Transportation lanes are important in a master data in SNP which control in the material flow along the supply chain.
Skills Gained with SAP APO SNP Training:
  • This course will prepare you to perform the implementation of SNP and in SAP SCM 7.0. Global online trainings will provide best SAP APO SNP online training and we do the best to help to solve all the technical queries in SAP APO SNP project.
  • We do the best to provide best SAP APO SNP online training. Our trainers will provide Best SAP APO online training with real time examples. For more details about this module please register with our website.    
Conclusion for SAP APO SNP Training:

SNP ensures the optimal use of developed, allocation and transportation resources to meet forecasts and genuine demand while allowing for all restriction in the supply chain.As a fresher for SAP APO SNP training the average salary can be up to $54,450 and as a experienced can be up to $171,845. Global online trainings provide best online training and corporate training by top industry trainers we also provide project for the course with reasonable price at flexible timings.

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