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SAP APO Training

SAP APO Training Introduction:

SAP APO Training in SAP domain stands for Advanced Planning and optimization. This is one of the popular training module for SAP professionals who are working in system security & related work. SAP APO certified professionals are called as Optimization expert. Global Online Trainings offers quality & industry allied best updated online training’s on SAP Advanced Planner & Optimization Training module that will be helpful for acquiring SAP APO 7.0 online course certification. The entire sessions are  conducted on virtual mode so that participants can complete their course from anytime and anywhere they are comfortable with.


Who can learn  SAP APO Training?

  • SAP Functional consultants.
  • SAP Technical consultants .
  • Consultants who are working on SAP SCM , SAP PP can also suitable to learn SAP APO.

SAP APO Training Online Course Content:

SAP APO Training Course Content Part1SAP APO Training Course Content Part2

SAP APO training TPVS Overview:

SAP APO training Transportation Planning and Vehicle Scheduling (TPVS) to plan & optimize shipments for a orders (sales orders, purchase orders, returns, and stock transport orders) & deliveries. Transportation Planning & Vehicle scheduling is used to plan, optimize, & execute the complete transportation process between companies in a detailed manner.

There is associate the horizon between the SAP APO PPDS training and therefore the SNP this horizon is nothing however time as we tend to continue we will able to see the dimensions say beginning the nowadays up to 15 we tend to are having coming up with he design on the SAP APO PPDS training this can be nearly real time planning.

The interval up to some date that next some months this can be done in the SNP whether or not it’ll be done next 6 months or eight months which will be determined based mostly informed the businesses this can be not quick because the APO the project are completely depend on the corporate at what time ought to be complete.

The main distinction is that the SNP is high level orders means that usually we  say that a lot of quantity manufacture in one week are one day however we didn’t best-known however specifically machines are manufacture. SAP APO GATP training it additionally the sub module of the SAP APO training it’s one in the entire sub module like PPDS training. We provide best SAP APO online training and also giving best job support for SAP APO. My virtual job support team helps for giving job support for SAP APO. SAP APO job support by highly skilled consultants at low cost.

Typically what we do is that the orders that are created within the SNP they are converted into SAP APO PPDS Online training.

  • SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization.
  • Functions that are used to plan and execute supply chain processes.
  • Allows Business collaboration on a strategic, tactical and operational planning level.
  • Facilitates Co-operation between partners at all stages of the supply chain process, from order receipt, stock monitoring, through final shipping of the product.
  • Leads to Constant optimization and evaluation of the supply chain network’s efficiency.
  • SAP APO training is heart of SAP SCM suite.

SAP MM training stands for SAP Material Management. SAP mm modules coordinated with different SAP modules like controlling, Sales and Circulation, FI, And Warehouse Management, and etc. Materials needs are distinguished either within the client divisions or by suggests that of materials arrangement and management.

SAP MM training has two business activities there’s producing activity or off the screen on services activity. SAP Material Management online training is most of the organizations that keep running in depth and vigorous store network procedures would discover mm extraordinarily useful in their everyday business operations.

SAP MM Online Training is coordination of all modules, the ideas are exceptionally pertinent to every different in light of the very fact that basically its administration range of skills gathering, it’s from collecting the product, services, goods to achieving the client.

ERP is essentially an integration of Business Processes. ERP victimization system is standardization of system across locations and it’s for overall management organizations. SAP ERP material management module is mapped all procurance Business Processes.

SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (SAP APO Training) supports comprehensive Planning capabilities:

  • Supply Network Planning.
  • Demand Planning.
  • Supply Chain Network Design.
  • Collaborative planning processes (demand and supply).
  • Production planning.
  • Transportation planning.
  • Global available to promise (Global ATP).

Modules within SAP APO training:

  • SAP APO DP (Demand Planning)
  • SAP APO SNP (Supply Network Plane)
  • SAP APO PPDS (Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling)
  • SAP APO GATP (Global Available – to – Promise)

SAP APO Modules

SAP APO DP (Demand Planning):

In SAP APO Training we provide good information  on SAP APO DP Training.Demand Planning in SAP APO 7.0, Demand Planning cycle, Business process scopes, DP setup and Activities.

DP Functionalities in SAP APO training:

Interactive Planning, Statistical Forecasting Methods, Alert Management, Lifecycle Management, Cannibalization, promotion Planning, Seasonal Planning, and Consensus Planning in DP, Collaborative Planning and Customer Forecast Management.

Basically the Demand Planning is going to due the statistical forecasting values.

Demand Planning is a flexible tool that supports your company’s demand planning and material requirements planning process. The result of the forecast is usually reflected in the form of demand forecasts at distribution center level or directly in production plants.

The statistical forecasting methods provided in Demand Planning allow you to create forecasts from sales histories and many different causal factors, test forecast models and forecast results and create demand plans.

  • Model& Version
  • Storage Bucket Profile (Maintain Periodicity)
  • Planning Buckets (Maintain Time bucket profile DP/ SNP)
  • Master Planning Object Structure (MPOS,S&DP Administration)
  • Planning Area, Planning Books, Data Views& Selection Id’s
  • Master Forecast Profile- Maintain Forecast Profiles
  • Interactive Planning Table
  • Back ground Job settings – Activities, Job & Schedule
  • Alerts Management
  • Release / Transfer the forecast
  • Calculate Proportional Factors
  • Lifecycle Planning
  • Data Loading, Copy/Version Management& Realignment
  • Job Monitoring, Process Chain Monitoring
  • Live Cache Monitoring
  • Maintain Planning Calendar (Time Stream, Maintaining Distribution Function)
  • Product& Location Split.

SAP APO 7.0 SNP (Supply Network Plane):

In SAP APO Training-Global online trainings will make you understand about SAP APO SNP Training as well. SNP plans Production, Procurement and Transportation throughout the entire supply Network using Optimizing and Heuristic Approaches.

Manage the Supply Chain:
  • To reduce costs for procuring finished goods and raw materials
  • To improve customer service
  • To dramatically lower on-hand stocks
  • To leverage all resources to bring substantial benefits to a company
  • Describe the SAP Supply Chain Management solution within the SAP Business Suite.
  • Understand the SAP SCM Solution Architecture.
  • Describe the integration of the solutions SAP Supply Chain Management and SAP Product Lifecycle Management.
Supply Network Planning:
  • Introduction to supply chain planning in SAP APO training
  • Supply chain Operations Reference Model
  • SAP APO 7.0 as an Advanced planning and scheduling Tool
  • Supply Network Planning Overview.
  • SAP live cache and introduction to CIF
  • Supply Chain Modeling for SNP
  • CTM PROFILES AND Prerequisites for planning
  • Master Data Types
  • Planning Engines in SNP
  • SNP Heuristics and scope of planning

SAP APO Training PPDS (Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling):

In SAP APO Training – Global online Trainings provide knowledge on SAP APO PPDS Training.

  • The basic components and functions of the SAP PP Module.
  • The Basic components of the organization elements and master data used in the production process.
  • SAP APO training Manufacturing Flow.
Features of SAP APO Training Production Planning:
  1. Multi-Level Production Plan
  2. Capable -to-Promise
  3. Supports lot quantity calculations
  4. Supports the following business models
  • Make to Stack
  • Make to Order
  • Make to Order with Order BOM
  • Engineer to Order
  • Flow Manufacturing

      5. Order Pegging

      6. Integrated with Alert Monitor

Key Benefits of SAP APO training Production Planning:
  • The How, When, and Where resources and materials should be deployed.
  • Master planning for Materials and Capacity (Resource Loads).
  • Realistic Delivery date confirmation.
  1. PPDS fulfills the need of production planner by
  •     Creating feasible plan taking into consideration constraints
  •       provides the tools needed to plan and schedule
  1. Insure a crisp transition from SNP to PPDS
  •      SNP should do the heavy lifting with PPDS potting the icing on the cake
  •       Insure high transparency between SNP and PPDS
  1. Understand the type of scheduling you what to do
  •     Block, Campaign…
  1. Understand the engine that will drive your PPDS

              A large variety of heuristics are available to plan products

              The ability to build your own Heuristics

SAP APO PPDS (Production Planning and Detail Schedule):

  •   A large variety of heuristics are available to plan products
  •   The ability to build your own Heuristics
  • Production Planning Functions
  • Advanced Production Planning (SAP APO 7.0)with PP/DS
  • Master Data required in PPDS
  • Basic functions of Production Planning
  • Tools to Evaluate and process planning
  • Advanced processes in SAP APO training – PP/DS
  • Different Types of Heuristics
  • CIF Monitoring
  • Different types of data transfers
  • Case Studies with Real time Examples

SAP APO GATP (Global Available-to-Promise):

  • Highly integrated with other SAP applications/components (SAP ERP, SAP CRM/APO DP, SNP, PP, DP).
  • Global availability check on various defined documents with defined scope.
  • Rules based ATP – use product or location substitution strategies.
  • Product allocation – control your commitments to key customers.
  • Back order processing – manage your order backing.
  • Multi – level ATP – Trigger BDM perform component check.
  • Capable to premise (CTP) – call producing planning (PP/PS) in order to production the remaining quantity it externally.

SAP simple logistics training as SAP S/4 HANA, is that the next generation platform that’s revolutionizing business performance for SAP customers the platform is predicated on the new kind of knowledge base that is made on in memory technology.

There are lot of obstacle between component and disk until currently. Reliable computing is finally a reality. This will be step before technology, therefore you’ll ne’er got for making trade-offs. Broad and deep analysis or speedy and easy reports you don’t need to decide with real time analytics.

Real time applications have accelerated your core business processes that optimizes your coming up with or scene your environment no problem. Analytics and applications are aspect by side on one platform.

Later than within the any generation SAP HANA platform transforms your business into a correct business. This can be in no method simple than SAP simple logistics training. The important time business is that the possibility to create your business decisions easier, quicker and a place in a correct method.SAP S/4 HANA is that the next generation of ERP. In 2015 SAP declared its next big thing that was S/4 HANA itself.  Many of the employees who have got recently job regrading to SAP APO, they are struggling to survive in the job, because of some technical problems. We do the best to help your project, virtual job support gives best SAP APO job support by real time experienced professionals.


  • Prevent over commitment.
  • Effectively manage order backing.
  • Search for supply in multiple locations.
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to process on order.
  • Priceitize customers and commitments of constrained products when necessary.


        order- to cash overview:

  •  supply chain operation Models
  • Make – to – order
  • Make – to -stock
  • Make – to – Engineer
  • Available – to – promise role Order – To – Cash Model

      Introduction to Global Available – To – Promise:

  • Global ATP Basic Methods
  • Global ATP Advanced Methods.
  • Global ATP Extended Methods

       How SAP APO 7.0 Global ATP Technology Works

  • Introduction to Core Interface (CIF)
  • Building Integration Models for Global ATP in ERP.

       Master Data Requirements for Global ATP:

  • Check Mode Determination
  • Checking Horizon
  • ATP Group

       Streamlining Your Manufacturing planning with Capable -To – Promise (CTP):

  • Overview of Capable – To – Promise process
  • introduction to production planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS)
  • Basic Master Data Requirement
  • Block planning Resource
  • Location Determination Activity

      Tools to evaluate the process Planning in SAP APO Training:

  • Order Views
  • Production planning table
  • Detailed Scheduling Board
  • Resource planning Table
  • Alert Monitor

      Core Interface and functionality:

  • Core Interface Configuration
  • CIF functionality


  • Heuristics and there advantage
  • Heuristics in use version wise

       Confirming Customer Orders with Multilevel ATP Component – Level Check:

  • Overview of Multilevel ATP Process
  • Variant Configuration
  • Fulfilling Business Logic and Rules
  • SAP APO 7.0 Production Data Structure
  • Rule — Based Condition Records


  • Overview of Rules – Based – ATP
  • Basic Configuration
  • Access Sequence
  • Condition Types
  • Defining New Rules Strategy Sequence
  • Sales Scheduling Agreement

       Managing Your Supply Chain ATP with Product Allocation:

  • Overview of Product Allocation in Global ATP
  • Business case study: product Allocation
  • Basic Master Data for Product Allocation
  • Characteristics Combinations for the Product Allocation

      Keeping Your Order Confirmation Firm with Global ATP BOP:

  • Overview of Backorder Processing (BOP) in Global ATP
  • Business Case study Example
  • Overview of Event – Driven Quality Assignment (EDQA)

      Maintenance and Monitoring Procedure for Global ATP:

  • Temporary Quantity Assignment (TQA)
  • Monitoring of Inbound and Outbound Queues
  • SAP APO training Planning Area
  • SAP APO training Live Cache


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