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SAP BFC Training

SAP BFC Training Introduction:

SAP BFC Training is able to support the requirements for the financial close of large scale enterprises due to its ability to maintain complex data models, and its ability to support business logic for multiple GAAPs or for multiple data cycles such as the submission and consolidation actuals, data collection and reporting of budget, forecasting, strategic plan or more specific data submissions such as CAPEX.

SAP BFC Online Training is rendered by the best subject matter experts and the tutorials prepared by these expert industry allied tutors are made with latest industry updates. Classes are available for the individual as well as for corporate batches on demand. Call the help desk for more information for online SAP BFC training’s and its details.

Prerequisites of SAP BFC Training:

  • It is suggested to have basic knowledge on financial consolidation.

SAP BFC Training Course Content

  • Application Presentation
  • Introduction
  • Dimension Concepts
  • Collecting the Data
  • Monitoring the Consolidation Process
  • Initializing the Consolidation
  • Consolidating concepts as a part of SAP BFC Training
  • Creating the Manual Adjustments
  • Analyzing Data
  • Initializing a New Data Collection
  • Configure the Structure concepts as a part of SAP BFC Training
  • Creating the Data Entry Schedules
  • Configuring the Category Scenario
  • Configuring Ledgers for Manual Adjustments
  • Introduction to Automatic Adjustments
  • Creating the Data Analysis Reports
  • Initializing New Data Collection
  • Configuring the Security

Overview on SAP BFC :

  • SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation in short called as BFC. The SAP BFC  has been positioned by the SAP as its principle software solution for the financial close of the large scale, multinational enterprises. Register for SAP BFC Training and learn how the BFC is an financial consolidation platform that  mainly deals with the complex consolidation needs such as the multiple versions of consolidations, multi currency reporting & multi GAAP reporting.  The SAP BFC helps in reducing both time & cost of the closing & reporting cycle without compromising on the needed controls. As an result the finance team can focus on the detailed analysis & make better, faster decisions based on the accurate information.
  •  The SAP BOFC has it’s own proprietary language & that is easy to learn, by enrolling for SAP BFC Training you will explore more. The Consolidation process is very highly decentralized. SAP BFC is able to support the requirements for financial close of large scale enterprises due to its ability to maintain the complex data models, & its ability to support the business logic for multiple GAAPs or for the  multiple data cycles such as the submission & consolidation actuals, The data collection & reporting of budget, forecasting, strategic plan or more specific data submissions such as the CAPEX.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation is an consolidation& management reporting solution. This solution provides full process control & data transparency, permitting the simulation of the unlimited scenarios that address all performance management reporting requirements of an organization. BOFC is a very flexible tool in terms of Business rules. It supports almost all consolidation scenarios, explore more as a part of SAP BFC Training. 
  • All the calculations & consolidations occur in the database. The solution combines legal as well as management reporting structures into one process, permitting consolidation & direct comparison of all possible views in one integrated data model. All processes run with an detailed audit trail providing full of traceability.

The data model ensures application scalability, enabling an organization to scale-up to meet new requirements as its growth demands. It allows a typical user to rapidly achieve consolidated projections & to perform the following tasks:

  • Currency translation adjustments
  • Minority interest & equity calculations
  • Intercompany reconciliations
  • Automatic cash flows
  • SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation uses the multi-tier client-server architecture.

The presentation layer(Windows &/or Web interfaces), the functional layer, and the data layer have been developed as the  independent modules for Windows Intel 32-bit in an environment comprised of Microsoft Visual C++, DCOM, Microsoft Visual C#, .NET,ASP.NET & DHTML with an strong object-oriented design, further will discusses as a part of SAP BFC Training.

The SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation (SAP BFC) is also an multi-thread application. Which  means that it can use all of the processors available on the server simultaneously & automatically. join for SAP BFC Training and learn how this applies to all of the components: database servers, application servers, HTTPservers & the Windows TS/Citrix servers.

By joining for SAP BFC Training you will see how the BFC  also supports an multi-server architecture (often called scaling-out). You can therefore increase the number of servers to adapt the growing number of users with the increased availability &and deployment flexibility.

After completing of SAP BFC Training you will find yourself at an moderate level from their you can take yourself to next levels. To know more details about SAP BFC Training, contact global online trainings help desk now!