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sap bi security training


SAP BI SECURITY (Business Objects business intelligence) solutions allowing anyone in your organization self-service access to relevant information can by empower your teams to achieve remarkable results. SAP BI SECURITY decision making by providing information regardless of where the data resides on fact-based, quality & by helping business users transform. This SAP BI SECURITY data can be displayed in the form of table’s charts etc & can be presented in the form of reports. Global Online Trainings offers the professional training course at most affordable package rate: to know more about SAP BI SECURITY course contact help desk today.


  • SAP BI SECURITY data warehousing concepts of All attendees should have a basic knowledge.


Topic 1 : Modelling
  • Data Warehousing Introduction to SAP BI
  • Extended Star Schema & Star Schema
  • Area Info
  • Info Object Catalogs
  • Info Objects or Key Figures & Characteristics
  • Component of Application
  • Data Source
  • Rules for Transfer
  • Info Source
  • Update Rules
  • Info Package (All options)
  • Info Package on Real Time
  • Transformations
  • DTP (Data Transfer Process)
  • DTP Errors
  • DTP of Direct Access
  • Real Time DTP
  • Activation of Business Content Objects
  • Metadata Repository
  • Transportations
  • Open Hub Destination
  • Info Spoke
  • Aggregates
  • Compression
  • Reconstruction
  • Process Chains
  • Analysis Process Designer
  • Currency Translations
  • Daemon
Topic 2 : Info Providers Types
  • 0 Info Providers
  • DSO Standards
  • DSO Write-optimization
  • Direct Update DSO
  • data persistence in the BW system with Standard Info Cube
  • Info Cube with Real-time
  • Virtual Providers (Virtual Cubes)
  • InfoSet
  • Multi Provider
  • Aggregation Level
  • 3 – New Info Providers
  • SAP HANA-optimized DSO*, Standard,
  • Semantically partitioned DSO
  • with data persistence in the BWA*, Standard
  • SAP HANA-optimized Info Cube*, Standard
  • Semantically partitioned Info Cube
  • Based on an SAP HANA Model*
  • Data Store object on a Hybrid Provider Based
  • Hybrid Provider Based on direct access
  • Composite Provider*
  • Other
  • Data Flow
  • Data Flow Template
  • Info Package in New options
  • Transformations in New Options
  • DTP in New Options
  • Info Provider as Insert Characteristic
  • Info Providers* as Using Queries
  • Providers Transient *
Topic 3 :Extraction (Master data and Transaction Data)
  • Extraction of Flat file
  • Extraction of LO
  • Extraction of FI
  • Extraction of Generic
  • COPA Extraction
  • Data sources of Enhancement
  • Real Time Data Acquisition
Tpoic 4 : Reporting
  • Bex Query Designer
  • Columns, Free characteristics, Rows
  • Filter
  • New Selection
  • New Formula
  • key figure Restricted
  • Key figure Calculated
  • Exceptions & conditions
  • Structures
  • Cells
  • All Types of Variables
  • Offset Variables
  • Variable Processing Types
  • Report to Report Interface(RRI)
  • Customer Exits
  • BEx Analyzer
  • Designer Web Application
  • Web Items of Different Types
  • Web Templates
Topic 5 : Support
  • Errors & Activities


SAP BI SECURITY (Business intelligence) is raw data that an organization has an application used for giving meaning. The SAP BI SECURITY is applied with business logics to be useful for enterprise users to make better business decisions &raw data is cleansed, stored. This SAP BI SECURITY data can be displayed in the form of table’s charts etc & can be presented in the form of reports. SAP BI SECURITY makes business decisions & which is efficient & easier to analyze.

SAP BI SECURITY during all companies creates data about customers, business activities, internal activities & suppliers. Based on these data’s, various departments of employees like, Finance, HR Marketing, Accounting, etc. prepare their work plan.

SAP BI SECURITY (Business Intelligence) spans, of which the Data Ware House consolidates varied set of toolset, & while reporting tools like , Web Application, Designer Analyzer ,& Query Designer, the different Source Systems the data from loads, to create reports which display the data consolidated are majorly used by the Datawarehouse for analyzing purpose.

SAP BI SECURITY (Business Intelligence) is for analyses purpose and making business decisions & a very useful form of representing data that could be helpful & SAP product which majorly focuses on providing its customers or organizations with a user friendly.