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SAP BO Training

SAP BO Training

Introduction of SAP BO Training:

SAP BO Training is given by Global Online Trainings. SAP Business Objects is mainly about ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool, which is mainly using to transfer data from source to destination system. SAP Business Objects online Training is mainly for various kinds of graphical reporting with this you can create different types of reports. In this training our trainers will help you to know key concepts such as integrating master data by using data quality aspect tool. With SAP Business Objects tools you can also perform extraction, transforming, implementing and improving business data for an enterprise. In this you also learn main view and administration tasks such as installing, monitoring Business object services with optimal performance.

Course Name: SAP BO Training

Mode of training: Online Training, Corporate Training and Job Support

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 15 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.



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Business Objects in SAP BO Training:

In SAP BO Training, our expert trainers will teach mainly about robust new reporting Business Object tool. The Business Objects will explains PT (Personal Time management) to the user and gives power to utilize standard public reports and those can valid across all branches of an enterprise.

  • With our SAP Business Objects online Training you can create custom reports to support any local p2 reporting requirements.
  • A key advantage of utilizing Business Objects with SAP BO Training for an enterprise reporting is, that it can enhance decision making by ensuring that all branches and divisions of a business enterprise.
  • The SAP Business Objects are designed with common standards, which are included with relevant and accurate data.
  • With SAP BO Training, the Business Object users will be able to share information among sub divisions or branches and headquarter level.
  • The Business Object reports will be saved in excel or PDF files and you can share these reports with team members, customers and other outside authorities.  

The Business Objects will made after gathering data from various databases then you can manually enter the information into other applications such as excels or Microsoft Access. The SAP Design Studio will help to success in SAP Dashboard. SAP BO is a created environment, if there any mistake made then the data will be transferred, interpreted and manipulated.

  • With Business Objects everyone can pull p2 data from the same source of the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). The EDW is a consolidated data source or repository which includes not only p2 data but also data from other systems.
  • The EDW replaces functionality provided by the p2 reports copy database and it provides a significant advancement in data accessibility.
  • With SAP BO Training, you will become as DBA (Data Base Administrator) to create and enable standard report as well as you can also provide your own reports by using tools.

In SAP BO Training our online trainers will explain in detail about SAP Business Objects.

Data Services with SAP BO Training:SAP BO Architecture

In SAP BO Training, you will know completely about Data Services. The main aim of Data Services is for data migration and this migration will performed with pre built solutions which are deliver data as soon as possible. With SAP BODS you can centralize available Business Objects data and the pre-built Data Services will migration content for SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).    

  • The Data Services will works with the background of SAP ETL tool to drive data base and it repose on a database server to control CMC (Central Management Console).
  • In more detail the Data Services will have an SAP system which will contains the target environment and source environment which are refer as a legacy environment.
  • Between the source and target environment the data sets a staging area and this staging area will work with data before pushing the data into the target one.
  • With our SAP BO Training you will know about the data extraction, during extraction you can give the option to profile the data also.

With SAP Business Objects online Training you can cleanse the data and then you can transform that data into a structure which will suites with SAP. The Data Services will contains SAP related configuration of the module with that module you can update extracted data.

  • With SAP BO Training, you can load SAP configuration data into the staging by this you can validate the data and ensure to meet its requirements before inserting SAP.
  • Another benefit is it contains pre – built reports and dashboards so that we can view and monitor the data migration.    

In this training our expert trainers will explain about overall architecture of Data Services in SAP Business Objects.

CMC in SAP BO Training:

The complete form of CMC in SAP BO Training is Central Management Console. The CMC system is useful to run a best business and for working well. To provide graphical details of data SAP Lumira is providing data visualization for business data. The Central Management Console has visibility, flexibility and being proactive to understand business changes and it will provide the best ways to move forward in business.

  • SAP BO Training will put you in the best BI (Business Intelligence) and it helps you to optimize it for the benefit of your end users.        
  • The major advancements in SAP Business Objects online Training will give insight for you to work and control your enterprise work. You can also fine tune and accelerate the performance.
  • The new Business Objects platform offers a completely redesigned monitoring and auditing system to make the system easier to manage. In SAP BO Training, the monitoring allows you to capture the runtime and historical metrics of SAP Business Objects platform servers.
  • For reporting and notifications CMC system helps you to identify applications functionality and responds quickly.
  • With CMC system in Business Objects you can provide instant business insights on your business intelligence platform.
  • The new monitoring console is a complete snapshot of the health of your business object system. With this you can define multiple metrics of interest and quickly drill down to the servers which are causes to errors.
  • In the metrics tab you can define the watches, by opening servers you will find the central management server which contains a metric for the number of sessions established by all users.    
  • With this training you can create a new watch for this metric lets you to define caution and limitations to ensure to meet business requirements, which are about being proactive and solving issues.

By joining in our online training you will also know about key functionalities in CMC (Central Management Console) like throttling for metric, monitoring spikes, integrative promotion and version management etc. you can also move your content easier, management dependence and rollback.

Web Intelligence in SAP BO Training:

With our SAP BO Training, you can adjust required settings in Web Intelligence query panel by using a data source of type universe such as SAP HANA etc. with dashboard settings you can display or hide the query filters panel, the data review panel and the scope of an ALICE panel for SAP Business Objects.

  • With SAP Business Objects online Training, whenever you open the query panel the changes should available.
  • In Web Intelligence new sample folders will available in SAP Business Objects, so that you can rework and provide new modern look.
  • In Web Intelligence a new compact size tool is available for measure based colouring charts and it improves the layout and the overall readability of the chart.
  • In SAP BO Training, Web Intelligence contains geo map default settings and you can modify those for better readability with improved graphics.

By using Web Intelligence in HTML you can select several report elements and can apply the properties to the selected elements at the same time. If you want resize charts, you can apply a colour background to several charts, so that you can quickly align several tables in a report chart.

  • From our experts of online SAP Business Objects Training, you will know about available new delivery rules which are helpful for scheduling Web Intelligence documents. You can meet two specific criteria by sending a scheduled document.   
  • With Web Intelligence you can finish the document with contained data successfully and completely.
  • It is possible to select a failed or warning status for each delivery rule, to return after the scheduling if a condition is not met.
  • There are two additional formats are available with scheduling documents and those formats are HTML Archive and CSV Archive.

By joining our SAP Business Object online Training you can also important and useful sub modules of SAP cloud such as SAP HANA and its level based hierarchy etc.   

Benefits for SAP BO Training:

With SAP Business Objects you can manage your enterprise reporting requirements. The following are some advantages of Business Objects,

  • It will give support for informed decision-making system by using exploration, reporting and sharing.
  • With SAP BO Training you will know about affordable subscription based on SAPs solution supporting for quick time to value.
  • Short ramp up in SAP through an interface will help users to learn and leverage the solutions.
  • With SAP BO Training you will get complete view of an enterprise business through the integration of information from multiple sources.
  • The main benefit of Business Objects has time savings with self-service BI and streamlined exploring, reporting, and sharing.
  • SAP Business Objects has greater ability to access and analyse data without IT involvement.
  • With SAP Business Objects online Training you will have fast and more collaborative decision making analysis.
  • You can also improve your enterprise performance for metric tracking in Business Objects.
  • Business Objects has more accountability with visibility into key performance indicators by line of business.
  • It has faster response times, when exceptions and events occur.
  • The information clarity and insight will empowers business users by providing the ability of creating ad hoc queries and manage powerful data analysis to get deeper business insights.     

There are many more advantages and those all are explained in detail by our trainers from Global Online Trainers.

Overview of SAP BO Training:

SAP BO is an automated process and that saves time and money and allows you to focus and improve enterprise business. By adopting repeatable end – to – end processes in SAP Business Objects you can get benefit into your business. With SAP BO Training, you can optimize efficiency and execute your business more efficiently.

  • To executing business efficiently, our SAP Business Objects online Training from Global Online Trainings will makes you to do the right things.
  • To execute business there are some processes such as decision making and defining business plans and corporate strategies which are more flexible and more people centric.
  • With SAP BO Training, you can focus on strategic processes to drive effective business results. By utilizing strategies you can decide the right things for execution as efficiently as possible.
  • There are ninety percentages of organizations uses SAP Business Objects to communicate, when a new strategic vision is announced everyone carries on updates to make easy their work and reach goals set by their companies.
  • You can also explore new opportunities while defining new strategies to increase profit, to grow market share and expand into new geographies.
  • The new opportunities in Business Objects have come with associated barriers, by focussing on risks management you can sustain in business.      
  • With our online training you can balance opportunity and risk and your strategy can drive your business.

With SAP Business Objects online Training, you can also predict how your business will perform and you will have the right mitigation plans in place. This is called as predictable performance. After identifying required strategy, you can define the entire execution of the business needs to align new direction.

After joining in our online training you will understand the complete architecture and know how to use business objects in SAP work.

Conclusion of SAP BO Training:

Global Online Trainings is a top online training platform and it is providing SAP BO Training form India via online. We have years of experienced trainers and they will explain all elements of Business Objects. Students who want to become Business Objects developer after their studies and beginners who are having no prior knowledge but got job in abroad countries like America or England are also able to take SAP Business Objects online Training.

Register in Global Online Trainings for best SAP BO Trainings. Our online trainers will understand your requirements and your queries and they will provide solution with hundred present accuracy. We also provide classroom and Corporate Training on client demand in Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai etc. for best price. For more information and for contact details visit our official website, thank you.


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