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SAP BODS Training

sap bods training

Introduction of SAP BODS Training:

If you looking for best SAP BODS Training, you are the right place. SAP Business objects data services course is provided by the best subject matter experts and the tutorials prepared by these expert industry allied tutors are made with latest industry updates. Classes are always available both for individual and for corporate batches on demand. I can explain the short and simple definition of SAP BODS, it is a single enterprise ETL tool where it can perform a data quality management and it can also perform data integration management. SAP BODS Online training is a very powerful data warehousing concept where to have preserved the history along with the current but have to capital the time as well. You Want to know the what is SAP BODS and functionalities does Data Services provide?. Just go through with below content. Trust me!!! you have not seen this online training, we gives good online support for freshers and SAP BO background attendees.

Here’s the deal for online training…..!!!!!!

Mode of Training: We provide Online mode of training and also corporate, Job Support.

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours (Can Be Customized As Per Requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for SAP BODS Online Training.

Course Fee: Please Register in Website, So that one of our Agent will assist You.

Trainer Experience: 12+ years.

Who should learn SAP BODS training…??

  • Someone who is looking for a career in BUSINESS OBJECTS for SAP customers.
  • Someone who is looking for a career in BUSINESS OBJECTS for Non SAP customers.
  • Someone who is working as a SAP BW consultant and wants to learn SAP BODS skills.
  • Someone who is working as a SAP BO consultant and wants to learn SAP BODS skills.

SAP BODS Training Course Content:

sap bods training course content

sap bods online training course content

Global online trainings offers best SAP BODS TRAINING with most experienced professionals. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself on the website


  • SAP BODS training is very much famous in the present situation. Lots and lots of non-SAP companies purchases SAP BODS and Informatica is also popular in non-SAP companies.
  • Compare to Informatica the advantages of SAP BODS Online training course is in the SAP BODS there is tight integration between SAP and SAP BODS training.
  • And there is a tight integration between SAP HANA and SAP BODS. SAP HANA is a real-time data web application and it’s an in-memory database so is this all features SAP HANA as an all banking database for all ERP system mandatory for SAP ERP or Non SAP ERP also.
  • So due to the particular process a lot of development in US, UK, and other countries. They are all migrating slowly from Informatica to SAP BODS or data stage to SAP BODS.
  • There are so many advanced features available in the SAP BODS. Those features are flexibility, powerful transformation as well as powerful functionality.
  • SAP and SAP BODS online training course is too independent products to different companies. SAP BODS is one of the data provision tools for SAP HANA.  SAP Design Studio Training browser user-friendly Nature and Design Studio Application stored on BI (Business Intelligence) platform.
  • SAP Design Studio training creates Dashboards for analytical applications. IT professionals design application for a large number of users and a large number of end users consuming this application and create their personal views. Design Studio can export data from SAP HANA, SAP BW, UNIX, ESP Event Streaming.

SAP BO data services are technology; it can perform an ETL tool.  ETL means extraction transformation loading. So when an extraction of Metadata to the source system. It will transform the data like what need to have transformation and manipulate data, conversations so what are technologies have so what are the business magic.

  • SAP BODS ONLINE TRAININGNeeds to implement these things will be a standing helping for transform and move the data anywhere at any frequency.  Apart of them data services all improve of data, improve the data is nothing but to handle a quality management very well.
  • It can also cleanse, parse, enhance, match and consolidate the data so these kinds of the different strategies’ will be applicable and different strategy is to be implemented as a part of these business intelligence process.
  • SAP BODS training Data administrations are conveying audit-able data and boost designer profitability. And furthermore, convey extraordinary versatility on single servers or different servers.
How integrate Heterogeneous data services in SAP BODS Training?

When integration the main part integration would be original raw data and then extracts transforms data and loads the data properly formatted and structured data into targets. SAP Lumira training will bring a wealth of features, yet way simpler to use. It is a Self-service data visualization for everyone. There is no data limitation in the design studio. Business can do their data analysis to build a dashboard with the Lumira discovery.

How SAP BODS training helpful for SAP BO background Employees…??

Who are interested to learn SAP BODS training, the attendees have basic knowledge of data warehousing and ETL (Extraction, Transfer and Loading) concepts, basic knowledge of SQL language and basic knowledge of elementary procedural programming. After learning this course, we gain knowledge on data integration, and its get better managing and implementing data integration related projects. Be sure to you get job, after learning this course. Apply or call today for SAP BODS training, you get more information here about SAP BO data services.


SAP BODS Training (Business Organization Data Services) Architecture:

Basically SAP BODS Data services architecture it contains database layer and user interface layer and application layer. Data services have user interfaces or presentation layer where the things doing in this presentation layer those Metadata will store in some database. The actives which designed in the user interface should be run by a service. These services are presented in an application layer. Here we have different user interfaces the user interface activity is SAP BODS designer or developer.  Another activity is SAP BODS online training course management console and information reward and CMC.

CMC and information reward and SAP BODS management these three are application layer. SAP BODS designer is the graphical user interface. So SAP BODS among and SAP BODS online training course designer are totally in BODS but CMC and information reward are not installed with BODS but they are involved in SAP BODS training architecture. The complete user maintenance and security and user authentication all are done from CMC (Central Management Console) itself.

CMC is the component of SAP BO or SAP IPS before going to SAP BODS, first we have to install BO and IPS these can only be done user maintains and etc.. SAP BW HANA Training really stands for high-performance analytical appliance so, analytical solution is a tool that lets you analyze your data or information but let’s look at each of these terms we will get to that but let’s examine what is the need of a high-performance analytical appliance and let’s examine the drawbacks of existing systems or analytical solutions.


Data Services Designer:
  • Data Services Designer is a Developer or architect instrument.
  • Data Services Designer is a simple one to utilize GUI.
  • Developers can configuration, alter and test the articles that comprise information. Mappings, changes, and control logic.
  • Data Services Designer it is a Desktop apparatus and customer device.
Data services Repositories:

Repositories are nothing but space in a database which stores the metadata of the objects used in SAP business objects data services. Three types of repositories used with SAP BODS: They are

  • Local repository.
  • Central repository.
  • Profiler repository.

Local repository:

A local repository is utilized to store Meta information of the items planned in the Data Services designer by the designer.

Central repository:

Central repository it is a simple shared folder between Local repository developers. It is used to share the objects between multiple Local repositories. It is the multi-user management and version management.

Profiler repository:

Profiler repository it is utilized to store the Meta information of profiling assignments performed in Data Services creator.


For any software we have services it is important’. They are three types of services are available for data services they are;

  • Job server.
  • Data engine.
  • Access server.

Job server: Job server is the job service; it retrieves the job information and starts the data engine to process the job.

Data engine: Data motor is procedures to perform information extraction, change, and development.

Access server: Access server is a real-time, request-reply message broker. It receives the message from a real-time client and gives that information to the job server.


Data Services Management Console:

Data Services Management Console it consists of six web applications. They are

  • Impact and lineage analysis.
  • Operational dashboard.
  • Auto-documentation.
  • Data quality reports.

An administrator is the admin tool for data services and remaining five are reporting tool for data services. Administrators do all the things like executing jobs and central defining configurations expect to design and to modify. It is the collection of huge amount activity.

Data Quality Components:
  • Directories-storage location at an operating system level.
  • Dictionaries-are storage locations at data base level.
  • Address server-services is one of the components of Data Quality and it helps to process to data quality address transformations.
Central Management Console (CMC) role in SAP BODS training:

Central Management Console it is a web-based tool SAP BI/BO or SAP IPS (Information Platform Services) these SAP BI/BO are involved in SAP BODS training architecture from 4.x versions. It is used to maintain security and user authentications.

Information Steward:

Information Steward, it is a data management tool it is completely separate software. Information steward and data services complement each other in overall data quality/data governess. It used to develop custom learning packages and perform match review.


Why SAP BODS Training data services..?

  • SAP BODS services integrate transform and improves enterprise data.
  • Single product-3 solutions-DI, DQ, and TDP- cut costs and delivers trusted data effectively.
  • Cost effective single window application-easy to use GUI (graphical user interface), designer.
  • Pre packaged data solutions-rapid marts.
  • Secured multi-user environment and single window migration throughout the landscape.
  • Supports ELT by default-pushdown operations to a database.
Services of SAP BODS training:
  • With information administrations, 4.0 clients will have the capacity to get to the business content extractors locally.
  • No other device from BW will have the capacity to get to these extractors.
  • Extractors are conveyed by the SAP business suite group and are the prescribed strategy for getting predictable information out of the SAP business suite applications.
  • They incorporate help for deltas lines.
  • Simpler organization: no ABAP programs made/transferred to SAP, information is spilled.
How extractors are used in Data Services…???
  • Browse available extractors in the Sap system
  • Select and extractor and import the definition (Metadata) in data services.
  • Drag and drop an extractor as a source in your data flows.
  • Simple options are provided to define delta loads vs. full loads.
  • Extractors can be joined with tables in case they provide not all data required in the project.

Purpose of SAP BODS training Data Services:

  • Data migration project-it is nothing but loading the data to ECC many legacy systems. The loading data to ECC to the legacy it is not easy because the SAP is very secured application and it has standards to maintain data.
  • Before loading SAP ECC we have done many things like validate, encapsulate and manipulate data and convert data. To complete these things it takes a huge amount of time. After the data services are entered into the market with SAP the data migration is easier.
  • SAP BODS online training course data services contain sap rapid data migration content contains predefined jobs. Because of this content, the designing time will be reduced and cost also reduced.
  • Data warehousing projects in the SAP BW and SAP HANA are involved. Warehousing is nothing where to do multinational objects and generate reports on that objects. SAP BW is the application which is the combination of modulating and reporting the ETL tool.
  • As in SAP BW, 7.3 version is direct integration with SAP BODS to extra SAP HANA is mostly used and best tool is SAP data services. The application workbench is used SAP BODS training for SAP HANA and does data replication and migration.

SAP BODS Training Database Benefits:

  • Database/application agnostic.
  • Total graphical condition expands engineer efficiency with next to zero coding.
  • Investment secured with outrageous.

SAP BODS Training Features:

  • Profiling-data assessment activity-data assessment activity it is for measuring and analysis the data. Before have going firstly have to do this.
  • With using SAP BODS online training course data services can only basic profiling(25%) is done
  • Basic metrics (nulls, blanks, min values etc,)
  • For complete profiling in data services used SAP information steward (data insight tool). It’s a combination of 4 to 5 tools they are the newest tool.
  • Reporting-generating report to analyze data, the SAP BODS online training course generates basic reporting (20%).
  • Only SAP BODS level reporting-system and job statistics and data validation reports.
  • For complete reporting-SAP business objects.
conclusion of SAP BODS training:

SAP BODS is a ETL Tools where we can Transfer the data from Source system to destination. SAP BODS Training from Explore, SAP will help you master Data integration and Data Quality Aspects of Tool. SAP BODS is an ETL which help you Extract, Move, Transform, Cleanse, enhance, improve your Business data. 

SAP BODS Data services are also known as a migration tool, introduced mainly to perform data migration. It is very easy the conversation methods are using previously like BW methods and the migration it is very fast and easy with help of the data services. 

Global online trainings provides best SAP BODS online training by 10+ experienced consultants and not only online training we also provide job support for SAP BODS. We do the best to give job support and online training, if you want to learn just go through with my help desk!!!



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