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SAP BOFC Training

sap bofc training

SAP BOFC Training Course Introduction :

SAP BOFC Training helps the attendees to learn about the all the financial consolidation used in SAP BOFC and however it is  a mature and sophisticated software solution for the automated creation of consolidated financial statement the solution is used by many large and small scale corporations though out the world. Before SAP Business objects financial consolidation was known by the name Cartesis Magnitude. We the global online trainings are here to provide the attendees the real time training experiences with the subject matter experts enroll to get served for your better future. 

Prerequisites of SAP BOFC Training:

The person need to have knowledge on SAP BW, SAP FI, are prerequisite for the course.            

Any Sr.manager with financial and business management knowledge can also opt the course.

Sap Bofc Onilne Training Course Content

Presentation of an Application
Introduction of the Sap Bofc
Dimension Concepts
Collecting the Data
Monitoring the Consolidation Process
Initializing the Consolidation
Creating the Manual Adjustments
Analyzing Data
Initializing a New Data Collection
Configuring the Structure
Creating a Data Entry Schedules
Configuring the Category Scenario
Configuring Ledgers for the Manual Adjustments
Introduction to the Automatic Adjustments
Creating the Data Analysis Reports
Initializing the New Data Collection
Configuring the Security

Overview of SAP BOFC Training Course :

 SAP Business object and financial consolidation provides the folks with Speed, processing power and adulity and breath of analysis needed to complete strategic consolidation and reporting cycle faster and with confidence. It is designed for the automation and decentralization however the automation of bookings done in BOFC on simple rules, which are controlled by economic events. When you run the Consolidation feature which rules are processed successively and solve – based on the occurring events – automated transactions from. In this way BOFC is a very open system in which virtually all the consolidation adjustments can be automated. Commentary and calculations are integrated components of BOFC. Thus, for example free texts for notes processed and cash flow calculations are automated.