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SAP BPC Training

SAP BPC Training

Introduction to SAP BPC Training:

SAP BPC Training is a Business Planning and consolidation. It is part of Enterprise performance management (EPM).In Order to deal with the Planning and consolidation of an organization we use SAP BPC system.SAP BPC is an application designed to reach the business specifications for Budgeting, planning, forecasting, financial reporting and consolidation. SAP BPC 10.1 NetWeaver is a pre packed planning and consolidation and having featured planning solutions Earlier BPC was acquired from outlook soft by SAP in 2007. We can increase the business productivity by using the SAP BPC. Strategic plans are very help to achieve the business goals of an organization. To Increase our visibility and capability by using this SAP BPC Training. Variance analysis is difficult without using SAP BPC. Global Online Trainings provide SAP BPC Training with good material and videos by expert Trainers.

Prerequisites for SAP BPC Training:

  • SAP Business warehouse (BW) knowledge is very useful to learn SAP BPC Training.
  • SAP NetWeaver Technology and SAP Functional user is also helpful to learn SAP BPC Training.
  • SAP FICO,and SAP Simple Finance also known for learning the SAP BPC Training.
  • We should have knowledge on Microsoft excel, word, PowerPoint.
  • SAP HANA Data base knowledge is also good for learn SAP BPC training.



SAP BPC Training Overview:

  • SAP BPC having two different platforms. Both are having same services. One is   SAP NetWeaver Technology(BW) ,second one is  Microsoft Technology(SQL) . 
  • SAP is recommended to go with the SAP NetWeaver Technology rather than Microsoft Technology.
  • SAP BPC 10.1 is recommended to go with the SAP NetWeaver Technology rather than Microsoft Technology.
  • SAP BPC is mainly used for business planning and consolidation.
  • BPC having the web based interface to get the all desired access.
  • By using this BPC we can create financial planning report forms with effectively.
  • It is dealing with Planning, Budgeting, Consolidation and Forecasting.
  • BPC and BW are Titley integrated in BPC NetWeaver means whatever components created in BPC System those components are automatically reflects the different components in Backend Business warehouse (BW) system.
  • SAP BPC 10.1  is best suitable for the planning and budgeting of business organization to improve the productivity.
  • By using SAP BPC system we can reduce the cost. And improve the productivity.
  • We can overcome the problems like Data integrity and validations. And also decrease the closing life cycle by using this.
  • Global Online Trainings provide SAP Business planning and consolidation Architecture Training by top trainers.
  • SAP BPM Training Security is very help from unauthorized access profiles.
  • To create effective business models and to increase efficiency of a business we can use SAP BPC.
  • SAP BPC Training is used in planning and Budgeting of business of an Organization.
  • It is optimized for the S4 HANA .And it is excellent process for the business.
  • We provide online training for this SAP BPC course and also provide job support for SAP BPC. We are going to give job support for SAP BPC by virtual job support team, we are helps to you for solving any technical queries in your job.

Why we need SAP BPC Training?

  • SAP BPC is good for planning and consolidation and also for Budgeting and for forecasting.
  • And also for Reporting and analysis done accurately by using SAP BPC.
  • SAP BPC 10.1 is better way to spend less time on preparing planning and spent less money to implement.
  • Change the 80%/20 %( preparation/production) to 80%/20 %( Production/Preparation) paradigm by using the SAP BPC.
  • And also increase the financial status of the organization.

SAP BPC Training Support Functional Services:


SAP BPC  support some function areas. Below are the some functional areas. And these are the important things in the SAP BPC. They are:

  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Consolidation
  • This Business planning gives guidance to the management to develop the business view, Objectives and important Things. The management team develops the plans to stand by their competitive market place.
  • This planning strategy is useful in business place to how to do and what we have to do develop the particular strategy.
  • SAP BPC 10.1 supports capital expenditure planning and expense planning.
  • Planning is required for also group of people who work on same agenda to achieve their application effectively and with efficiency.
  • We have best techniques in planning strategy and those are helpful to reach the company goals in SAP BPC 10.1.
  • Based on planning only we can process the task and also we can estimate the how much we completed the work and how far we having the task.
  • In planning we have different types are available like time management techniques and project management techniques to reach the organization achievement.
  • This Planning is for the next year estimation to perform the effective business levels by SAP BPC Training.
  • Present also some of middle and small organization use spread sheet to process the planning. But planning process is very difficult to people who are working on spread sheet to process the planning.
  • By using spread sheet in planning we get more error and also less quality in data.
  • To overcome all those we are using excel to planning the required application. This Microsoft excel is released on September 1985.
  • Planning is based on the particular point of the requirement.
  • In this Budgeting strategy management plans about expenses of staffing planning. It plans the next year budget level of an organization.
  • Budgeting is planned for dedication management and for corporate achievements by using SAP BPC training.
  • Earlier days Budgeting process is done using spread sheets.
  • By using Spread sheet time is waste on data contribution. Lack of integrity and also in accurate data.
  • Errors also occur by using the spread sheets in budgeting process.
  • Forecasting is done all over the year for the modification done on internal situations of an organization and external situation of an organization.
  • Forecasting resolves the how the internal situations and external situations affect on the planning and budgeting. The main advantage of this forecasting is to provide efficient information for organization.
  • Forecasting is the current year estimations. This will be effect only current year.
  • Rolling forecast and balance sheet are part of forecasting.
  • SAP BPC Consolidation is used to handle and arrange consolidated data and delivers accurate view of consolidated data in an organization. Consolidation also implements an environment to perform consolidation work over the web.
  • Consolidation will help you inter-company elimination, management roll ups and legal consolidation.


SAP Business planning and consolidation 10.1 is having some essential features to improve the business accountability.

Simple & easy to use: BPC is tool for planners and financial planners who are doing their planning in excel. The front end of BPC is excelled, so we can easy to use and we can leverage all the functionalities of excel.


  • To define the process like it is planning process or budgeting process. We can easily configure the process into the system by using business process flow.
  • The users will be guided by the business process flow and by that can complete Budgeting planning, Forecasting in a step by step manner in SAP BPC Training.

Unified: SAP BPC is a Unified system because it saves the time and rectifies the errors occurs in process of budgeting.

Scenario creation: By using BPC budget scenario analysis is done easy means once we create budget, after we do change in the one budget parameter how the effect is occur in the entire budget environment.

All these scenario analysis done easily by using SAP BPC Training.

Driver based planning: SAP BPC support key drivers to enter the absolute numbers to allow the effective modeling. Enter data based on the key drivers to create effective visualization.

We also provide the best SAP BPC Training from expert trainers. We also provide SAP BPC Training related courses like SAP FICO Training  , SAP Simple Finance Training.

SAP BPC Training Administration:

 SAP BPC 10.1 Administration deals with production to the BPC System. Administrators to perform allowance and organize exercise for BPC user applications.  And configuring the applications like

  • Creating Environment and Creating Dimensions.
  • Creation of models
  • Security model and parameters

SAP BPC Reporting: 

  • In SAP BPC we are doing the financial reporting and analysis.
  • In that we have Ad-hoc reporting, variance analysis, driver analysis and also root cause analysis.
  • Reporting is used for to maintain the data of an organization in the format of Microsoft excel, word, power point. These reports used by organizations with effectively.
  • We are doing reporting in financial sector to maintain the financial details and to analyzing those reports.
  • We can use Ad-hoc reporting in Business planning consolidation.
  • We can access these report in offline also and based on requirement. Earlier days organizations used spread sheets to maintain data. But by using this spread sheets lack of collaboration occur to the organizations.
  • Reports are very useful to maintain data of an orgavization.These reports are used with good efficiency.
  • By using BPC we create reports. Once the reports are saved if can use those reports after disconnecting the database also.


Security in SAP BPC 10.1 is based on the work assigned to the user or team. When the work is not assigned to the user or team the BPC will not provide any access to work. To access the BPC you have need to have access profile account. SAP BPC Training Security is very helpful to access the SAP BPC.The BPC security having some important actions. They are:

  • Add users to access the environment and to use the facilities.
  • We can also give same access profiles to the team by accurately.
  • After giving access it active to perform tasks.

SAP BPC 10.1 NetWeaver Based on SAP HANA:

  • SAP HANA is might be product for SAP memory database. And is has planning functions and HANA planning engine capability with in SAP BPC HANA. The planning function capability is not originally in HANA but is pushed by the SAP BPC to HANA Layer. Because to achieve the leverage in memory capability of SAP HANA.
  • SAP HANA having BPC 10.1 NetWeaver. It having two models.One is SAP BPC Standard model and second one is BPC Embedded model
  • When the user installed SAP BPC 10.1 Netweaver, they try to implement by either BPC Standard model or BPC Embedded model.
  • BPC Standard model is only traditional model. And BPC Embedded model having IP/PACK frame work.
  • When user wants to go with HANA they use BPC embedded model and user want to go with non HANA they used to BPC Standard model.
  • A user wants to have complete integration with Enterprise Data warehouse.
  • If customer using SAP BPC 10.1 Netweaver standard model with non HANA database that time customer not get smart data warehouse feature.
  • BPC supports different UI like EPM Add-in which is Add in for Microsoft excels power point and word. But excel is most useful in planning rather power point and word.
  • And also use HTML5 to effective visualization for any devices like pc and mobiles also.
  • SAP BI application also very useful to on SAP BPC Training.

SAP BPC 10.1 Netweaver Embedded model using SAP HANA:

  • In this we Business warehouse (BW) layer contain multi provider. This is a virtual info objects.Muliti provider contain one or more info providers data store objects. This contains BPC Actual provide and BPC plan provider
  • This Actual provider having values coming from actual BPC system or any other external system.
  • These two Info providers are linked by BW multi provider in SAP BPC Training.
  • And this plan provider changes the planning functions and calculates to generate the data.
  • BW using HANA database physical cables where HANA database and having BW schema that having data from different providers. BEx query is achieved to work as an info provider to the report layer.
  • To get more information about SAP BPC 10.1 Netweaver Embedded model using SAP HANA click here SAP BPC Embedded Training.

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