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Introduction to SAP BW TRAINING:

SAP BW training provides business users and consultants with plenty of latest helpful services. One of the large innovations comes around warfare Integrated designing, wherever a bunch of latest options targeting prime performance of coming up with applications square measure introduced.It is employed to format the enterprises information warehouse massive information. By optimizing the Business method, it outputs analysis; reports and interpretation of business information meet market chance.Global Online Trainings is the best SAP BI BW online training that provides the platform to get real time training with real time consultants at flexible timings.


Mode of Training: SAP BW Online training/SAP BW corporate training/SAP BW Virtual Web training.

Duration Of Program: Can be optimized as per required(30 Hours).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best SAP BW online training.

Course Fee: Please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 12+ years.

SAP BW online Training Course Content

SAP BW BI Online Course ContentSAP BW BI Online Course Content 2

Online training is now days very much convenient to the audience who are new to e-learning. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website.

SAP BW Training Video:

Preview of  SAP BW Training:

SAP BW is the Business Intelligence product and the most significant component of SAP suite. It is the mixture of databases and database management tools.It is widely used for management decision making.


Overview of SAP BW Training:

  • SAP BW  (also referred to as SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse or SAP BW) is associate degree Enterprise knowledge Warehouse resolution of SAP and runs on commonplace RDBMS and up to date SAP’s HANA in-memory software system.
  • SAP BW  conflict is capable of performing arts ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) operations in conjunction with Dimensional Modeling and coverage capabilities. From version of 7.4, warehouse is optimized for SAP HANA.
  • It permits the utilization of SAP HANA because the underlying information and facilitates the improvement of applications for SAP HANA training. It conjointly includes new and adjusted options for the appliance Server ABAP, property, UI technologies, SAP Business Warehouse and security. Global online trainings provide SAP BW training with live projects.Dont miss the excellent opportunity! Start today
  • In SAP BW , during all business schemes, companies create data. In all areas of the company, employees use this data as a basis for making decisions. Apply today in Global online trainings for best SAP BW corporate training.
  • SAP BW with NetWeaver  allows you to group together and format large amounts of business data in an Enterprise Data Warehouse.
  • By analyzing the info with the metallic element tools in SAP BEx, supported by enterprises coming up with tools, you’ll realize vital info to support the decision- creating method in your company. 
  • SAP will rework, integrate and consolidate relevant business info from productive SAP applications and external information sources.
  • SAP BW (Business Warehouse) is employed to format the enterprises information warehouse massive information.
  • SAP metal tools victimization to research and might offer the helpful information to creating the choice among the organization.
  • I can explain that SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse will optimize the business progress with the market, making decisive competitive blessings for organization.The more detailed information is provided during the training by experts.
Learn the difference between SAP and BW in our SAP BI BW online Training:

SAP is made out of different modules. Like one being hr with the employees regular records, one being projects system which is where the projects are; one being financed, another one sales another one is logistics etc… So this is actually where the data is entered and where actually the core of the system exists.We provide SAP BW training with real time scenarios.


Business Warehouse is actually a repository of data, every time some of the data moves from SAP into the BW into this business repository, the difference in b/w or the reason why they exists is because access through SAP costs and access through BW, through portal which is the web portal is free. The difference between these is mainly due to the reasons -accessibility is free, it doesn’t cost any money through BW. The other difference is the reports of BW are versatile are easy to filter online. Where as in SAP once you get them in the SAP it’s a bit hard to filter and you need to download them into excel. These are the sample examples. The in depth knowledge will be provided by the trainer during the course.We are best in providing SAP BW training by professionals.


Learn SAP BW 7.3 in  our SAP BI BW online Training:
  • As of this unleash the look modeler utilizes an ABAP UI atmosphere. It is additionally clear that SAP plays plenty of effort within the integration between warfare and Business Objects tools so as to mix the very powerful and sturdy ETL platform with nice and easy-to-use knowledge visualization. The more advanced knowledge is given during the SAP BW. We are rich in providing SAP BW online training by real time experts
  • Do I have your attention? Why do we need business warehouse? As we all know that every business and every organisation conducts a lot of business activities every day and they create a lot of data.SAP BW collects data from all different applications which an organisation uses quickly and then it brings all that data back in to the business ware house where all the data is aggregated and combined in such a way that it provides a moment of truth to any person in an organisation. So if a data is there in a data warehouse then that is the right data which we have to be looking for to have to make any decisions. We provide SAP BW training with real time use cases.
  • If you actually look at the business warehouse server, you see different objects like the PSA which is teh persistent staging area and an ODS. What we actually do is we take all this information from the source systems which are basically flats ad we transform them in to a multi-dimensional way so we get a lot of slicing and dicing on information to extract intelligence from them. We also provide SAP BW corporate training. So quickly get the best offer at Global online trainings.
  • So once we design these objects we can write queries on them. We can slice and dice the information by writing queries on these multi-dimensional cubes and draw intelligent data from it.
  • There are three paths to SAP BW, Extraction, Modelling and Reporting. So the ETL tool is what we use to extract data from the source systems into the business warehouse. The data modelling is what we do in the enterprise data warehouse and then we do reporting in a BEX tool called BEX query Designer.
  • Where is this Data modelling done? The data Modelling is done in an administrative workbench which is called administrator workbench which can be called by with the transaction called RSA1 which is very important because this is the transaction  where you do most of your designing in.
Learn Benefits of  SAP BI BW online trianing:

SAP Business Warehouse or simply SAP BW is that the Enterprise knowledge warehouse product from SAP that is employed to remodel and consolidate business data from any supply system. Until v7.3, SAP Business Warehouse worked on the quality RDBMS when that it moved to SAP HANA’s in-memory software system, from v7.4 onwards. We are good in providing SAP BI BW online Training by industry experts.You can get the latest version SAP BW BI 7.4 online course in our Global Online Trainings by our real-time experts.

The functionalities of SAP BW Training:
  • We also provide Data modeling in EDW in SAP BW training.
  • In SAP BW training ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) from source systems (SAP and non SAP).
  • Reporting BEx query designer.

As we all know that every business and every organization conducts a lot of business activities every day and they create a lot of data. If you have thousands and millions of every day transactions which are at a very detailed level there is no intelligence you can draw from it, but if you can put them in the multi-dimensional way and look at the total revenue for a particular customer or what are the profits that you are getting from a particular vendor like that you can use that intelligent information change your business activities, so that you can get more profits so in order to do that SAP BW serves the purpose. The purpose of using SAP BW can be explained during SAP BW/BI Online Course. Contact us today and book the slot for best SAP BI BW certification training.


Info Object in SAP BW Training:                                                                                                                                 TYPES OF INFO OBJECTS IN SAP BW TRAINING                                                      

The Info Object maintains tables to store the data. In SAP BW Training we explain about P table, info Object has P-Table . when you load Master Data and its attributes and all its physical data when you load it into info Object it gets saved in the table (p), and text data gets saved in the t-table, and the hierarchy data will be saved in the h-table and the SID data will be stored in the S-table. Info Objects are the smallest pieces in SAP BW. They are used to describe business information and processes. Typical examples of Info Objects are: Customer’s Name, Region, Currency, Revenue, Fiscal year. Info Objects with attributes or texts can be either data targets or Info Providers. There are types of info Objects in SAP BW:

  • Characteristics
  • Key Figures
  • Unit
  • Time
  • Technical

We can only create three custom info Objects in SAP BW. We cannot create two types of custom info Objects- Time and Technical.

About SAP BW on HANA:

In SAP BW HANA we learn HANA Optimized BW Objects. That is we learn about HANA Optimized DSO/ Info cubes/ Virtual Providers/ Transient Providers/ Advanced DSO/ Composite Provider/ Open DSO view. We also provide SAP BI Training. It plays a vital role when it is combined with SAP BW. So join SAP BI/BW Training at Global Online Trainings by well experienced trainers with practical examples.

  • Now, we also provide SAP BW BI 7.4 online course. Actually the easy way to understand SAP HANA is, in SAP HANA platform everything starts with the Business suite, when you set up the Business Suite you get all your operational applications integrated.
  • All these applications generate a lot of data that is behind, and you want to access this data, not easy when you have all your operational systems running on it, so then we need to Extract Transform and Load (ETL) all this data into another data set.
  • And we call it as the Operational Data Store(ODS), so after the Operational Data Store is filled so there is a lot of data in the ODS so then you need to build another one called as Aggregates.
  • Aggregates will give you the access to summarized information, if there are a lot of aggregates then, you will need to index the information so we need to build some indexes. Our consultants are highly skilled at SAP BI BW online Training.
  • These are not the raw data so again we need to built complex calculations and these allow us to access all key performance indicators. Global online trainings provide SAP BW training with certifications.
  • Now you will be ready to run the DATA WAREHOUSE with all these we can construct a very big cube. 
  • Then of course we will have a problem with such environment, the problem is that if something changes in your requirements, if you add or change the module in your business suite or ETL then your environment will destroy because this is too complex. So, here is where we can use SAP HANA.

Conclusion of SAP BW Online Training:

In short, SAP BW collects the data from different applications and store it back in the data warehouse. Global Online Trainings provides advanced version of SAP BW BI 7.4 online course. We also provide SAP BW on HANA by our real-time experts. We have best resources regarding the course and our trainers are user friendly and they help you to share more knowledge and will solve your doubts with real time examples.Register for SAP BW Training at Global Online Trainings. For more details regarding course please reach our help desk.


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