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SAP C4C Training


SAP C4C Training at Global Online Trainings– SAP C4C stands for SAP cloud for customer. C4C is a CRM application built by SAP on cloud using the Hana platform. The main reason for SAP to launch this CRM application on cloud is to compete with SAP C4C is rising very aggressively in the market. It will be an added advantage for the people who learn SAP C4C Training. Because it has high demand in the market. SAP Hybris C4C Online Training is need to be learn by individuals, small scale and major scale companies resources.

Prerequisites to learn SAP C4C Training:

To learn SAP C4C Training at Global Online Trainings the person must be:

  • SAP Functional consultants 
  • SAP CRM Functional & Technical Consultants
  • SAP SD Consultants
  •  Who are very Keen to learn SAP C4C with any graduation 
  •  Other CRMs Professional            

SAP C4C Online Training Course Content:

SAP C4C Training Course Content

Overview of SAP C4C TRAINING:

Over the years organizations have invested heavily in on-premise software to streamline their most critical business processes and while many will continue to leverage these same systems into the future. Best senior consultant for SAP C4C functional online training with real-time projects.  There is no doubt that the cloud has emerged as a significant evolution in how these applications can be delivered with a much lower total cost of ownership and a faster pace of innovation. Best SAP HANA online Training from India.

SAP is focusing its cloud strategy on three key areas and the first one is the cloud-based applications. The cloud portfolio consists of many applications and suites that are purpose built to help you optimize your processes across your most valuable resources like peoples, customers, suppliers and money.

  • First the applications and content the people use need to be relevant this means we design all of our applications for the entire workforce.
  • Second every application in the cloud will be powered by rich analytics as well as predefined metrics that delivers insight and visibility into the things that matter most people insight about people like workforce, performance and productivity.
  • The third design principle is about social capabilities like activity streams and notifications into all over the applications to ensure people are aware of the things.
  • Fourth is mobile to ensure people are able to take action where and when they need to. We also provide SAP cloud for customer Training with best trainers.

The Second focus of a cloud strategy is in delivering an industry leading Platform as a service means the SAP netweaver cloud plays an important role in delivering the full value of the cloud for our customers. Best SAP SD Training with real time projects.

  • It delivers extensibility by enabling customers and partners to rapidly build software applications around the same design principle as first strategy to build the applications in SAP C4C Training.
  • It is the only platform as a service that can provide native and seamless integration with SAP and other heterogeneous systems then optimize to help you easily leverage and build upon any SAP core investments.We also have best consultant for SAP C4C Training with functional module.


what is SAP Hybris C4C Training ?

Hybris was an e-commerce enterprise company which was acquired by SAP in 2013. At present digital presence is very important. Because, it will just observe the customer, their interaction and their social media interaction etc., in a single spiece- SAP Hybris C4C Training.

In India there is good number of projects coming up with C4C in big companies. Companies like HCL technologies are looking for C4C consultants. Because they have many projects and less people to work. The SAP C4C Training is provided by global online Trainings So, C4C is growing very aggressively in the market and the people who have learned SAP C4C Training will be an added advantage i.e. they can directly work as a freelancer for a project or an employee in the company as a C4C consultant. The SAP MM Training is provided by global online Trainings.

Learn Values and Benefits of SAP Cloud Solutions in our SAP C4C Training:

As it is a cloud based application, the customers doesn’t require to setup the infrastructure at customer’s location. The entire database would be at the SAP’s data centers. So with this, there won’t be any technical investment required by the customer. As there is no infrastructure located at the customers’ location, there won’t be any maintenance required by the customer to take care of the infrastructure. We offer SAP ABAP Training provided by top trainers.

  • SAP C4C Training is a CRM application. It is worked by SAP on cloud using the HANA stage. The main aim of SAP to dispatch the CRM application on cloud is to contend with
  • Now-a-days, C4C is rising and having more importance in the market. So it will be an added advantage for a person to learn SAP C4C training in order to learn SAP CRM or SAP CRM TPM etc., Because it has high demand in the market. 

We have seen sales force acquiring most of the implementations in CRM space because of its user interface, user friendly interface and users can login and run the business activities from any of the devices- Mobiles, tablets or desktop versions. So considering this by SAP C4C Training, SAP CRM was losing the market share and the CRM space,   SAP has come up with the new application for CRM on cloud.

  • This is called as cloud for customer (C4C). Earlier it was called as cloud for sales, cloud for marketing and cloud for service. Now the entire solution is called cloud for customer.
  • In SAP C4C training,for increasing the customers sales effectively we use SAP Cloud for sales, for responding the customers through Cloud. Best senior consultant for SAP Hybris C4C Online Training from Hyderabad, India.
  • We use Cloud for Service and for engaging with the customers we use the Cloud for Social Engagement for marketing activities we use Cloud for Marketing.

Learn services provided by SAP C4C when compared with CRM On- Premise:

The services like IT hardware, IT support, Backup, Disaster recovery, Network management, Upgrades, unlimited data storage, maintenance, multi- Company, country and currency support all these activities will be taken care by SAP. Whereas for the service provided by SAP On premise systems is only multi-company, country and currency support. And as this is a cloud based application it has unlimited data storage. We also offer SAP FICO Training with reasonable cost and feasible timing.

  • In Cloud implementations as the data base centers will be lying on SAP it would be the URL and credentials need to be provided with which we will be strongly focusing on the business.
  • That means in SAP C4C training, it is a single one time of configuration for fine tuning activity that is required to achieve customers requirements.
  • We offer SAP C4C Training provided by top trainers who are experts in the area of SAP C4C Functional Training.

As it is a normal fine tuning activity. So it will be a small teams mostly a remote. And through the remote also the implementations can be performed. As CRM implementations are algorithm implementations involving large implementations on mostly on site. So this becomes more expensive for customers to implement CRM by SAP C4C Training.

Why SAP C4C?

SAP Cloud for customer training is a cloud based solution. To efficiently manage the customer sales and services we use SAP C4C. Ideally, it is one of the input solutions for managing customer relationships.It runs on SAP Hana cloud platform. To put it simple, you can say SAP C4C is a software service platform for Sap cloud for sales and SAP cloud for services. The Resource Scheduling UI in SAP Hybris Cloud for Service has improved a lot in the last few releases. Global online trainings is rich in providing sap c4c development training with live projects at flexible timings.

Learn SAP C4C Architecture in our SAP HYBRIS C4C online Training :
  • SAP C4C provides your integration for SAP ECC environment, CRM and outlook. SAP Cloud for customer solution can effortlessly integrate with different on premise solution like SAP C4C ECC integration , SAP CRM or you can also integrate with your outlook.
  • It provides different UI, HTML files and silver light where you can perform end user activities or also perform the administration and configuration. Now if you see architecture of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, it has multitenant architecture where solution and components is shared between multiple customers. It is hosted on the cloud platform and it is commonly used in a multitanent architecture which means single cloud can be shared by multiple users.
  • When you integrate Knowledge management with SAP C4C, it will help you to picture how your organisation could benefit from c4c. SAP C4C uses SAP Business ByDesign which is a software as a service for creating independent cloud for sales and cloud for service applications.

Advantages of SAP C4C Training:

The main focus area of SAP cloud Strategy is enabling the flexible deployment means enabling you more specifically to deploy your cloud in your way. The move to the cloud is a journey means if you want to move from one point to another then the strategy will be for giving you the flexibility of choice and control to define that journey based on your business priorities. This is the primary reasons why the customers are choosing SAP as their cloud provider.

  • It allows you to start anywhere and move in the order at the pace that makes the most sense of your business. 
  • We offer SAP ERP Training provided by top trainers who are experts in the area of SAP.
  • SAP C4C Training will tell you through the sales cycle starting with the assigned lead following it through to an opportunity, creating a sales quote and finally reporting on the closed deals.

What is SAP CRM?

 Global Online Trainings also provide SAP CRM Training by top consultants. The SAP CRM system can be defined as a key part of the business suit and contains a central CRM server that can be used to access the system via multiple channels. We also provide SAP ISU CRM Online Training with best trainers. The CRM server can also be connected to the other systems.

  • The CRM application is fully integrated with backend ERP system which is also called the ECC system and connected to the BI system which is the business intelligence or the business warehouse system. 
  • The CRM middleware is the primary device for the data exchange between the CRM system and the connected ERP system.
  • On the ERP side there is a plug-in installed that takes the data from CRM middleware and transforms that into data that ERP can understand. We offer SAP MM Training provided by top trainers.
  • It is also fully connected to the SCM system which is stands for supply chain management system and used for availability checks and demand planning.
  • The data exchange normally include an initial transfer of customizing data, master data and transaction data to the CRM system that is followed by the component of master data and transaction data in both direction.
  • The SAP CRM service module is specifically having one of the channels called interaction center web client. Global online trainings will explain that where the CRM fit into the larger SAP landscape as well as the IT landscape within a client.

Why SAP C4C Technical?

As a technical side, there are two options in cloud for customer C4C which are SDK and Adapt. SDK is a Software Development Kit that we are implementing the business objects and business logics in SAP C4C Training. The SDK has three parts which are ABSL, BODL and Ruby. ABSL stands for Advanced Business Scripting Language where we are implementing the business logic and it is the main language of the SDK as well as it is similar to the java language.

The BODL stands for Business object definition language which can be implemented in a structure manner to improve the functionalities such as header entity, node entity, and item-level entity etc. Basically we are defining the data element, data types and domain etc. Best senior consultant for SAP C4C Technical online training with real-time projects.

Why SAP C4C has become the most robust CRM product in the current market space?

C4C is said to be as a replacement of CRM On-Premise. C4C will have the similar functionalities which are present in CRM On-Premise like marketing, sales and service which are called as cloud for sales. It has similar functionalities which help to increase sales effectively.

  • Cloud for service is used to respond better to customer request; you can have C4C integrating with various social media channels. So it is said that C4C is a new full featured CRM from SAP now in the cloud.
  • C4C can be accessed by the end users, by sales representatives, by the service technicians or by the marketing team from their mobile devices, desktops or laptops or even from their tablets also in SAP C4C Training.We also provide SAP C4C Technical Training with 100% practical.

So this is an additional feature of C4C which has made the life of business users on the field to run their day to day activities in a meaningful and in an automated manner. C4C can be integrated with the backend SAP business tools. It might be ERP or with CRM On-Premise front end system. It can be integrated with Hybris e-commerce functionality also.

Modes in C4C- SAP C4C Training:

There are two modes in SAP C4C. They are:

  • UI 5 or HTML 5 mode: The HTML 5 mode is mainly for the end users. So all the end users will access the C4C environment using this mode.
  • Silverlight mode: And silverlight mode is meant for the administrators in the system. So all the admin activities, all the work centers related to the administrator can be seen in silverlight mode.


Conclusion of SAP C4C Training:

Ideally, SAP C4C training is one of the input solutions for managing customer relationships.It runs on SAP Hana cloud platform. To put it simple, you can say SAP C4C is a software service platform for Sap cloud for sales and SAP cloud for services. SAP Hybris C4C Online Training will be the future for all CRM applications.SAP C4C provides your integration for SAP ECC environment, CRM and outlook. SAP Cloud for customer solution can effortlessly integrate with different on premise solution like SAP C4C ECC integration , SAP CRM or you can also integrate with your outlook.Trust me, there is good scope in the market for SAP C4C with high packages. SAP  Hybris Cloud for Customer Online corporate Training is provided with real time examples for both  individual and corporate batches.


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