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SAP CI Training

SAP CI Training Introduction:

SAP CI Training describes the billing &  invoicing process in Convergent Invoicing (CI) in Contract Accounts Receivable & Payable (FI-CA) with the  SAP Consume to Cash the  context. Database structures in Convergent Invoicing are been  defined. These  billing process steps of selection, grouping, & aggregation of billable items are analyzed. It also takes a look at the invoicing functions such as an convergent invoicing of SAP SD invoices together with a billing documents. Together the Billing in Contract Accounts Receivable &  Payable & Invoicing in Contract Accounts Receivable &  Payable components from SAP Convergent Invoicing.

SAP CI Online Training at global online trainings gives you  Update the Directory &  Plan for Directory Server Availability. Enroll or register yourself at the website to more details about the SAP CI Online Training or you even call us directly at the help desk.

SAP CI Online Training Course Content

Billing for the High Volume Industries
Master Data Basics
Billable Items Management
Billing Process
Invoicing Process
Functions of an Invoice
Printing of an Invoice
Integration SD Invoice into the Convergent Invoicing