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SAP Concur Training

sap concur training

Introduction to Sap concur training:

Sap concur training concur is an ideal acquisition for sap because it is an world leader in Tand E. Concur is an cloud based solution with this cloud environment it complicated the products. Integration with the sap ERP is working very well. So that data will be transfer into the concur system and that transactional data will be get for any kind of the reporting purpose and the final payout to the employees. Global Online Trainings Will provide the best SAP Concur training with the video session and the session will be given by the experts trainers.

Prerequisites for SAP Concur training:

  • Familiar with the sap functional consultants for SAP Concur training.
  • SAP FICO is important to be known for SAP Concur Training
  • SAP FSCM consultants having knowledge in these can enroll in SAP Concur training.

Overview of SAP Concur training:

  • SAP Concur training helps to be a live business because we have instant insight in our data. The solution help us to create the better end users experience and more spend visibility.
  • For that we achieve our final targets so concur is the right solution. Concur has ability to meet needs of us. Concur and the expense management solution providers are part of the solution. Audit services are also offer with the concur. There are so many auditors around the global for deliver the audit services.
  • Concur is a cloud support solution to develop the addition and analytics across the travel and cost procedure.

Sap concur platform (travel, expenses):

  • Travel, expense management are all the part of the sap concur platform. Employees constantly booking trips submitting expenses and invoice it can difficult to keep the track of where and when money is being spent with sap clinkers.
  • Its very simple travel expense and invoice management solution how qc spend obviously to manage it aggressive.Travel management system training is given at reasonable price.
  • For example if we take one travel for business travelers to plan there trip to booked compliant options and manage their schedule with the connected ecosystems of concur partners with the travel policy built into the spend management platform its easy to identify preferred suppliers and policy restrictions.
  • Policy restriction to improve the employee compliance as employees make there selection to booking data is effortlessly integrated with the sap the complete spend visibility even if a booking is made direct with the supplier the itinerary can be sent to the travel care.
  • With this we can know the where your employees are and be able to meet duty of care requirements employees also have admission to sap concur mobile app and app center partners from more seamless travel experience travel and the expense go hand in hand so lets take a look at concur expense.
  • Where the details will be combined with the concur travel can care expense can collect data from a variety of sources detail the activity and practically write the expense claim for you from mileage to meals trains to taxis.
  • It will cover all the type of expense if you want to review the claims then the concur audit team will check the receipt for the policy compliance to reclaim v8c more effectively you can also get support from our experienced tax partners.
  • Sap care data connects seamlessly with your existing systems finance teams have full visibility to meet HMRC regulations. Collecting all the invoice data we can track and manage the cash flow more easily.

What New at Sap Concur?

New feature are added to the sap concur for more helping is budget. Budget was made available to a few adaptors this is different than but similar to the existing budget insights feature for expense and request that some you might be familiar with this new budget feature.GOT provides CTM (corporate travel management) training by best trainers.

What is concur expense product:

  • SAP Concur Training connect all your expense travel and invoice spending in one system providing a single way to manage company spending from end to end greater visibility into transaction which improve the corporate compliance and simplify the process everyone.
  • When business travelers are on the road concur makes expense reporting easy with expensive pro with the innovative app travelers simply use the mobile camera to capture and upload an image of a receipt using the concur technology.
  • Ensure with all of the details like expense type, transactions are accurately captured and should be matched to the expense entry in concur expense employees can further extend the value of concur.Global Online trainings will also give Sap concur and expense training with the real time examples.

What is Travel management system?

  • CTM software is a computer program to manage, control, and organize thetour activities and expenses of a business’s people.
  • Travel management include number of variety of business travel services for companies. Difference to a standard travel agency that will only handles hotel and flight or ground travel reservations.
  • But Travel management companies offer complete management services to companies all from development to determining business travel strategy.
  • Travel management companies provide the expert knowledge of customer and travel policy. Travel management from Sap concur have many benefit. Sap concur training support your managed travel program is the top priority.
  • Concur travel is the only corporate booking tool in the world. Its allow to book with just one click.