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SAP Convergent Charging Training

SAP Convergent Charging Training

Introduction of SAP Convergent Charging Training:

SAP Convergent Charging Training at Global Online Trainings– SAP Convergent Charging Training means SAP Convergent Charging. It is completely related to SAP Hybris. SAP Hybris can help you effectively and efficiently. It deliver a digital quote to cash circular process which includes a variety of new monetization models from Revenue and billing, marketing, commerce sales and service. This course is helpful for many employees to take a new step in their company’s development. We help you in providing the knowledge to grow and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

SAP made Hybris as a part of one of the largest software firms worldwide. SAP Hybris CC online Training helps you in providing the information with real time examples and also convergent balance management by top experts.

Course Name: SAP Convergent Charging Training

Mode of training: Online Training, Corporate Training and Job Support

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 10 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track


SAP Convergent Charging Training Course Content

SAP CC Training Course Content

SAP Convergent Charging Training Overview:

SAP Convergent Charging Training explains the major concepts of Convergent charging, about SAP Hybris, SAP Hybris Billing, SAP Hybris E commerce and SAP Hybris Marketing. Global Online Trainings offers best SAP Hybris CC online Training and we also provide SAP Convergent Charging Training materials after the completion of course. The SAP CRM tool in SAP Convergent Charging Training, is useful to provide different user friendly solutions for customers.

SAP Hybris Billing:

In SAP Convergent Charging Training, it is explained about SAP Hybris Billing – We knew that it is a great deal to consider, when you manage yours company’s accounting, billing, charging and overall finances. It is used to ensure the payments received with in time.SAP Hybris Billing platform allows you to keep your existing general ledger system in place while providing your customers with one financial interaction helping you to collect and recognize revenue faster.

SAP Hybris uses a full end-to-end eCommerce solution. But uses product or content management system.

In SAP Hybris Billing software, there are latest two versions that are running in global market. Those are called as Convergent Charging 4.0 4.1 and Convergent Charging 5.0 and 5.1.These can be explained in detail during the SAP Convergent Charging Training. At present Convergent Charging 5.1 is trending in the market. If we can open a SAP Hybris billing software, at that software you can download directly from a SAP Hybris marketplace from launch pad.

This may appear in every cell of the launch pad. In the launch pad you need special admin capabilities. SAP IDM (Identity Management) has the ability to collect information from customers and put into database in SAP environment for SAP Convergent Charging Training. In order to download this Hybris software from there, you can select the download option. And you can write in Hybris from your launch pad and can set all the software related to SAP Hybris Marketing, SAP Hybris Billing, SAP Hybris commerce and CRM software’s related to SAP Hybris.

So that you can download it directly to the C-drive and it will be in the form of zip format. You need to unzip the software, so that you can find 5.1 versions. With SAP Hybris Convergent Charging 5.1, you can also see 5.1.0, 5.2.0. The detailed explanation is given during the SAP Convergent Charging Training.

About SAP Hybris E commerce – SAP Convergent Charging Training: 
  • Hybris is a combination of e-commerce solution and PCM software. Where, e-commerce includes flip kart, Amazon sites etc., In order to develop an eCommerce solution or eCommerce site like Amazon, flip kart we can use eCommerce solution from SAP.
  • The eCommerce solution from SAP is Hybris. Whereas, PCM software means Product Content Management.
  • This is used to manage the products it may include to manage the product, update the product etc., and when we open any e-commerce website we can find the content in the panel along with the product images.
  • So, we need to update, manage the content also. So, to manage the products content, Hybris is used.
  • Ecommerce includes buying and selling the product. This can be said as C2C.That means, customer to customer service.
  • So buying or selling the products or services by the business or by the consumer means the customer using internet or web is said to be as ecommerce solution.
  • There are many ecommerce solutions from SAP. They include online stores, SAP web channel, WCEM (Web Channel Experience Management), Hybris.
  • Thus, Hybris is one among them. Hybris is famous compared to other eCommerce solutions. The differences between all the eCommerce solutions can be explained during the course – SAP Convergent Charging Training.
  • SAP XI (Exchange Infrastructure) is one of the net weaver components from SAP Convergent Charging Training and it takes the responsibility of process of integration of different SAP and non-SAP systems in the heterogeneous network of different computers.  
SAP Hybris marketing Importance:SAP Convergent Charging Elements
  • In SAP Convergent Charging Training, it is explained that- SAP Hybris Marketing cloud gives you a deep understanding of your customers. It can pull the data from any channel to create a single unified customer view.
  • Real-time insights help you to quickly develop custom channel experiences that treat customers as individuals. So that you can be able to identify profitable audiences and you can know where to focus your marketing efforts.
  • The powerful discovery and visualization tools help you to better understand your customers by showing you their interest, sentiments and behavior. These are all wrapped up in the profile dashboard.
  • The sentiment, engagement tool and the customer journey insight tool. High-volume segmentation is incredibly useful. It means, we can use real time data to identify specific target groups in easy manner.
  • With that, you can create multi-channel campaigns across email, social media, SMS and more; which can automatically run in response to customer interactions.
  • SAP Hybris Marketing cloud gives you the real time knowledge.  SAP Hybris marketing cloud can help you, deliver great experiences.
  • SAP Hybris marketing data management capabilities make data a competitive advantage. For every marketer, it is necessary to promote their business effectively.
  • Let us consider an example, to know that how it happens – The contact engagement option gives you the ability to get customer interest data. From the cloud, we can see the different topics in which our contacts are interested in.
  • This data comes from customer emails, web forms and social media channels. We can also configure audiences into logical segments like: anonymous, self-identified qualified and customers.
  • If we consider, in total there are over 6 million contacts. This is a very large amount for an effective campaign. We can know that in which our self-identified contacts are interested in.
  • If there are 65,000 contacts in that group, then we need to filter their interests based on a period of time and focus on the particular State. We can easily add additional filters.
  • Then we can check their interests and if that meets our criteria that will help you to narrow the circle. Then we can run a targeted campaign for that group. We need to set a campaign name.
  • Then we can start marketing to our target audience with personalized suggestions. Later, we need to observe their responses to understand them better.
  • SAP Hybris Marketing is used to advertise in front of an audience.

Global Online Trainings offers best SAP Hybris CC online Training by well experienced Trainers. We provide training for both individual and corporate courses with 24/7 trainer services.           

Conclusion of SAP Convergent Charging Training:

Global Online Trainings provides the best SAP Convergent Charging Training by corporate trainers. SAP Hybris CC online Training helps you to learn about various kinds of tools which are related to Convergent Charging such as SAP Big Data, SAP OSS etc. By taking our SAP Convergent Charging Training, our experienced trainers will explain both types of convergent systems those are online charging system which works in real time mode and offline charging system which is used for postpaid customer usage.

Visit our website and register for best SAP Convergent Charging from Global Online Trainings by top most experienced trainers. We are providing Corporate Training on client premise in Hyderabad, Delhi, Noida, Mumbai and Pune for an affordable cost. Our trainers were always available through online to give suggestions, valuable information and try to resolve your technical queries in SAP Convergent Charging.



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