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SAP CPI Training

Introduction of SAP CPI Training:

SAP CPI Training is the present service in the market, there are rich set of capabilities. Security performance and prepackage responsibilities which will inform to the cloud. The SAP Cloud Platform Integration is the service that is working on the cloud platform. This also offer the B2B possibilities, and interchanges the documents, it also converts the documents. This cloud platform integration will provide A2S adapters based on their communication. And it processes the EDI Splitter, in the message flow process the message will receive to the receiver from the sender. Global online trainings offer quality best SAP CPI training both for individual as well as for corporate batches. The classes are conducted on interactive virtual platform and the classes are arranged in a flexi mode for best convenience of the participants.

Prerequisites for SAP CPI Training:

To learn CPI Training at Global Online Trainings, the person must have knowledge on:

  • SAP PI
  • SAP PO
  • SAP SUCCESS FACTORS Consultants can also learn

SAP CPI Training Course Content


Overview of SAP CPI Training:

In the SAP CPI Training (Cloud Platform Integration) there will be secure access to web that will be based on the SAML standard which is single sign. An administration console is based on the administrator.

  • There is a concept called the risk based authentication that through the administrator that is nothing but the administration concept. This also provides way to the B2B and B2C abilities. There are self registration and the invitation flow etc.
  • This will also integrate with the social identification. You can also trigger the user management on the identity provider.
  • The cloud platform authenticates the single sign platform for all the applications. The cloud platform is grouped with many SAP CPI training i.e Cloud applications, for the business planning.
  • The SAP Cloud Platform Integration Training is a service running on top of the SAP Cloud platform.
  • The service SAP apart from integration provides integration, platform as a service for the integration of SAP Cloud applications with any other system from SAP on SAP on-premise or in the cloud.
  • The SAP Platform Integration provides a rich set of capabilities in different areas; Such as Security, performance, reliability and prepackaged integration content.

B2B possibilities: (SAP CPI Training)

In the integration flow, there are the files that send the information through the A2S to the SAP Cloud Platform Integration, there will be EDI splitter, EDI to XML converter and Message Mapping these will process and send information to the SAP HANA system.

  • The EDI splitter extracts the messages and still process goes on and at last send as a mail to the ERP system of client.
  • In the sap cloud platform, there is a gateway called IoT Gateway Edge that will connect to the devices secure and dependable and you can get the data and send the data, you will get the reliable data.
  • In the usage the integrated devices cannot connect directly to the cloud, here the gateway IoT is needed to communicate the data and follow the data, into the cloud. If any attacks, they are sending to the Bluetooth in the mobile devices over the gateway component. For this we need to install the application that acts as the gateway.
  • It transforms the data through the https sends to the SAP Cloud Platform IoT. There is another capability in the IoT that is rule management in the sap cloud platform. Then this is triggered by the alarm and send to the sap cloud platform – SAP CPI Training.
  • In this we have the SAP Cloud platform Work flow and SAP Cloud Platform Integration these creates service requests, it triggers and sends it to the SAP Hybris cloud for customer.
  • In the SAP API business hub, it will provide all the data of the content that in the business and that is relevant for the integration.
  • In the cloud integration platform integration is the descriptive text and a descriptive model, for more connectivity the customer will connect to the prepackaged integration content.

Cloud technology by SAP technology – SAP CPI Training

The integration developers have to look after the data how it is transforming to the cloud. The SAP HANA cloud integration is in between the cloud. The cloud technology is built by the SAP technology.

  • They have many capabilities, like real-time processes integration, data integration prepackaged integration flows and the community market place. These are in the cloud integration.
  • The data integration is for the analytical report, there are other integration methods that are integrating the SAP cloud applications and the other cloud applications like SAP on-premise this is used to develop the content that can be used to accelerate the integration development.
  • The partners can create their own prepackaged integration flows and post them to community marketplace.

Connectivity Service running on the SAP Cloud Platform:

Let us know that what the service offers, how it works and what are the common use cases. SAP Cloud Platform Connectivity is part of integration services of SAP Cloud platform and it helps you as developer to access securely remote services that run on the internet or even on-premise. That means we can easily consume existing API’s data or even users in your business application running in the cloud. SAP recommends using destinations and the cloud connector for better integration.

Global Online Trainings also provides SAP PO Training. The advanced version of SAP PO- SAP Process Orchestration 7.X Training is being provided by us with SAP PO Training materials also by top industry experts who had well experience in Online Training.

Middleware for Process and DATA: (SAP CPI Training)

The SAP HANA Cloud Integration system will be shared across the various systems. There are types in the SAP HANA Cloud Integration, Process Integration and Data Integration.
In here process integration the chaining process will be step by step, it is of system to system interaction type.

  • In the SAP CPI Training process Integration the coupling applications perform in the process level.
    The triggering will be in the application event itself. The unit of the data exchange will be single business object.
  • In the process integration there are some specific requirements like, message orchestration, Reliability and Transactional process integrity. And in the data integration, in this the data is synchronized, in this interaction will be system to system, and there is data level coupling of applications.
  • In the SAP CPI Training you learn about, primary trigger will be scheduled, there are some data quality services like cleaning, matching and the transformation is complex from different data sources and it can handle vast data.
  • Through the mobile application you can you the SAP mobile services, need to create the web id. First need to create the HCI and OData service. In the SAP CPI Training with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform you can do the work fast. API’s are providing number of templates.

SAP HCI Training is helpful for the persons in many ways. It enables you to effectively and securely utilize ETL or concentrate transform and load assignments to move information between on-premise systems and the cloud. Learning this course will be an added advantage to learn more about SAP CPI Training, because it is an advanced version of SAP HCI. Global Online Trainings provides you the excellent knowledge with well experienced trainers.

SAP Cloud Platform is the vital platform as a service or path for today’s digital activity. It is a proven way to connect data and processes enterprise wide build new apps and modernize core systems.SAP Cloud Platform breaks down Silos between on-premise and cloud business systems. We can even extend existing apps and create powerful new ones in days or weeks not months. It also powers real-time analytics, big data IOT mobile services and much more.

Global Online Trainings provides best SAP CPI Online Training by experienced Trainers with practical knowledge. We also provide SAP CPI Training materials during the SAP CPI Course. We provide both individual and corporate courses by top rendered industry experts. Enroll for best SAP CPI Training in order to gain the detailed knowledge.



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