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SAP CPM Training

Introduction to SAP CPM Training:

SAP CPM training stands for SAP Commercial Project management training. SAP CPM present project-based services to their consumers provided solutions by core production process provisions of companies. Project work-space is a division of SAP commercial project management training offers only one of its various solutions that connect these assortments of aspects of the proposal jointly in a single user crossing point. It provides a framework to integrate diverse systems and business objects that relate to the life cycle of a real-world project.

Global Online Trainings provides SAP commercial project management training. And classroom training at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. if you have any queries please contact Global Online Trainings helpline.


Mode of training: Online classes

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global online trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global online trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 15 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.


SAP Commercial Project Management Training Course Content

SAP Commercial Project Management training course content

Overview of SAP CPM Training:SAP CPM training infographic

SAP CPM Training addresses the supplies of the Lead-to-cash situation for project business. The newly developed SAP CPM solution has difficult functionality to address all of the end-to-end ETO processes. SAP CPM is extremely an excellent fit for ETO environments.

The explanation contains many dissimilar useful areas, and the most attractive ones for ETO as well as project developed scenarios are the “project financial planning” capabilities. With SAP CPM training you can create an extract, or suggestion using an Excel-like user interface that includes solid version control and proportional analysis functionality. Global Online Trainings has the best trainers in SAP CPM training.

Commercial Project Management:

Extension of the SAP business suite that provides an ingrates front and back-end solutions for SAP companies that run project systems. It gets allows real-time tracking of project profitability and productivity. It gives you a holistic monitoring potential of plan issues and change management. CPM accelerates the successful project conclusion process.

It eliminates the project extent move stealthily and avoiding those unplanned expenses and cost overruns. It can easily identify and prioritize critical tasks for smart resource allocation. It can facilitate better communication with project members and other stakeholders. It avoids the unnecessary delays of the anticipation of changes before they happen. And it Increases the stakeholder buy-in with more effective project status reports.

In some of the system, we can use SAP PPM training is an add-on. The portfolio is important in SAP S4 HANA PPM Training where the portfolio is to align the objectives to a company to achieve our goals. SAP PPM  Online Training will have some modules that are portfolio management and project management. Best SAP S/4 HANA PPM Training increases the visibility and the investments are controlled on this portfolio only.

Who and why runs CPM? 

SAP CPM is run by companies with project-based services those are construction and engineering and life science, professional services along with these real estate, and owners managing internal capital projects. If the annual capital for the project is maximum 200 million dollars then CPM is probably good.

We can run CPM because of 1%-2% savings on overall capital projects. Its typical time value is 3 to 5 months. It increases ROI in SAP investments. SAP CPM training is part of the SAP functional module.

 Core features and functions of SAP CPM Training:

  • Time to step into the request and look at the belongings that are under the hood
  • The key advantage of SAP CPM training/ CA-CPD is that it provides one customer crossing point to do things that are not easy and dispersed across multiple functions in ERP.
  • It’s just a new boundary on top of SAP CPM Training.

There are three main parts of the SAP CPM training. Those are Project workspace and Revenue and cost planning, along with this Project issue and change management.

You can also design for characteristics that you defined yourself, for example, project overhead, and you can also assign more than one Financial Plan to each Master Project.

The functionality of the Economic Plan itself is attractive straight-forward. You can:

  • Plan material goods, substantial and expenses.
  • Do calculations for quotations and estimates for possible deviations.
  • Estimate project management KPIs.

Challenges for ETO and project manufacturers: 

The main dispute ETO and development manufacturers face is low assignment productivity due to inexact planning. Frequent manufacturers of multifaceted tools continue to use tools like Excel to provide quotations and estimates to their clients.

These tools are characteristically not very well incorporated into business financial and operational systems, making precise planning nearly not possible. SAP commercial project management runs on the SAP HANA display place. It is mobile enabled and can be used by companies promotion and be delivering projects to customers as well as those successively internal projects.

Project workspace: 

In the project workspace, there are so many components. Those are the cross-project view, master project structure, documents and along with these alerts and team and roles etc.

Project cost and revenue planning: 

Project charge and proceeds planning to provide commerce services firms with a supple project-centric preparation submission to convince the planning and forecasting of projects. An incorporated application is provided by project cost and revenue planning association. It is a capability for calculating such as guess to complete or estimate at completion.

Integrated planning for change requests and supplements have occurred in the planning. In this project cost and revenue planning, we can create a financial plan with structure. Real-time monitoring and control can possible in the revenue planning.

Project issue and change management: 

Project issue and change management provide a solution that allows users to handle protect deviations along with the ability to plan detailed changes to costs. The factors are such as client relations or the cost, quality, schedule, resources, safety, reliability, feasibility along with this maintainability and operability of the projects.

To full fill bottom line expectations, project personnel does not have appropriate tools in managing the issue and change process effectively. So the tools such as spreadsheets, word processing applications, file folders, e-mails along with this paper-based documents, drawings, or software typically used by project members.

 Activities are linked to each other by means of relationships, these results in a causal and temporal activity sequence. In this way network from a quantity structure for planning dates costs and resources. SAP PS training online course supports different activity categories such as internal processing, external processing, service activities, and costs. You can create activities and maintain data for them in the project builder.

 Based on this SAP CPM training there is much software is released. Those are ERP 6.0 EHP6 SP5, integrated BW client, and along with this CPD 1.0, IAM 10 and Adobe Document Server.

  • In the SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6 SP5, there are so many versions are available. And the present version is 6.0 SP29. EHP stands for enhancement package.
  • In this SAP Business, warehouse customer energy provides significant reporting functions, such as diagnostics for the SAP solution manager request. There are three ways of integrating BW into a landscape. Those are BW in the productive SAP solution manager customer and BW in a split BW system that is not yet used industriously and BW in a separate client of SAP solution manager.
  • CPD is also known as continuing proficient development point. It is used for improving the knowledge and skills are the responsibility for every specialized across all industries. In the CPD it is important to keep a record of the training of a completed year. And also what skills have to improve to get profit is also kept in the CPD to improve and increase proficiency. The training record kept by an individual is typically called a CPD portfolio.
  • IAM is also known as Identity and Access Management. In the preceding, IAM was paying attention to establishing capabilities to hold up access management and access-related fulfillment requirements. After that, the resolution is focused on provisioning technology and was weakly adopted. This also resulted in high costs and realized incomplete value.
  • Adobe document server software is an easy-to-put into practice, server-based device. In this current description is Windows NT server 4.0 and greater. And later Sun Solaris 2.5 is also current version. It converts PDF documents into GIF or JPEG image arrangement and displays them in the browser. Along with this, a toolbar is used to navigating and searching the documents. Actually, Adobe files are converted into HTML text that can be interpreted by conventional screen-reading software. 

SAP CPM training advantages: 

  • Get the best business strategies and processes done right.
  • Improves the product insights and productivity.
  • Minimize the cost / very economical.
  • Low chances of risks.
  • SAP CPM Training helps in controlling the rising expenditure of an organization.
  • Restructures the business process and its leading efficiency.

SAP CPM training features: 

  • The inbox of the SAP can also display notifications from SAP business workplace. For these notifications, we have the option to resubmit or delete them.
  • We can choose numerous lines of the worklist and perform actions on all selected lines at once.
  • We can allocate a different user to the work items as an alternate in case of absence in SAP CPM Training.

SAP CPM training conclusion:

 Global online trainings provide best SAP CPM training by corporate trainers. SAP commercial project management training will help you to get supplies of the Lead-to-cash situation for project business. SAP CPM is run by companies with project-based services those are construction and engineering and life science, professional services along with these real estate, and owners managing internal capital projects. SAP CPM training is very helpful to implement the continuous integration and continuous deployment. There is a huge demand for SAP CPM engineers and professionals. There are so many benefits to earning the SAP CPM certifications. SAP CPM career is a highly profitable career.


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