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SAP CRM ABAP Training is a software which can show us the holistic view of all the interactions which are done with the particular customer. In addition to the standard product to fulfill the different requirements of various industries example for media utilities, pharmaceuticals,public sector,telecommunications,SAP CRM provides multiple industry specific scenarios and customizing options as well.

Global Online Trainings offers quality and competitive online training for SAP CRM TECHNICAL Online Training for students and professionals for their best grooming and global exposure in related domain and also provide documents for SAP CRM ABAP Training. 

Mode of Training: We provide the Online mode of training and also provide corporate, virtual web training.

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours (Can Be Customized As Per Requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for SAP CRM ABAP training.

Course Fee: Please Register in Website, So that one of our Agent will assist You.

Trainer Experience: 15+ years.



Who can learn SAP CRM ABAP Training?

  • Salesforce and other CRM consultants.
  • SAP technical and ABAP consultants.
  • SAP CRM functional consultants can learn to become techno functional consultants.



Global online trainings offers best SAP CRM ABAP TRAINING with most experienced professionals. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website.

Overview of SAP CRM ABAP Training :

SAP CRM ABAP Training at Global online Trainings-In daily business various departments like marketing , sales and service interact directly and regularly with customers. From a software point of view  employees need to have support to fulfill their daily task in an efficient and customer oriented way.

SAP CRM ABAP software supports major modules which are marketing ,sales and service. So for any product which you are going to sell to a customer you start with doing the marketing for that product then do the sales and then do the support after the sales.

So this is the kind of life cycle which we follow for a particular product and when it comes to customer we interact with customer for every life cycle  of this particular product .So its very important to have a software which can show us the holistic view of all the interactions which are done with that particular customer so that whenever a new employee interact with the customer he doesn’t feel like he is doing it for the first time where in he has all the information which is gathered for all the interactions which the company has done with this customer this is where CRM software adds the value to the business and acts as a medium through which employees can communicate effectively to the customers.

SAP CRM ABAP Training provides multiple industry specific scenarios and customizing options as well.So coming to the major modules which we have in SAP  CRM ABAP  are marketing ,sales and service.Lets have a look on each module what key features does it provide  as a part of the product.


  • Marketing   
  • Sales                                   
  • Service
  • Analytics

Marketing: In SAP CRM ABAP Training it provides the key features such as:

  •  Campaign management
  • Customer segmentation
  • Lead management
  • E-marketing
  • TPM(Trade promotion management)
  • Marketing Planning & Analytics

With all these key features it provides a comprehensive marketing functionality for automating the planning,execution & measurement of marketing efforts.

Analytics: In SAP CRM ABAP Training it is a kind of sub module for all these three modules which is available across the modules helps us in analyzing different functions and results as a part of the marketing,sales and sevice modules.

Sales:In SAP CRM ABAP Training it provides the key features such as:

  • Customer order management
  • Quotations & Contracts
  • Account & Contact Management
  • Oppurtunity Management & Pipe Line Analysis
  • Activity Management
  • Commissions and incentives
  • Sales planning & Analytics

Service:In SAP CRM ABAP Training it provides the key features such as:

  • Service Request ,Service Order Contract Administration
  • Complaint Management
  • Case Management
  • Installed Base Management&Knowledge Management
  • Workflow&Escalation Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Service planning & Analytics

SAP CRM ABAP Training at Global online Trainings-With in CRM environment we have multiple channels through which employees of the company can communicate with the customers of the company.The major channels which we have areSAP CRM ABAP TRAINING

  • Back-office : Where employees are provided with a personalized and web-based access which offers a single point of entry for all relevant tasks in marketing,sales and service.It also integrates all the systems that are relevant for an employee within a single user interface.
  • Field service/offline user channel :where various field applications offer all over the place and anytime access to the required information and process of field service employees this is basically used by who do the sales or marketing on a mobile basis which is the general scenario which happens in sales and marketing even in service we have something called field service where the engineer has to come to the place of the customer where the part is install and has to do the service.
  • Interaction centre : The users can have the interaction with customers along with the integration with telephone and email.So this provides a good interface wherein users can do all there work at single place
  • Web channel Management :It offers a complete e-marketing,e-commerce and a service platform with personalized convenient and consistent 24*7 support to the customers.
  • Partner Channel Management-where partners can collaborate and resell the products which are sold by the company.It is an application which is a combination of channel management and traditional CRM which is generally used by the re-sellers or dealers or agents who helped in improving the business of the company.

    So the channels which we have discussed till now can be divided into mobile web channel interaction center and partner channel.out of which mobile is an application which is based on dotnet and it is having a seperate development tool to enhance the product likewise web channel is again another channel where in the application is based on JSP and struts before and now it is based on JSF.It is also having a different tool called NWDS where in the development takes place and a infrastructure called NWDI which takes care of hosting the application.

         Interaction Centre-It is the channel which is based on WebUI . we also have a channel called as partner channel which is a combination of web channel and WebUI. This is the kind of the channel where few  functionalities are implemented in webUI and few are implemented in web channel.

Interaction center Web client:

SAP CRM ABAP Training at Global online Trainings-With CRM 2007 or 6.0 SAP has come up with the entire application in this framework and they started calling it as CRM WEBUI or CRM Web client.Later SAP had felt that this framework which is built and enhanced a lot SAP had already invested a lot on this.It was well received by customers and then SAP had extended the framework and made it a cross application component which means it is not specific to CRM now.The component is available in ECC as well.The reason being the framework which is built is a very good framework and SAP had thought if customers want to use this framework they can use it to build their own custom applications in ECC as well.Its available in other products as well .Its available in other products as well.This is the reason of naming the CRM web client to SAP Web Client.


SAP CRM ABAP Training-  In WebUI we have different sections here like
what’s new– which will gives us the information about release note ,improvements & innovations with the particular product.
Installation & upgrade information-which provides master guide,upgrade guide,installation guide which helps the technical consultants ,the functional consultants and the basics to the people to understand what is required for this version of SAP CRM.
Configuration and deployment information -which also helps functional team and basics team to understand how to configure and deploy the application
Security guide-which helps us to understand the information required for security of your SAP CRM System
System administration & maintenance information which is helpful for the administration department of the basics team.
Application Help-which is majorly used by the technical team & the functional team to understand what functionality is delivered in the standard product.
Integration & Analytics information-we can find information related to the integration of SAP CRM with the other products.
Additional Information-Gives information related to the product availability matrix ,sizing and the e-learning on the particular version.


SAP C4C Training at Global Online Trainings  – In SAP CRM ABAP Training we also provide knowledge on SAP C4C Training .Over the years organizations have invested heavily in on-premise software to stream line their most critical business processes and while many will continue to leverage these same systems into the future there is no question that the cloudhas emerged as a significant evolution in how these applications can be delivered with a much lower total cost of ownership and a faster paceof innovation.SAP is focusing its cloud strategy on three key areas.In SAP CRM ABAP Training 

  • The first is in cloud-based applications our cloud portfolio consists of over 20 applications and suits that are purpose-built to help you optimize your processes across your most valuable resources your people,customers suppliers and money first the applications and content that people use need to be relevant.This means  in SAP CRM ABAP Training we design all of our applications for the entire workforce .Second,In SAP CRM ABAP Training every application the SAP cloud will be powered by rich analytics and predefined metrics that deliver insights and visibility into the things that matter most people ,insights about people like workforce performance productivity or turnover rates,insights about customer satisfaction or sales metrics about the health of the supply chain and about financial performance.The third design principle is about building social capabilities like activity streams and notifications into all of our applications to ensure people are aware of the things that matter when they matter.Fourth,is mobile to ensure people are able to take action where and when they need to anytime,anywhere and finally a term that we can’t take credit for but one that works very well is glocal more than just globalized our applications are globalized to ensure that they are not only translated and able to work in different regions but that they also account for local nuances like compliance and culture.
  • The second focus of SAP cloud strategy is in delivering an industry-leading platform as a service.In SAP CRM ABAP Training the SAP Netweaver cloud plays an important role in delivering the full value of the cloud for our customers.It is optimized to help you easily leverage and build up on any core SAP investments you have made.
  • The third area focus for SAP’s cloud strategy is an enabling flexible deployment, more specifically enabling you to deploy your cloud.


SAP C4C SDK Training at global online trainings – SAP CRM ABAP Training we also provide information on SAP C4C SDK Training.It is a software development kit which is used to implement business objects ,business logic. SDK is having 3 parts.In SAP CRM ABAP Training we focus mainly on the below areas.

  • ABSL-This is the main logic of SDK which implements Business Logic
  • BODL-Used for implementing business object definition in the structure manner.Its like a header entity,node entity,item level entity.So it will be 0 to n cardinality,0 to 1 cardinality so that type of functionality is designed in the BODL.
  • SAP Ruby- In some of the tools they have a capability to just execute the logic within the front end screen right?.so we have options in the cloud applications to do in the UI designer.when we design the screen we can implement the logic based on specific condition or based on specific elements we can execute the logic and just change the UI. So this will be handled by SAP Ruby.

In SAP CRM ABAP Training we also provide good knowledge on SAP CRM Training which  depends on SAP NetWeaver that can be make use of for custom enhancement and management with special frameworks and applications.


Conclusion for SAP CRM ABAP Training:

CRM means customer relationship management that means it is a set of principles or guidelines which have to be implemented in any ERP. The average salary for a sap consultant with sap customer relationship management can be up to 727,86 Rs per year and average compensation for this job like bonus can be 68,341 Rs and profit sharing can be up to 120,000 Rs. Global online trainings provide best online training and corporate training by top industry trainers we also provide project for the course with reasonable price at flexible timings.

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