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SAP CRM Security Training

SAP CRM Security Training Introduction:

SAP CRM security training or SAP Customer Relationship Management is being increasingly used by a number of SAP customers part of SAP Business Suite of applications. In the Year 2006 onwards SAP CRM Security training has come up with a new model for security for the CRM business application. In this new model, end users do not log into SAP GUI. Instead they work with the SAP CRM Security UI which is built using SAP’s Business Server Pages model & is accessed through a web browser. SAP CRM Security training is also possible to integrate the CRM UI with an Enterprise Portal solution. SAP GUI is still needed by administrators & configures of the system. As a consequence, the security for these backend transactions follows the same logic as in the other SAP systems. Since I will start with a description of the CRM UI as it will appear to a normal CRM user, my set of posts is primarily about the uniqueness of the CRM security model. Virtual job support is highly rich in providing job support for USA Students extensively.

Sap CRM security Online training

TOPIC 1: Business Transaction Processing for SAP CRM Security:
  • Business Transaction Processing for SAP CRM Security
  • Customizing types of Transactions
  • Procedure of Partner Determination
  • Organizational Data Determination
  • Status Management
  • Authorization Check Process Flow
TOPIC2 : SAP Business Partners
TOPIC 3: SAP CRM Products
TOPIC 4: Marketing and Campaign Management
  • Marketing Attributes & Settypes
  • Maintain Datasources & Attribute Lists
  • Using the Segment Builder
  • Personalized Email
  • Campaign Execution
  • Authorization Aspects 
TOPIC 5: E-commerce
TOPIC 6: CRM2007 and CRM 7.0 Authorization Concepts
  • Comparing the New UserInterface versus the SAP GUI / PCUI & IC Webclient
  • The Business Role Concept
  • The Naviation Bar Profile
  • The PFCG role in your Business Role Customizing
  • Possible approaches when defining an SAP CRM Authorization Concept
  • The UI Component Authorization Object
TOPIC 7: Usefull CRM Tables
TOPIC 8: Usefull Queries you can create using SQVI Query Builder
TOPIC 9: Analysis TopDown and/or Bottom up of Logical Links up to Business Role
TOPIC 10: Organizational Management
  • Setup your organizational model
  • Assigning your Users & Employees to positions
  • Protecting organizational model Maintenance via authorization object PLOG
  • Setup Structural authorizations to protect your organizational model in SAP CRM
  • What are structural Authorizations?
  • Customizing Structural authorization profiles
  • Assign Structural authorization profile to a User through Customizing
  • Indirectly assign your structural authorisation profile via assignment of a User to a    position
  • INDIRECT Authorization Role Assignment using the Organizational Model!

SAP CRM Security Overview:

SAP CRM Security training (Customer Relationship Management Security training) system is one of the most widely-used. SAP CRM Security training is a part of SAP Business Suite, which is intended for storing & processing critical business data. The main purpose of SAP CRM Security training is to process everything that’s anyhow connected with clients, leads & contracts. Highly alarming is the fact that this system is accessible via the Internet, which makes it perfect for remote attacks. Compromising this system could cause & material losses and significant reputational to an organization.

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SAP CRM Security Risks:

SAP CRM Security training systems there are multiple risks that are related. Some of them are listed below.


SAP CRM security training access to unauthorized constitutes a threat to information about client lists, prices, contact points etc. If compromised this data, it can be used by competitors to win over customers with lower priced bids & over a long term ruin the whole business.


SAP CRM security training unauthorized changes in can negatively impact relationships with customers. The possible outcomes are contract execution delays, substituted business correspondence or even revised contract terms.

SAP CRM Security key capabilities:

The SAP CRM security training following list that provides you with an overview on the key capability structure using the following pattern:

Goals of SAP CRM Security :

  • Providing better & best customer service security
  • Selling products more effectively
  • Discovering new customers & maintaining relation with existing customers

 Advantages of SAP CRM Security

  • Increases customer satisfaction & attract new customers
  • Growth in number of customers in a high competition business world
  • It reduce costs & maximize profits
  • Boosts employee productivity & morale