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SAP CRM TPM Training


This is an integrated SAP training module for Customer Relationship Management and Trade promotion Management. Global Online Trainings offers quality SAP CRM TPM online training program for the professionals who are looking for developing their professional exposure in SAP CRM domain with a special focus on TPM. The entire course is designed on best interactive virtual platform for giving students wonderful space for learning the course curriculum with best industry insight and command. SAP CRM TPM Training is prepared with best care and latest industry updates.

Global Online Trainings offers entire classes on virtual communication platform and allows its participants to gain great business insight for exploring a rewarding professional career. SAP CRM TPM Online training is offered by Global Online Training for corporate batch as well as for individual training. To know more about SAP CRM TPM training contact help desk today:

Prerequisite for SAP CRM TPM Training:

  • SAP CRM overview of the SAP CRM solution
  • CR 100 CRM fundamentals to customize
  •  General Experience with SAP BW-BPS, CRM and SAP ERP

Overview of SAP CRM TPM Training:

Trade Promotion Management is the process of planning, budgeting and presenting with execution of incentive programming that are established between a manufacturer and retailer to increase the sales of the specific products. The products are

  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Analyzing

Planning to meet account objective it is most important to have a solid promotion plan and that plan should be based on the past history of customers, brands or products, corporate objectives and the judgments .so normally in today life we have many companies which have extremely informal or nonexistent processes.

Executing :A primary stumbling blocking the execution of the account plan is accurate timely payment to retailers for the good performance for overall promotion effective process are habituated to avoid the costly deduction expenses and overspending due to poor accounting strategies. Virtual Job Support offer SAP CRM TPM Job/project support at reasonable price.

Analyzing: by examining and all the studies it has known that 50 to 90 % of the promotions are not profitable and many companies are not performing any post promotions

Analysis to determine which promotions are profitable without the analysis the same unprofitable promotions to run the business strategies and phenomenon .

SAP CRM TPM is important we not SAP CRM TPM only give training we also give SAP CRM TPM project support if you have any doubts in your project. Virtual job support has senior most consultants to this SAP CRM TPM job support. Virtual job support provides job support for SAP CRM TRP not only for job support also for project support. If you have any doubts in SAP CRM TRM job/project support our VJS consultants will explain clearly about that problem.

SAP CRM TPM Training Course Content

Topic 1:SAPCRM Overview of the SAP CRM solution
Topic 2:CR100 CRM Customizing Fundamentals
Topic 3:General experience with SAP BW-BPS
Topic 4:General experience with SAP CRM and SAP ERP