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SAP CS Training


SAP CS Training Course Introduction:

SAP CS Training at Global Online Trainings – a popular SAP ERP tool that offers the basic functionalities to a vast range of customer specific tasks, is considered to be an important extension of the Sales and Distribution (SD) module. In the present competitive scenario, customers like to purchase from organizations/ service providers that have a higher customer satisfaction quotient. Under the circumstances, it becomes essential to offer better after sale and customer services in every industrial vertical or commercial sector. 

Global Online Trainings offers best SAP Customer service online Training classes with flexi hour advantage and with most reasonable fee.  SAP CS Training tutorial, made here with best industry updates. To know more detail about this module call /mail the help-desk.

Mode of Training: SAP CS Online training/SAP CS corporate training/SAP CS Platform Virtual Web training.

Duration Of Program: Can be optimized as per required(30 Hours).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best SAP CS online training.

Course Fee: Please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 12+ years.


Prerequisites for SAP CS Security Training:

  • SAP SD consultants are suitable to learn SAP CS security Training
  • SAP Functional consultants or the people who are having knowledge on sales and distribution can learn this module 

SAP Customer service Online Training Course Content

SAP CS Training Course Content

Online training is now days very much convenient to the audience who are new to e-learning.
Global online trainings offers best SAP CS training with most experienced professionals. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the SAP CS Online Training please register yourself in the website.


SAP CS Training Overview:

SAP Customer service online training is a part of SAP Sales and distribution. SAP CS means only the field service, resource related service and repair activity. These are the three major activities which will be performed from SAP CS module. SAP CS Training will provide the knowledge about basic components that are necessary for developing an effective customer service.

The major business process in SAP CS Training is installation,maintenance and repair.

  • In customer service model, it generally happens after the sales. Once the product is sold to the customer, then later the customer usually come again with some complaints.
  • It can be a query or it can be an enquiry. So, basically we have some process in a customer service module. We have a process called as in- house repair process, repair at site process, annual maintenance contract, sale of service, Sale of spare parts etc., in SAP CS Training. 

Global Online Trainings provides the best SAP CS Online,Corporate course Training with reasonable cost by industry experts.We also provide the SAP CS material for the course.

Processes used in SAP Customer Service online training : 
  • In- House Repair Process: In this, the repair work will be taken place at the company premises. So, the company will notice whether the customer is within warranty or it is beyond warranty. If it is within warranty then the company will not charge the customer. If it is beyond the warranty then it will charge the customer for the repair work. This is one process. And there is another process called as Repair at site (RAS) in SAP CS Training.
  • Repair at Site Process: In this process, the repair work happens at the customer Processes used in CSpremises. Here, it is noticed that the customer is having warranty within warranty or beyond warranty. So accordingly the customer will be charged. Similarly, we have another process called as Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) in SAP CS Training.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC): It is a contract between the company and the customer for later service. In this, from that contract you will create service orders automatically. In SD you create sales orders. So in SAP CS we usually create service orders and in AMC process the service orders are created automatically. Annual Maintenance contract is for particular period. We have another process called as Sale of service in SAP CS Training.
  • Sale of service:In SAP CS Training, We use sale of service process because, we cannot record the sales order and service order in such a way that the person came and how long he worked and what are the components he used. These things we cannot record in sales order. For this reason we use Sale of service process. In this from the sales order for the service product it creates a service order. So in the service order you will input the entire technician, how much time is taken will be noted down. Then the invoice is done. This extra process is said to be as sale of service. Normally the sale of service will be based on the monthly basis.Another process called as Sale of Spare parts is explained in SAP CS Training.
  • Sale of Spare parts: It is like a complaint. In SAP CS we have a transaction called a service notification. So using this document you can create your sales order. So in this case from a service notification that is from a complaint document or an inquiry document you are creating a sales order. From the sales order you do the delivery and invoice. In some cases you do from the sales order and in some cases you do it from the service notification in some cases you do from the service order you create a repair order.

There are many processes in SAP CS Training. For understanding these process for customizing and knowing about these process in CS, we should know certain things about the CS. They are:

Integration Part: SAP CS is a very small module but it is integrated with many modules. It has integration with SD, MM, Quality management, logic systems and production planning, planned maintenance and Finance and Controlling. So these are the modules where we use SAP CS Training.You can have a glance on these in our SAP PP Training and SAP MM Training.

  • Integration part means it is not about the system connection. That is when you are running a SAP CS process SAP SD is required. Some of the configuration in the SD is required to run the process. In SAP CS, all the customer complaint details will be recorded in the form of service notification.
  •  SAP CS Training- For example, In house repair process. In this process usually, from a service notification that is from a complaint document you create your repair order. So repair order is nothing but it is your sales and distribution document.
  • So for that you have to do the configuration in the SD. For this reason it is said to be as integrated with SD. In the same way, MM when you are consuming some components at that time you have to do some above process mi0 process, purchase order, purchase requisition. For these things we need the help of MM model.

We have Quality management for inspection.Have a glance on SAP QM Training. Project systems for calculation of the time sheets for that we use PS and you have PP for Production planning like activities for each service item. For each activity they will set the price. In finance when controlling they will set the pricing for each activity. Basically, we don’t use pricing this is called as activity pricing. This activity pricing is maintained by the finance consultants and we use it. There are so many configurations present in different models and which will be used to the SAP CS for running these processes.

Master data in SAP CS:

To run the SAP CS Process, master data is required. There are different types of master data which are to be used from SD, MM, PP, and FICO.

  • Apart from that, in SAP CS we maintain certain master data’s like serial number, equipments, functional location, install base. These are the master data’s we use in SAP CS Training.
  • SAP customer service may be a standard SAP ERP practical module that provides the elemental functionalities to consumer specific tasks, is regarded to be a very important extension of the sales and distribution module.
  • The requirement of services to purchasers for these reasons goes a protracted approach in developing client commitment.
  • SAP CS  Training module offers a spread of benefits reciprocally and repair processes and needs higher management, easier pursuit of grievances and management of various work centers, practical locations, and equipment.
  • SAP CS module totally runs on C programs. That means how the company works. For example, the companies which are under service they stick to some standards like standard templates and standard profiles. Suppose when the product is got sold, means the warranty is getting updated.
  •  In SAP Standard terms whenever the products has been authorized to provide warranty and support- it may be a field service or it may be a repair service. In SAP CS Training, it is explained that to link up with the CS module from SD module, each and every material needs to be serialized. For example if we take any one of the material or product or machine, for that machine the serial number  keep on getting created. Suppose in all over India, same product can be installed in different locations.

Different customers may purchase that product. Based   on the invoice details, every serial number is captured with the sales holder number against which sales holder number the product has been purchased and location of the material. For example, some of the dealers may purchase huge quantity of materials. They store that in their own inventory and later sell that to further customers.

Need of SAP CS in Companies – SAP CS Training

It is explained in SAP CS Training that, generally companies will sell the products under dealers’ name. Once the material moves from the dealers to the customer, the customer details need to be updated in the customer service module that particular machine is incurred in that place. In that situation whenever the customer face the problem, you can directly give the serial number of the product means wherever the service module is running, every organization will have their own setup on the central coordination calls. Because, if you want to give the field service or repair activity you cannot call the service manager directly. There will be some activity. They will provide the serial number. The serial number can be entered in the SAP screen.

  • Then SAP screen automatically shows to the user the back end details like where the machine is installed and what is the warranty date, how many times it has given the support all these details will be shown on the screen of the back office team.
  • From there the service activity gets start, if there is a warranty then the technical team will communicate with the customer and they will understand the problem whether the field service is required or repair activity is needed.
  • Based upon that activity, the back office team or the users will send the machines to the repair center. Once the machine is reached to the repair center, the repair activity will get done and sends it back to the customer. This is the repair and field activities. Once the warranty is finished, the AMC gets started.
Conclusion for SAP CS Training:

Enroll at Global Online Trainings for best SAP Customer Service Online Training with industry experts. We also provide  professional training for wide range of SAP technical and functional modules and also other non SAP courses.

SAP CS Training has high demand in the market. It is helpful for employees who were already working on projects and also for freshers. Our trainers at Global Online Trainings provides you the in depth knowledge regarding this course with the help of practical examples.


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