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sap d4c training

Introduction To SAP D4C Training Course:

The SAP Digital for Customer Engagement  in short called as SAP D4C. It  is an all-in-one Customer Engagement solution built for  the teams. Designed with an cloud & mobile first approach, it has the simplicity to get you up & running in minutes, while still offering the robustness & performance as the enterprise edition of  the SAP Cloud for Customer. The SAP has launched an interesting new CRM cloud solution named as SAP Digital for Customer Engagement (SAP D4C). In essence of  SAP D4C is an  stand-alone entry-level version of the known SAP Cloud for Customer. Like SAP C4C it offers support for the sales, service & also  marketing processes. The SAP D4C focuses on the smaller teams & departments who want to make an quick start in the field of the customer engagement without any form of  an integration.

After completing this course, you will be able to appreciate the importance of SAP D4C and will become comfortable working on SAP D4C. This is the right course if you want to start your career. Register with Global online Trainings for SAP D4C Training with live lab set up and 24*7 support.

Overview On SAP D4C:

Following section provides you an brief overview on SAP D4C, in depth knowledge will be provided as a part of SAP D4C Training .

The SAP Digital for Customer Engagement is an SAP’s cloud CRM solution built for individuals & the small teams. Whether you are a team of one or many, or you work in an department of a big company or have a small company of your own, SAP Digital for Customer Engagement is the perfect way to start on your customer engagement journey.

Now Get rid of the complexity of using CRM Software. The ground beneath our feet is shifting where the enterprise software is undergoing the massive transformation. Several trends can be observed –individual users are trying before deciding to buy the enterprise software. They are able to purchase the software without filling out the large forms or interacting with an large account team. They are able to access the software now & do business now.

SAP Digital for Customer engagement (SAP D4C) is our first shot at getting these right for the user by making the customer engagement simple again.  The SAP has been laser focused at solving one core problem – by removing the complexity for the end user. Whether you are from a Small & Medium business (SMB) or from a large enterprise (LE), getting rid of the complexity should be your number one priority.

SAP Digital for Customer Engagement is a simple, yet most powerful CRM software solution that is designed to help the smaller sales teams get up &  running in minutes, but that delivers many of the same powerful capabilities as our enterprise offering. Register with us for SAP D4C Training  and see how it will help your team close more deals by enabling them to sell smarter, work more efficiently and collaborate more effectively.

SAP Digital for Customer Engagement Features:

Listed below are the features of SAP D4C, more you will explore as a part of SAP D4C Training .

Get Started and Be Productive in Minutes 

  • You get your instance with in minutes
  • Guided Product Walkthroughs help you navigate & perform tasks
  • Upload your customer contact data with the Gmail or CSV contact imports invite your colleagues with an simple click
  • Collaborate with your team members with the built in feeds

Fully Mobile 

  • Use it on your iPad, iPhone,  as well as Android Devices

Sell Smarter 

  • Account and Contact Management – Corporate and Individual Customers
  • Activity Management –Appointments, Tasks, E-Mail and Phone Call
  • Lead_Management-SAP D4C Training 
  • Opportunity_ Management

Service Better 

  • Set up your company’s support channel & create service requests automatically
  • Create  the Tickets Manually

Retail Execution

  • One can Plan their  visits with Visit Planner & execute them-SAP D4C Training 

Powerful Analytics

  • Pre-built the  interactive dashboards that provide you all the insights about your business


  • Adapt your solution by adding the custom and extension fields for your data
  • Personalize your experience by modifying UI layout the way you want it.


Key Product capabilities and functionalities of SAP D4C:

Following are the simplified customer engagement platforms; more you will explore while you register for SAP D4C Training .

  • SFA: Accounts and contacts, lead and opportunities, active products, forcasting.
  • Marketing: Email channels, campaign automation, lead scoring.
  • Service: Email ticket management
  • Important customers from google, outlook, csv
  • Simplified users, teamand data access management
  • Guided product walkthroughs for easy on boarding
  • Collaboration for teams
  • Personalize & extended your solution
  • Mobile app for ios, android devices.
  • Powerful analytics & dashboards.

Conclustion on SAP D4C:

The SAP Digital for Customer Engagement uses an standard CRM model for the organizing your customer-related information. You engage with your contacts in an variety of ways with the ultimate goal of closing sales opportunities. In order to close opportunities, you need to be able to track the activities, assignments, tasks, & also customer engagements.  The SAP Digital for Customer Engagement provides the features &  tools that will allow you to organize &  make sense of all of these things. Now focus on your customer with an powerful& simplified CRM sales solution made for you. A solution designed for the individuals as well as for  small teams that is simple & easy to use. Get started today so you can engage & win like never before. The SAP Digital for Customer Engagement is the perfect way to start on your customer engagement journey.  Simple,  but powerful CRM ready to grow with your business. Enroll with us for SAP D4C training to know more about the course and learn how to turn your business into profit.