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SAP DBM Training

sap dbm training

SAP DBM Training Introduction:

SAP DBM Training is a dealer management solution that enables core sales, service, warranty, and financial functions unique to vehicle dealers, authorized importers, and dedicated OEM vendors. Real-time integration with account, sophisticated reporting and enforced processes provide a degree of data integrity, operational controls and management by exception that drives bottom-line results in a manner unprecedented with prior dealer management solutions

SAP DBM Training  is rendered by best subject matter experts and the tutorials prepared by these expert industry allied tutors are made with latest industry updates. SAP DBM Training Classes are available for individual as well as for corporate batches on demand. Call the help desk for more details for online SAP DBM Training and its details.

Prerequisites to learn SAP DBM Training:

  • Fundamental knowledge of logistics
  • Knowledge on SAP DBM 6.0
  • SAP DBM 7.0 project participation

SAP Dealer Business Management Training Course Content

Introduction to SAP Dealer Business Management
Customer Management in SAP Dealer Business Management
Vehicle Sales & Administration in SAP Dealer Business Management
Vehicle Service in SAP Dealer Business Management
Parts Management in SAP Dealer Business Management
Cross Topics in SAP Dealer Business Management
Reporting & Analytics in SAP Dealer Business Management
WebDynpro in SAP Dealer Business Mangement
Miscellaneous Topics in SAP Dealer Business Management

Overview of SAP DBM Training:

The SAP Dealer Business Management solution is highly flexible, and therefore relies extensively on Customizing settings. Changes to Customizing entries are usually delivered by a support package. It is an integration solution based on SAP ERP. It covers all the operational management processes. It also offers numerous features to illustrate complex company organizations and facilitates the management of several brands. It incorporates all the dealership core processes by offers long term investment security. It provides an future proof solution for the company.

  • SAP’s Dealer Business Management (DBM) is tailored precisely to the needs of the automotive trade.
  • In combination with the strengths that SAP ERP is traditionally known for, it is the ideal platform for the management of an automobile retail trade group.
  • Aside from the typical DMS features that it can offer you, SAP’s DBM will guarantee you important additional beneficial aspects.
  • Is an integrated solution based on SAP ERP
  • Covers all operational management processes- SAP DBM Training
  • Offers numerous features to illustrate complex company organizations
  • Facilitates the management of several brands
  • Incorporates all dealership core processes
  • Offers long-term investment security
  • Is a future-proof solution for your company

About SAP DBM Training:

The SAP DBM component is distinguished by its multi-brand capability and also its ability to manage different locations. Customer-specific settings with regard to language and country, such as currency and taxes, mean that it can be deployed worldwide. The component that supports the integration of processes between the dealer and the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) within a vehicle order (vertical integration). Furthermore, it also supports horizontal integration between dealers. 

As a dealer, you can manage an order from its creation, through its completion and right down to its billing phase. Order control enables the processes to be modeled flexibly. In this way, you can meet different requirements that arise from the OEM or due to the size of a company. To ensure that country-dependent OEM requirements are met, SAP provides relevant techniques such as Business Add-Ins and the condition technique.

Advantages of SAP DBM Training :

  • Industry-leading ERP platform ensures real-time integration across all modules, data integrity and business process best practices
  • Comprehensive solutions for every dealer department including vehicle sales, service, warranty, parts sales, lease / rental and warehouse / inventory management
  • Integration with critical OEM vendors for vendor managed inventory and price update programs- SAP DBM Training
  • Sophisticated operational and executive reporting tools with real-time analysis of dealer performance including full P&Ls at the department level with drill-down to source document capability

SAP DBM With Velocity

  • Velocity offers a zero net cost approach to SAP DBM- SAP DBM Training
  • Our SAP experts will help you plan for and create a business case for implementing SAP DBM
  • Predictable monthly fee structure and subscription pricing for no up-front costs
  • 24/7/365 “follow the sun” support model from SAP certified experts


  • Reduce your administrative burdens
  • Automate your business processes
  • Bring your business systems in line with the business needs
  • Reduce the total cost of supporting your customers- SAP DBM Training
  • Expert guidance throughout your Enterprise Strategy to achieve desired business results
  • Eliminate capital technology spend

Versions of SAP DBM Training:

SAP Dealer Business Management 7.0:

DBM 7.0 is an advanced version of SAP DBM 6.0. There are few changes in terms of the order processing, appointment scheduling, sub contract processing, time booking, maintaining BP from different DBm transactions, etc.

SAP DBM 8.1:
  • SAP DBM 8.1 provides the option of replacing the usage of TREX-based searches by using SAP HANA based searches for SAP HANA customers. The SAP HANA-based search option provides reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) by avoiding the need for TREX server installation and maintenance.
  • SAP DBM 8.1 also supports the blocking of business partner data and blocking of all master data or transactional data that contains personal data through the use of SAP Information Lifecycle Management.

Integration of SAP DBM Training:

Dealer Business Management (IS-A-DBM) is fully integrated in the following SAP application components:

  • Materials Management (MM): SAP Materials Management is a part of the Logistics area and helps to manage the procurement activity of an organization from procurement. It supports all aspects of material management like planning & controlling
  • Sales and Distribution (SD): SAP SD is one of the modules that belong to SAP ERP. It encloses all the data regarding customer and services. In an organization, it deals with shipping, selling and transportation of goods and services.
  • Financial Accounting (FI): SAP FI helps to analyze the financial conditions of an enterprise in the market. It can integrate with other SAP modules like SAP SD, SAP PP and SAP MM
  • Controlling (CO): SAP CO involves in recording both the consumption of production factors and the services that are provided by an organization.
  • Logistics – General(LO): SAP is a module that provides tools to monitor carrier performance, gain greater visibility into supply chains and provide accurate information about shipments & supply chain performance.