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SAP Design Studio Training

sap design studio training

SAP Design Studio Training Introduction:

SAP Design Studio Training is to Create and develop analytical applications and also Dashboard applications. To Create Powerful interactive and fully customized Business Intelligence (BI) Applications. SAP BO Design Studio is not a Self Service tool. Prior to Design Studio we have xcelslus dashboard and SAP BW WAD dashboard applications. Design Studio can connect with SAP HANA and SAP BW with OLAP Connections. SAP Design Studio Online Training is provided by the expert Trainers. Classes are available for the individual as well as for corporate batches on demand. 

Prerequisites for SAP Design Studio Online Training:

  • We Should have knowledge on SAP HANA, SAP BW(Business Warehouse)
  • SAP Business Objects BI Platform is very help full to learn Design Studio.
  • We should have knowledge of HTML and JavaScript, Knowledge of CSS and the JQuery, Java Script frame work is very helpful.

SAP Design Studio Training Online Course Content


Overview On SAP Design Studio Training:

  • SAP Business Objects Design Studio 1.6 Released on Dec 2015
  • SAP Design Studio training is nothing but Dashboard application from the SAP.
  • Design studio can connect with SAP HANA AND SAP BW with OLAP Connection.
  • SAP Design Studio training supports web technologies like HTML CSS styles and Javascript code to align the reports.
  • Design Studio Supports Multidimensional data sources like SAP HANA Analytical view and calculation views and SAP BW (Business Warehouse).
  • Design Studio is not saving any data or Design studio unable to loading any data. Data coming into the Report is source systems whether it is HANA systems or BW (Business Warehouse) system or Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI).
  • The Data Existing in the Source system will be just calling the data into the SAP BO Design Studio at Runtime.
  • Design Studio browser friendly Nature. Whether its quickly into the browser when compared to Dashboards
  • Design Studio Application stored on BI (Business Intelligence) platform.
  • SAP Design Studio training creates Dashboards for analytical applications.
  • IT professionals design application for a large number of users and a large number of end users consuming this application and create their personal views.
  • Design Studio can export data from SAP HANA, SAP BW, UNX, ESP Event Streaming.
  • SAP Design Studio training can export data from SAP HANA, SAP BW, UNX, ESP Event Streaming.
  • Generic analysis templates are used to create dashboard applications. This Generic analysis template is a predefined template.
  • SAP design studio training generic analysis template does not connect with data sources in design time. To run our application we have a facility to collect data by using SAP HANA or SAP BW data sources are used.
  • Generic analysis template is used for only Desktop Browsers.
  • When Generic analysis template is created it can be shared within the organization or in a region using the bookmarking. We can share our Template through URL and also share using book markings by exporting data into pdf format. And also we can share the generic analysis template by email also.
  • In Generic analysis template, crosstab and chart type picker charts are available and also available Navigation panel with drag and drop options.
  • SAP Design Studio training is basically used to design dashboard applications.
  • In SAP BO design studio we have more templates are used to design dashboard applications.
  • The ad-hoc template was discovered in SAP Design Studio training 1.4 version.Data discover and visualization template and Ad-hoc analysis templates are used to create user-friendly Dashboards.
  • The pre-delivered template also used to create dashboard applications.
  • Online Composition Template also used to develop dashboard applications.
  • Design Studio Technology run to technology is based on the HTML5.
  • Design Studio used IT professionals to create and develop a customized application for a large number of end users to their personal view. And a large number of users consumed this application to their personal view.
  • The SAP Design Studio training extracts data from SAP BW, SAP HANA, Universe.
  • We can access different data sources to get the data using a different bunch of components to develop dashboard applications or analytical applications. These components are like tables, geo maps, charts, controls, filters, Graphics and etc
  • To connect with data sources Design Studio use interfaces like OLAP to extract data at runtime. OLAP functionality is already in Design studio we no need to write any coding to run the OLAP.
  • Design studio also supports mobile solutions. Native IOS application is used to see the Design Studio content on mobile devices.
  • CSV files are discovered in Design Studio 1.6 and are used to as a data sources without using the data connection. And working in local mode for rapid prototyping to develop the analytical applications.
  • We not only give training to you if you have any issues on your job/project we also provide support services to you. Virtual job support is expert in providing SAP DESIGN STUDIO job support. We also provide project support if you have any doubts about your project our trainers solve it and hand over your project to you in time. We provide 24/7 services to you. Virtual job support has adorable services that meet the client needs & Timeframe. Our consultants are very highly experienced & they are real-time professionals with full stack technical background.

How IT and Business use SAP Design Studio training:

SAP Design Studio training can create Analysis Application and deploy it on SAP Netweaver or SAP HANA platform. SAP Design Studio training creates Custom apps and can be viewable to the Business user the Business view or Personal view.

Design Studio training can use ready to Run Template directly can be deployed into Standard Apps (Out of box) that can self-service Dashboard.

Design Studio training is not a self-service tool and Design Studio is used IT professionals to create and develop Custom applications or analytical applications.

Features of SAP Design Studio training:

  • Drag and drop in cross tab
  • Custom measures
  • Spreadsheet with copy and paste
  • Chat Customizing
  • It Improves geo-mapping, the Designer studio have spreadsheets, Graphic library, new chart type, and options.
  • The main purpose of this is if you want any field you must drag and drop in crosstab.
  • Support of multi-source UNIX
  • Extended data limit for UNIX Connectivity.
  • Right to Left Support

Platform Strategy in SAP Design Studio training:

SAP Design studio training supports 3 platforms

  • Business platform (BI)
  • SAP Netweaver
  • To address reported customer issues around a clear strategy features on different platforms, and to accelerate delivery of new product capabilities, SAP decided to streamline the platform for Design Studio.
  • Going forward, SAP will focus Design Studio investments on the BI Platform deployment and recommends all customers to deploy Design Studio on the BI Platform
  • Netweaver and HANA deployments only support a minimal feature scope and new investments are not planned
  • Please refer to the Appendix for more detail on the current feature per platform. Virtual Job support provides SAP Design Studio online job support from India.

Working with Data Sources using SAP Design Studio training:

SAP BO Design studio is a BI client tool that allows connection to a variety of Data Source Types.

The source types include in SAP design studio training:

  • Analytic OLAP sources on SAP BW or SAP HANA
  • OLTP database access via a semantic layer, implemented as a universe on a BI Platform
  • Real Time streaming data sources via SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming.

OLTP and OLAP in SAP BO Design Studio:

  • OLTP:  OLTP Stands for “On-Line Transaction Processing. The OLTP maintain data in multiple accesses so that data can be measured by number of Transactions per Second.
  • OLAP: OLAP Stands for “On-line Analytical Processing” is Described by relatively low volume of Transactions. Data Mining techniques are used OLAP
  • Chart PLUS for SAP BO Design Studio:
  •  Chart Plus is an add-on software product for SAP Design Studio training that greatly improves developer’s productivity while delivering superior visualizations that increase user adoption of dashboards.

Key Features of Chart PLUS:

  • Greater control over chart properties
  • Advanced conditional formatting
  • Hierarchy support
  • Full control over chat formatting like Axes, layout, ballon, plot area etc.
  • Download Chart as images
  • Pre-defined Themes for charts
  • Ability to switch chart properties during runtime via scripting

Why Chart PLUS for SAP BO Design Studio:

  • Fill the gap in Standard Design Studio Chart Components
  • Save Time with SDK development
  • Easy to use and highly customizable
  • Helps with the adoption of Design Studio applications
  • Easy customization options without relying on CSS


The SAP BODS TRAINING...BODS means business object database services. SAP BODS is software tool mainly designed by business object .the basic uses of this tool is LTE ( Extraction Transformation and Loading) this tool pulls the data from any devices like a system, database, iPod, Android and applying the modification on the data and applying programming logic to enhance the extracted data and load the data into any other system or database. The mainly LTE tool uses to modification of a data …i.e. SQL Server to Oracle DBA And it has another tool

  • Data Ware Housing.
    It is designed and developed in a particular format to enable data analysis report and it is developed by using data from various Data Base or to any other data sources
  • Data Migration
    The data migration is a moving of data from one place to another place is know as migration and the data is also modified while moving to another place
  • Business intelligence
    The attribute which Marge’s the data warehouse systems and reports. It’s implemented on analysis of the organization business functionality like performance improvement

Sap BO training:

The SAP BO training is a basically it’s a tool like a reporting tool and analytical tool
With the help of this tools we can able to generate the report .the business object is all about providing the right information in the right context to the right person at the right time .it gives in turn to your organization insight they need to achieve real business agility.
Business objects allow transforming the data in the database into information that allows making better decisions
Key advantages of utilizing business objects for reporting is that it enhances the decision making by ensuring that all object and divisions will be using the same report designed to common standards which include most relevant and factual data within business objects users are able to share information among district division and at the headquarters level we also have the ability to save reports. Virtual Job Support offer SAP Design Studio project support at a reasonable price.

A universe is a semantic layer that maps the data structure found in the database i.e. tables, columns etc .., in business terms.

The universe can represent any specific business areas, process or department. and this universe is lies between reporting tool and backend database.

In business object they not going to connect to the backend database directly we have a middle layer in between which we call that as universe designer and in this layer we extract all the schema or the structure of the table that are required in order to generate the reports.

SAP Designer studio training benefits:

  • We can create any kind of Dashboard on top of the Design Studio.
  • With the help of CSS and we can create our own Customized space of website.

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