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SAP EDM Training

SAP EDM Training Introduction:

SAP EDM is a special module part of SAP Utilities Industry Solution to manage the energy data of a utility company such as load shapes and standard load profiles. Based on this data we can make Real Time Pricing and Settlement. Profiles are prepared in SAP IS-U-EDM and transferred to SAP IS-U billing via an internal interface. This allows you to bill new types of contracts.

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SAP ISU Energy Data Management Online Training Course Content

Topic 1: SAP EDM Training Overview
  • Introduction to SAP Energy Data Management Training
  • Overview of EDM functions
  • SAP EDM Training relevant data objects
  • Profile Header
  • Profile allocation
  • Importing profile values
  • Managing profile values
  • Formula Profiles
  • Synthetic Profiles
TOPIC 2: RTP ( Real Time Pricing )
  • Introduction to RTP Billing
  • Overview of RTP Interface
  • Formulas
  • RTP Component
  • Result Parameters
  • RTP interface in ISU BIlling
TOPIC 3: Print Workbench
  • Introduction
  • SAP Script overview
  • SAP Smart form Overview
  • Maintaining forms
  • Integration of Print workbench & SAP Scripts
  • Print control & Print environment
TOPIC 4: EDM: Relevant Data Objects
  • Profile Header
  • Profile Allocation
  • Import Profile Values
  • Manage Profile Values
  • Formula Profiles
  • Synthetic Profiles
  • Load Profiles

Integration of SAP EDM Training:

SAP EDM Training component is fully integrated into the SAP IS-U system and can be installed in an existing SAP IS-U system as a new component. SAP IS-U-EDM is also integrated into Intercompany Data Exchange (SAP IS-U-IDE). This component allows for data exchange in standardized formats and enables the integration of cross-company business processes. SAP IS-U-EDM allows you to bill profiles in SAP IS-U. Profiles are prepared in SAP IS-U-EDM and transferred to SAP IS-U billing via an internal interface. This allows you to bill new types of contracts, such as spot purchases.

SAP IS-U-Energy Data Management also interfaces with automated meter reading systems.


  • SAP EDM Training enables participants to use the Energy Data Management component within IS- U/CCS.
  • SAP EDM Training provides information about: Managing profiles in SAP Energy Data Management Training – Integrating profile management in IS-U/CCS – The structure of the EDM database system – The EDM interfaces
  • By the end of this course, participants should be able to manage profile data using SAP Energy Data Management Training.

Features of SAP Energy Data Management:

SAP EDM Training covers the following areas:

  • Central database for energy data
  • Settlement and scheduling using the settlement workbench
  • Billing profiles using Real-Time-Pricing Billing