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sap energy portfolio management training

Introduction to SAP Energy Portfolio Management Training:

SAP Energy Portfolio Management Training, the sap EPM solution supports the procurement departments of energy utility companies / the service providers for energy utility companies. It enables them to make a right decisions in this complex business by providing a structured data basis, specific algorithms, well-defined process steps & transparent risk management processes. In the changing liberalized energy market, there is a clear trend to structured & differentiated procurement strategies, which are no longer based on full-supply contracts with single upstream suppliers.  Get Registered in Global Online Training’s for best sap EPM 6.04 online course tutorials from subject matter consultants. We offer standard material ,server access at reasonable price.


Prerequisites of SAP Energy Portfolio Management Training

  • Energy Data Management, SAP Course IUT 225
  • SAP for Utilities skills in general


Sap EPM 6.04 online course content:

Topic 01: Overview about Scope & features in SAP EPM Main concepts & objects
Topic 02: Sales processes supported by SAP EPM Integration into sales processes for C&I customers
Topic 03: Sales planning supported by SAP EPM Procurement for residential customers based on sales planning objects
Topic 04: Procurement processes in SAP EPM long-term procurement processes based on procurement strategy, short- term procurement based on aggregation
topic 05: Nomination supported by SAP EPM Management of Settlement area or grid area assignment for procurements, raw-aggregation of nomination schedule
topic 06: Back-Office processes supported by SAP EPM Invoice Verification, Distribution of procurement cost, controlling relevant items or Extraction of billing
topic 07: Special Tools of SAP EPM Pricing, Profile Generator, Formula- based Price Calculation

SAP Energy Portfolio Management Training Overview:


SAP Energy Portfolio Management Training (EPM) provides a comprehensive offering of an advisory, information & software applications to support the energy market participants & market operators to assess infrastructure investments such as new power stations & transmission lines as well as provide critical information & systems to support energy operations.

Procure energy in a structured, risk-minimized manner by using an sap energy portfolio management training solutions from SAP. Cover the entire energy & non-energy procurement process with time-series forecasts of a customer demand. Support planning, invoicing & data aggregation for nomination processes. Through differentiated, system-supported purchasing & automated, integrated processes, you can shrink procurement & operating costs.

By consolidating data & process in a seamless, highly automated, group of a  system that supports end-to-end processes, it is possible to package & streamline customer information. SAP Energy Portfolio Management training  provides a competitive edge like well-defined process steps, structured data, specific algorithms & transparent risk management process, support quick & accurate decision-making in a complex business environment. The gap from sales to procurement can be bridged if SAP EPM is used in conjunction with SAP CRM & SAP PCU. ConVista can help you customize your solution & implement changes on time, so you are prepared for the challenges ahead.


 SAP Energy Portfolio Management Training- Goals:

This course will prepare you:


  • To know the most important use cases of the SAP Energy Portfolio Management solution
  • You will also learn transactions & customizing settings of the main Energy Portfolio Management processes

 SAP Energy Portfolio Management Training-Audience

  • Project Leaders
  • SAP Partner companies
  • Team Members

SAP Energy Portfolio Management Training-Benefits:

  • Operationalization of processes & training of employees
  • Design of an integrated system landscape for optimized coverage & further enhancement of portfolio management processes
  • Analysis of existing process & system landscapes
  • Creation of a reliable schedule for implementation
  • System & process integration of the SAP Energy Portfolio Management Training
  • Support for & further enhancement of systems & processes
  • Development of strategy for an efficient data storage & system landscape
  • Close partnership with SAP in further enhancements of SAP EPM



Features of SAP Energy Portfolio Management:

The solution comprises the following features:

  • Flexible creation & structuring of portfolios for expected sales, contracted sales, procurement & actual data
  • Calculation of value at risk & market-to-market parameters
  • Deal management
  • Limit definition & checking
  • Day ahead adjustments
  • Calculation of an hourly price forward curve
  • Calculating & automatic evening-up of open positions
  • Plan objects
  • Price request
  • Supplier invoice verification
  • Deal distribution
  • Ex-post calculation of regulation energy
  • Provision of data to settlement area management
  • Deal extractor
  • Reporting
  • Interface to sales systems
  • XML-based imports & exports
  • CSV-based imports & exports